Rob Irwin Reviews the Sport Massage Clinic, Lisburn Road.

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Location, location, location. It could not be better for Jake Stasiun who has opened his sports massage clinic on the Lisburn Road, above Bastille restaurant. Surprisingly good parking for the Lisburn Road allows you to calmly approach the clinic from a short distance away and you enter the newly refurbished gentile townhouses lovingly refurbished into modern and bright offices. With an interiors boutique and various other businesses located in Jake’s building you will be immediately relaxed by the friendly ambience of this newly refurbished building.

Rob Irwin was the victim as they say in the media world but carrying a few niggles like us all he was delighted to have a go at something he had not had before. A true sports massage! Ofcourse we were astounded that in the halcyon days of the 99 squad the Ulster squad did not have a sports massage member of the medical team! Those were the days, maybe they did not need one.

However, after 1 full hour of treatment, Rob emerged a changed man. Literally, i could tell, he was actually for once lost for words and seemed calmer.

Jake had basically treated a Lower back, right shoulder and right knee and right elbow.

And here’s a comment from the man himself,

“The end of my 38th rugby season came with a Mc.Cambley cup final against Ballymoney, a Ravenhill cup semi final against Ballymena away and a ten a side tournament at Rainey. Unsuprisingly this had left me a little stiff and not walking particularly freely, each movement associating itself with a customary groan. I was therefore very appreciative of the hour and a half sports massage I recieved from .Jake at the sports inury clinic…… . This was carried out in a modern and tidy unit on the easily accessible Lisburn rd. I found the owner and masseur to be highly qualified with physiotherapy experience and further 2 yr qualification specialising in sports massage. He was extremely inciteful at diagnosing injuries and dealing in a comprehensive and effective way with each. I had a swollen knee, tight rotator cuff, tennis elbow and a stiff lower back. Each injury was met with specific stretches and manipulation which were genuinely successful. To follow that each injury had supplied strapping or a variety of gel treatments. An impressive range of injury treatment equipment was also available and used as required. I received a comprehensive full muscle group rub removing a number of aches and pains I wasnt aware that I had. A break for something to eat and drink allowed some respite from the workover. On leaving Jake also kitted me out with spare strappping and gels with a full summary of stretches and restrapping or reapplication of liquid treatment to ensure the good work was seen through to completion.

Today was a full sports body massage, only after an in-depth consultation.

The Sport Massage Therapy completed by Jake includes the collowing and is highly recommended!

Full Body, 70min, £40
Part of the Body, 35min, £25
Used by many people who participate in a sport. It can be effective before, during and after a training session, competition or sports activity. Advanced massage therapy techniques will help an athlete to prepare for the challenge ahead physically and psychologically. Techniques used during the treatment include trigger points, neuromuscular techniques, soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques and deep transverse frictions.

Afterwards the client is treated to a healthy snack and drink, and after a short rest can get on with the rest of there day. More importantly, the therapeutic benefit of a sports massage is now becoming well accepted in all professional sports institutions. However, we in grass roots rugby do not get th eluxury of this but a trip to Jakes clinic will allow all of us to reap the benfits.