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CONCEPT:SKIN . For the soul and body .

“Having now used these substances for 6 months I am finding that my I am getting a much more refreshing shower, that my sleep has improved and that as a consequence I feel better, as i work towards all my goals having personal care and well-being products that I can rely on to be safe, and non-toxic means that I can focus on other important things! These products are made to the very highest standards and reflect the goals that I aspire to, they are vegan friendly, cruelty free, environmentally friendly and at a very low price! Excellent service just rounds of a great continued and continuing experience!” InTouch Rugby Lifestyle Editor!


Concept: Skin Ltd a business that creates skincare for the soul and body.

We deliver natural, hand-crafted products that benefit soul and body using the materials available to us in nature. We help our clients with their skin care goals and help them achieve mindfulness and balance, daily.
We ensure that these products meet our ethics by being environmentally friendly, vegan friendly, cruelty free (absolutely not tested on animals!!!), and exceptionally well priced. We believe that our products will leave you feeling amazing and empowered while delivering healthy, strong skin.
Our Values

• No Pseudoscience

We believe in being honest and open and will not make spurious claims about our product. We won’t create gimmicks or terms that sound scientific, but in fact mean nothing. Instead we will explain our products in clear, straight forward English with a bit of the esoteric thrown in.

• All Natural

We only use the finest, UK sourced (where we can), natural ingredients. We hand blend these ingredients within a controlled environment to ensure that what you receive is as natural as possible. To this end we use the finest essential oils that we can find to add to our bases. That means that wherever possible we use CO2 extractions to ensure that we do not have to add unknown solvents to our products. At times we will even add natural plants like Lemongrass, Bay leaves and Lavender etc. to ensure that we get the best, natural and effective products to you.

• Results Driven

We take a scientific approach to creation. We will never claim results that are unrepeatable, and we will never hide behind dodgy statistics. All of our products are trialed by a team of specially selected human product testers. Their opinions and thoughts are shared with you. Our formulas work because we use therapeutic concentrations of high quality natural ingredients that work together to create results.

• Socially Responsible

At Concept: Skin we put the customer at the heart of what we do, but we also ensure that our products don’t just work for you, they work for the environment and society as well. We do not use unnecessary synthetic chemicals in our formulations. That means your will find no SLS, SLES, Artificial Colours, Fragrances, Parfum, Parabens, Petroleum products, GMOs, Mineral Oils, Microbeads, Propylene Glycol or Lanolin in your purchases. All of our packaging is recyclable and reusable. Our glass bottles can be returned to us to be professionally cleaned and refilled with the product of your choice.


Man Stuff- fragrance free

MAN STUFF is a simple lotion for the hard working guy that is not interested in fragrance of any kind!
MAN STUFF has been designed to be the ultimate simple moisturiser for men. It is easily absorbed into the skin without a hint of residue, can be used all over the face and body, and delivers long lasting moisture.
MAN STUFF has been made with the non scented calendula oil to promote healthy skin and deliver all day hydration. As with all our products MAN STUFF is vegan friendly and cruelty-free and suitable with those with sensitive skin conditions.


MAN STUFF-Citrus has been designed to be the ultimate simple moisturiser for men. It is easily absorbed into the skin without a hint of residue, can be used all over the face and body, and delivers long lasting moisture.
MAN STUFF- Citrus has been made with a subtle blend of bergamot, grapefruit and petitgrain essential oils that deliver that fresh feeling all day while promoting healthy skin. These essential oils help you keep a clear and focused mind all day.
“Loving the Man Stuff – well done! It’s been my go to face saver!” – Taryen
Man Stuff – Citrus comes in two sizes, a convenient airline friendly 50ml version and a larger 100ml version for home complete with a pump dispenser! As with all our products, MAN STUFF -Citrus vegan friendly, cruelty free and great for sensitive skin.

Non Detergent Shower oil

Mint Stuff – Non Detergent Shower oil

Can you imagine what your day be like if you could apply clarity, focus and empowerment before you walked out of your front door?!
Your day will completely unfold with grace and ease because you will have the mental agility to deal with all the challenges the day presents , the focus to deliver daily achievement targets and the empowerment to put your best foot forward… everyday!
This is what you get when you use our fantastic non-detergent shower oil, MINT STUFF!
Made with mint and vertiver, which work on the creative and empowering center of the solar plexus chakra, MINT STUFF clears your head of brain fog and gets those brain cells going. You are clear and focused on what you want to achieve during the day and how to go about making that happen! You emerge from your shower refreshed moisturised and ready to take on the day.
The MINT STUFF can be applied before you get into the shower or can be applied to wet skin. The dispersible oil will lather up to take off dirt and leave you feeling moisturised!

