The rugby legend who became a Buddhist by reading quantum physics, Jonny Wilkinson

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the need for inner peace as a prerequisite for true outer peace. If we are to have deep and impartial compassion for those we wish to help – and this is the only healthy basis for social action – then it can only come from within

Dialogue with the west, over the last 20 years or so, a number of western scientists and thinkers have entered into dialogue with Bhudist masters and scholars……….
The rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson hit world headlines due to his 2003 World Cup final heroics, when his drop goal in the last minute of extra-time delivered the trophy to England. He made another sensation when he told the London Times that he became a Buddhist by reading Quantum Physics.
Wilkinson, a millionaire by then has revealed that he has found inner peace through Buddhism.

The former England Rugby star, who became a national hero after the world cup victory, said Buddhism had helped him overcome a fear of failure which was ruining his life ironically due to the victory…. the big deal i think is peace …………. see more at :-,10938,0,0,1,0#.VMFbi9KsWSo

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