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Q&A with Adele Nasr / Aventon Chief Marketing Officer

1. First, can you define what an ebike “is” and if there’s any relationship to electric cycles?
An ebike is simply an electric version of a traditional bicycle. So, envision just a normal bike with its two wheels, brake levers, etc. Now imagine it has some extra parts like an electric motor and a battery, making it an ebike! The electric motor is essentially what can help you climb those intense hills, keep up the pace with traffic or just ride farther and faster than you might on a regular bike. The motor powers the pedal-assist and throttle features most ebikes have, so if you can’t pedal full-force, the motor kicks in and takes some of that pressure away. The beauty of it is that you have the choice of how much assistance you want from the motor or none at all.

2. What are some key advantages of ebikes in general, both versus regular bikes and also automobile use?
Oh, where to start? For one, they give people a chance to bike and be active again if they hadn’t been able to for some time. I remember a customer, Mark, who broke his foot and unfortunately ended up needing to get a large part of his leg amputated. His wife reached out to us explaining the situation, how he loved to bike, but he was having a hard time actually getting onto his bike (it wasn’t a Step-through) let alone actually riding it, wondering, is there something out there for Mark? We got both of them situated on our Step-through ebikes and he just instantly took off! Smiling as big as ever.

Ebikes really are all about making mobility more efficient. They’ve been growing in popularity for a lot of commuters; you can save on gas, make it to work on time without really breaking a sweat, and don’t have to sit in traffic. That’s the biggest win, right? They can make it so the world doesn’t have to feel so small. You can hop on your ebike and explore trails, cities or even parts of your own neighborhood that maybe you couldn’t reach before. The list really is endless.

3. What are features of Aventon ebikes specifically that sets the brand apart from others on the market?
Our products are versatile, thoughtfully designed and reliable. All of this at an affordable price point.

For one, Aventon ebikes come in different sizes, colors and styles as opposed to other brands who typically make one-size-fits all. Not to mention, they’re engineered to be electric bikes. We have a meticulous design process for a reason, so at first glance, you won’t think an Aventon is an ebike! We don’t just add electrical components to an existing bike frame. Instead, we seamlessly integrate them into the frame and within the body of our bikes. Our ebikes also come with both pedal assist and throttle features, and most can toggle between the three different ebike classes so riders can stay within their local regulations.

We actually own our manufacturing, so we have a direct say on how we can improve our existing products and how we can progress for future ones. At the end of the day, our mission is to empower and encourage people, and we believe that every ride on an Aventon ebike gives that opportunity for someone to change the way they experience the world.

4. Which bike from your line up is your favorite? Why?
The Aventure is one of our core models and my personal favorite ebike. The intention when designing this ebike was to inspire adventure and satisfy that thirst for thrill, while keeping it at an attainable price. Whether you want to go for a joy ride on the beach, a more intense trail ride, or roam around your neighborhood, the Aventure lets you take charge of your adventure.

We’ve heard from so many customers that this ebike has changed the dynamics of their life and the way they interact with their loved ones. Instead of staying cooped up re-watching their favorite tv show, couples are exploring their neighborhood trails together and discovering things about themselves and the world around them they were unaware of before. It’s also given those with physical ailments or limitations mobility: that freedom to ride again! The Aventure lets you experience those things you might’ve felt were out of reach. It combines both affordability with adventure, and it’s quickly grown into an Aventon customer favorite.

5. What questions should a consumer ask before buying an electric bike?
First, they’ll need to think about what their riding needs and wants are. Are they looking for a commuter bike that’s lightweight, or a cruiser style ebike for casual riding? Or maybe a fat-tire, durable, trail-friendly bike? Is comfort a high priority, or power and speed? It’s important to ask about the key features of the ebike to know if it’s the best choice for them. Also asking if the ebike comes with any warranty, and what it specifically covers. We have a wide range of ebike models that were designed specifically for a wide range of riding styles and needs, and our warranty is pretty expansive!

6. What’s the max weight and height recommended for ebike use? Are there any user limitations?
There really isn’t a set height limit that’ll keep someone from riding an ebike. The max load capacity for most of our bikes is 300lbs. Different bikes are built for different terrains, so depending on how someone plans to ride their ebike, there might be some limitations. It can vary depending on the context.

Our goal is for Aventon riders to feel like their ebike was made for them. That’s why we manufacture a variety of sizes and styles to better suit a range of heights and abilities. We also have all of this information on our website, www.Aventon.com, so consumers can reference our sizing guidelines and recommended weight range to make an informed purchase decision. If there’s ever a question of if someone can safely use an ebike, we suggest first consulting with their medical professional before testing anything.

7. Do you guys pre-assemble the bikes before shipping them out?
Depending on the model, our ebikes ship 80%-90% assembled. This makes it easier for consumers to finish setting up and get to biking quicker! There are other assembly options available too, like shipping orders directly to our partner bike shops or scheduling through a mobile bike service. Up until a few years ago, getting a bike shipped straight to your doorstep, let alone arriving partially assembled, just wasn’t an industry standard. Now, it is!

8. Do you have concerns about current supply chain issues?
Our number one priority is to make sure there is an Aventon ebike available for anyone that’s interested in one, and having components on hand to support existing Aventon owners with warranty concerns. The economy is in flux and still recovering from these ongoing shortages. Since we own our manufacturing, we’re extremely grateful to be in a position where we can still work to support both prospective and existing customers.

9. How do you see the eBike sector growing and evolving up ahead, and how do you expect that to impact Aventon?
The vision is pretty clear: the future is electric. And we strongly believe the demand for ebikes will continue to increase. You know, whether it’s a tax credit incentive pushing someone to get on an ebike, they’re looking for a way to get active to feel that rush of adrenaline again, or they’re really looking to transform their commute, more and more people are turning to ebikes. Not just for transportation, but also for recreation.

To keep up with this demand, we’re making some revolutionary plans to ensure we have all the components needed, as they’re needed. Currently our factory operations are mainly overseas, but our goal is to build a manufacturing plant here in the United States. This way, we can be better prepared to overcome any more supply chain issues and do our part in fueling an electric future.

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