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It’s never been EASIER to be healthy than it is today!


One of a kind detox technology for removing heavy metals and environmental toxins safely from the body.

“We let our actions do all the talking for us! ”

Individuals who have tried our technology ARE AMAZED at the results!

Numbers do not lie! Data does not lie!

BREAKTHROUGH patent pending; proprietary technology in healthy living for all ages and all animal pets!!

The technology is safe, odorless, colorless and can be placed directly on the tongue, food or water.

The technology addresses the removal of heavy metals and environmental toxins safely from the body.

Performance and wellness go hand in hand

Our technology supports a significant improvement in performance and recovery while also supporting the overall wellness of the athlete.

We have seen significant improvements in proprioception, recovery time, performance and cognitive function while also improving cellular health.

Reductions in fat can be common while the assimilation of nutrients improves.

You may not lose weight as you may add muscle while using the product if you are active, which we know rugby keeps you active.

Our technology improves performance by the addition by subtraction philosophy. The removal of heavy metals and other toxins allows the body to function at a much higher level. ”

The issue of heavy metals and environmental toxins in our bodies affects everyone’s health including our pets. When it comes to athletes these toxins have a greater impact on their sport performance.

Two of the biggest issues that athletes face are airborne and water pollution. By virtue of playing sports the athletes breathe in more air affecting their respiratory system which is polluted and drink more water/water related beverages which also are filled with toxins.

Some of the side effects athletes knowingly or unknowingly experience are fatigue, depression, muscle aches and sometimes cognitive problems.

Minimizing ones exposure to everyday products i.e. the food that we eat, water that we drink air that we breathe and other consumer products that we use and what the products are packaged in is another major factor that becomes heightened when one is playing sports at any level.

Our technology helps to remove ” the threat ” i.e. heavy metals and environmental toxins safely and passively from the body!

This then helps to.

Helps to improve athletic performance.
Helps with increasing cellular function
Helps with decreasing fat
Helps with reducing oxidative stress
Helps with improved recovery

Whether a person is a professional athlete, recreational athlete or an occasional athlete you still need to help your body both on and off of the field.

Think of our technology as a ” green garbage truck. ” It’s sole purpose is to remove heavy metals and environmental toxins safely from head to toe from a persons body no matter where the toxins are hiding.

Minimizing exposure,diet and the use of supplements helps tremendously. The issue still lies in the need for a product that is solely designed to remove these KILLERS IN PLAIN SIGHT in order for the aforementioned to work at optimum level.

This IS where our product comes into play. Our technology enables any and all supplements to work more effectively because the heavy metals and environmental toxins are being taken out of the way!!

We all have what is called a ” body burden. ” This is the level of toxins that the body is capable of removing on its own.

Unfortunately we all are in excess of this body burden which means the body cannot keep up with the amount of toxins that are currently within us and slowly killing us.

Out technology offsets these toxins and helps the body to get back to a more normal functioning ” body burden. ”

The technology needs to be taken on a daily basis.

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