Blog, What is the future of blogging?

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Blog, What is the future of blogging?

Its a great question? Something I don’t think about a lot actually! Immediately however what comes into my head is trends and how they change over time and even how history repeats itself. I think blogging which is really just maintaining a website on the internet that provides a service to readers who have an interest in the topic that blog is covering, will continue to grow as a platform, and will attract the most creative types as well as a vast range of every type of person you can image covering every type of topic you can imagine. Currently a period of transference from main stream to online is occurring with increasing numbers of people getting their news and keeping up to date with their interest completely online and through websites they have found over the years.

All of the areas will continue to be used and grow in terms of audience but also develop and evolve in how they are used, what I mean is their is a very creative element to blogging, in that the person who is the blog of a self hosted site or for example a site they operate via wordpress has almost unlimited opportunity to say whatever they want, that very much still exists and from a creative point of view people get to try whatever they want, whether that be video, written text, drawing on graphic tools, using social media in an innovative way, not just to be different but to actually get noticed, being creative is such a great way to get noticed.

I think the earnings of blogging will increase, I think brands will engage more and more with bloggers and begin to transfer larger and larger amounts of spend online, its happening already, and I think it will continue and I think it will increase, also the savvy new blogger will know exactly how to handle that and achieve great great results for their clients.

I think the future of blogging is one that very much involves the arts and the entertainment industry and the lifestyle and leisure industry, but as I said earlier, trends come and go, the direction changes sometimes in completely the opposite direction, so ultimately in an environment where the quality is so god if the blogger has the skill and/or finances to build a studio, in that type of environment then all the resources of video of live, of great art etc will be utilised depending on the trends of the time.

For me I see a bright bright future, it takes a lot of focus but ultimately it is and I think will increase in its enjoyment!

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