OPHIR RUGBY CLUB: 37th Annual 7s Senior Tournament: August 6th 2011: AWESOME!!! Pictures & Report CLICK HERE: InTouch TV Highlights Vids To Follow: Instonians Are The Ultimate 2011 Champions.

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All the excitement came to a head on Saturday as the teams from across Ulster decended on Ophir Rugby Club to compete for the WILL TOTTEN Memorial Trophy.

The hits were fierce, the side steps and off loads amazing. We were astounded by the superb handling skills and accuracy which was made all the more impressive given the at times torrential rain. If anything the weather made for a bigger test of the ball handling skills of the teams, and we were astounded by the players ability to implement 7s strategy even in these conditions. This coming season is going to great for everyone in Ulster Rugby and on the back of this tournament we simply can’t wait – bring on 2011/2012!

On the day the press and media decended with atleast 4 different organisations covering the event and we will try to bring you links to all their pictures during this week.

Ulster Rugby Branch President Lawrence Caldwell attended throughout the day and we look forward to bringing an interview with him later in the week.

We got over 400 pictures on the day in two sets:

CLICK HERE FOR 183 Pictures

CLICK HERE For another 246! Pictures Courtesy of Gleno Photo (proprietor David Irvine can be contacted on georgedirvine@aol.com)

Simply superb!

In 2 groups, Queens (defending champions) Ophir, Instonians, Antrim, Ballyclare, Randalstown, Larne, Coleraine, Belfast High School FP, Holywood & UUC competed throughout the day with most teams playing each other.
Queens and Instonians played each other in the final, and Instonians were very impressive in winning this game even though Queens had shone throughout the tournament.

Instonians were very very good and we look forward to covering all the teams moving forward.

A massive well done to Ophir Rugby Club, the tournament ran like clock work and everyone was very well looked after.

Well done also to Antrim Rugby Club the only minor club to enter a team and given a very difficult 2010/2011 season it was excellent to see them there, those guys don’t give up and this season is shaping up greatly for them.

Most importantly all the teams participated in a gentlemanly way, the level of co-operation with the referees was superb!

A small number of injuries were sustained over both days and we wish all those players a speedy recovery.

Delighted To Support Ophir RFC

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