Prop Talk: Chris Schofield

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Name: Chris Schofield

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 20 stone

Clubs: With Donaghadee 1 year, Instonians, Bangor

Victories: World Cup Ireland U19s 1998, 2nd Place in League with Instonians 2007.

When did you start playing rugby? 16

Who are the best props you have played against? One of the best props to play against is Simon Shaw, Ballymena. Rab Irwin.

Most memorable prop story? Playing against Argentina in the u19 world cup. Paddy Wallace threw the ball to me, I kicked and when it went over the heads of the Argentinians and then was caught by the wind and ended up behind us!

I could lie and say I’ve never kicked a ball since but I wish I hadn’t kicked that one but the video is funny and we still won the game and the cup.

What does propping mean to you? A good prop is a strong scrummager and lineout lifter.Also contributing in the mauls and rucks, but also in a team a prop can add to the play in the loose. Any prop that can bring these attributes to a team is ticking all the boxes.

What does it feel like to be a prop? In my view its the most important position on the field. Its great! In Donaghadee we were on the back foot without a solid front row.  A solid base from set pieces then playing off the front foot allows the young players to shine, its that extra push, extra yard.

Who’s the biggest bandit on the Dee team? Me!

Shaved or Unshaved? Shaved.

Beers, Wines or Spirits? Anything as long as its wet.

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