REVIEW of ZEPP GOLF which Gathers Accurate Data about your Golf Swing in order for you to improve it! This is measurable relevant data, now thats useful! Check it out!

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zepp golfImmediate toughts, its for Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Softball, (ZEPP have produced individual verisons for these sports) but could this be applied to Hurling for example, or maybe this could be adapted to penalty kicking in rugby, or kicking in general!

We review below the ZEPP for Golf.

We’ve had this product for a while now and have used it with golf.

The SPEC is (for Golf) The Zepp sensor for golf has the following technical specs and feature as listed on their website. SIZE & WEIGHT: SENSORHeight: 0.4in / 11mm Length: 1.1in / 28mm Width: 1.1in / 28mm Weight: 0.27oz / 7.7g SIZE & WEIGHT: MOUNT Height: 0.8in / 21mm Length: 1.5in / 38mm Width: 1.2in / 31mm Weight: 0.14oz / 3.9g

SENSORS Dual accelerometers, 3-axis gyroscope

MEMORY Flash Storage (holds up to 2,000 swings)

BATTERY Built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery,  2.5 hour full charge cycle

CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 2.1, Save swings wirelesly to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device

COMPATIBILITY iOS: iOS 7.0+, iPhone 4S+, iPod Touch 5th Generation+, and iPad 2nd Generation+, Android: OS 4.1+

Setup & First Swings

First time set up is swift, its an APP from Google Store , its installed in seconds, you then pair with the Zepp and thats it. It will automatically pair every time you access the app. As for mounting on a golf glove, again seconds. You don’t have to be connected to the APP as the data is stored, but its neat using it while connected although having a goal in mind and then concentrating on that for a session while connected and another session while unconnected could introduce a way to split test the results of immediate analysis compared to analysis later. Which is fine because ZEPP can be used for both.

You select the club you are using then start start swinging. It will store 2000 swings before a memory reset is required but its unlimited when connected to the app. The battery lasts for 5.5 Hours of continuous swinging, which is really ample.

What does it measure?

Club/Hand Speed
Club Speed measures in miles per hour (MPH) or kilometers per hour
(KPH) how fast your club head is traveling at the point it impacts the golf
ball. Hand Speed measures how fast your hands are traveling at the point it
impacts the golf ball.

Club/Hand Plane
Club plane measures how closely your backswing plane matches your
downswing plane. Hand Plane measures the path your hands make in the
backswing compared to the path they make on the downswing. Ideally, the
closer the plane matches, the better the golf swing.

Tempo is the ratio of the measured time in seconds it takes to make a back
swing versus the measured rate of time in seconds it takes to make a
downswing until impact. Tempo is the natural rhythm and timing of the
swing. You want your swing to not only happen in a timely manner but in a
consistent way with every swing.

Backswing Position
This is the measurement of degrees of the angle of the club shaft between
address and the top of backswing. It is measured by the change in angle at
address to the angle at the top of the swing. At address the club is at zero (0)

Hip Rotation
Hip Rotation measures the degrees you rotate your hips on the backswing
and then the degrees of rotation at impact. It is captured in the app when
the phone is placed in the front right (righties) or left pocket (lefties). To
ensure the app stays open, we recommend enabling the screen lock function
located in the control center.
Note – Mobile device must contain a gyroscope in order to capture hip

3D View
Review and replay your swing captured by the Zepp sensor in 3D. Rotate
and analyze your club path from any angle by moving your finger left to
right to navigate around the swing. Drag up or down to view from a top

This data is presented to you in graphic and table form and you can actually see your swing in 3D to look at it in any angle.

If you want to improve your golf swing then you should consider this and in fact if you are serious enough to want a product that will give you data to crunch draw conclusions from and implement change, then this sensisbly priced piece of tech with its mobile app and range of precise and measurable data that has been proven to impact golf swings, and is applicable to tennis, baseball etc will do that.

If you are serious about golf then you will be on a training regime for appropriate fitness, you will be absorbing information about pyschology, building up to a tournament, switching off afterwards etc, but have you ever actually looked at your swing and quantitavively and analytically analysed it. This is not complex data, this is simple stuff but its measured accurately!

From that accuraacy you can make plans for incremental or maybe very fast vast improvements, you can address tweeking that swing to get extra yards in a drive, to get extra speed into your tennis ball, golf ball or baseball (ZEPP has software and mounts for a range of sports).

This is excellent information from a neat easy to use product. It is affordable and for that reason we would recommend it. The information is exactly that which will impact your goal setting as that you time spent is effective!



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