Wake Up – Shower oil

Can you imagine what your day be like if you could apply confidence, clarity and a self-esteem booster, before you leave your home?!
Your day will completely be within your control because you will have the confidence to deal with all the challenges the day presents , the clarity to anticipate those challenges and the self-esteem to know that your are delivering your best …. everyday!
This is what you get when you use our fantastic non-detergent shower oil, Wake Up!
Made with begamot and lemongrass, which work on the creative, communicative and empowering centers of the solar plexus chakra and throat chakra, Wake Up! allows you to go forward in your day with confidence, knowing that you will communicate your ideas clearly and concisely . You are confident in your ability to deliver on your daily goals.

Grapefruit and Mint – shower oil

How would you like to begin your day in a state of mindfulness straight out of the shower? To be able to know that your day will be filled with productivity and calm and confidence as a result?
The Grapefruit and Mint shower oil provides you with this start!
This blend of grapefruit and peppermint essential oils helps stimulate the mind and relax the nerves, promoting your state of mindfulness. Grapefruit and Mint shower oil helps you to bring balance to your third chakra allowing you to unleash your creativity and feel more confident .
Kind to your skin and to your mind, it has all the power of Mint Stuff without the kick in the backside! You’ve got to try this to believe it!
As with all our products, the Grapefruit and Mint shower oil is suitable for those with sensitive skin conditions, vegan friendly and cruelty-free.

Why Mens’ care?

I never really thought about men’s care until I met my husband. He of course was tall, light brown hair, blue eyes and gorgeous but with one teensy weensy flaw…. he had the driest skin in England!!!
One day while sitting in our favourite pub, The Shakespeare in Canterbury, I asked him why, in spite of the many and various men’s skincare products out there, did he not use anything on his skin?
His answer was not the usual ‘guys don’t need use skin products’ that is usually trotted out by men who do not want to engage in the conversation. The answer he gave was telling … he said “all the stuff out there always leaves me feeling like I have been covered in grease or disappears within 5mins and I am still left with dry skin”.
I took this on board and decided to relegate all the work I was doing on women’s skincare to the back burner and work on a product for men that would fulfil the above brief; no greasy residue and lasts all day.
I succeeded! We had a great base which fulfilled the brief but when I presented this marvel to my husband he then said ‘ But it has no smell! At which point I rolled my eyes and asked “so what kind of smells do men like?” his anwer was a classic..”i don’t know something fresh” GRRR!
Back I went to my little lab space (otherwise known as the spare room) and concocted several ‘fresh’ smells form the essential oils I had to hand and came up with an amazing citrus blend. He loved it and so did the other men I got to try it! And my first product was born and it was designed for men.
Men want to look after their skin but they cannot be fobbed of with ‘manly smelling stuff’ that doesn’t suit their personality or body chemistry.
With the men’s care range at Concept:Skin, I have designed andcreated products that fulfil the need to not have dry skin that will crack and flake but that also doesn’t leave you feeling a greasy mess which will have an effect on your confidence and performance.
We thrive on creating products that enhance body and mid and our men’s care range delivers just that.

About me

My name is Chioma Esther Copeman and I am the founder of the skincare company CONCEPT:SKIN Ltd.a business that creates skincare for the soul and body.
I fell in love with making skincare in my first ever lab session while studying Pharmacy at uni. We made aqueous cream… and I got it right the first time! It was glorious. Unfortunately it took me the next 14yrs to remember how much I loved that moment. In the mean time of course I had a career as a pharmacist, got a mortgage … never did get round to getting the dog but I was never as happy as I was in that lab making aqueous cream.
So I decided to do something about that. In 2014, I got rid of the job ( I definitely was no longer engaged with it), the house, got a husband ( yes I know …they are for life and not just for Christmas)… and plucked up the courage to start my skincare business.
It was the best decision EVER! I finally get to do what I love and I get to change the world! Yes I can hear your scepticism , How can skincare change the world?
I’ll tell you how, I decided to create skincare that cares for the person within as well as outer shell; skincare that can restore the person within to their highest potential allowing them to flourish and thrive.
I love what I do and so will you.

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