Online Rugby Betting Guide

Online Rugby Betting Guide Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is both fun and entertaining betting on different rugby matches. Today, you will find […]

Online Rugby Betting Guide

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is both fun and entertaining betting on different rugby matches. Today, you will find different rugby leagues and tournaments to bet. To maximize your chances of winning big when betting on rugby you need to understand different bets. If you are new to online rugby, we have prepared some guides to take along your betting journey. Depending on the bookmaker you are using, you can bet on either live games or make a general bet. The following tips will guide you to bet on rugby at any time.

Learn the common Terms

In one rugby betting, you will come across not about new terms but confusing ones too. You need to take time and learn the necessary words used by different bookmakers before you start betting. This can be achieved by reading through various reviews glossaries as well as from the customs agents.

Play with a Budget

In as much as the primary goal of betting is fun, you will want to make some cash from it. For this reason, you need to set limits to the amount you want to bet with. You need to have a record of your initial bet and expected long-term profits. The most important thing is not to forget the fact that there is losing and winning in betting. No one enjoys betting. For this reason, you need to play within your capabilities.

Do Your Homework

If you are in online rugby betting for profit making, you need to save time for research. Researching will help you to stay updated about the currents in the league or tournaments you want to bet. Through good researching, you will learn about shuffles in the team, red cards, injuries, and much more. You cannot bet on a game you have no idea about unless you are gambling for fun. Additionally, you will be able to analyze the possibilities of your preferred team winning or losing in that particular match.

Handicap Betting

Handicap is standard in online rugby betting. Before you start betting, you need to know that there are three possible outcomes in any rugby game. In this bet, the bookmaker gives one team-high odds to balance the game. The team which is given a negative handicap must score higher than the set figure for it to win. For example, if Cap is -5 and team Bottle is +5 or a draw, and you place your bet on team Cap to win the handicap. It means team Cap will have to win by 6 points or higher to succeed. The game becomes a draw if the deficit points are 5 points.

First Scoring Play

This market provides three possible outcomes to bet on, penalty, try or drop a goal. It entails how the first points will be scored in any match. The lowest paying odds are the penalty kicks, but they are usually the ones with the highest potentials. The secret to winning more with this bet is to wait until the kick-off time to determine the one who is starting. Also, you need to study your preferred team’s style of play when using this bet.

Number of Tries Made

In online rugby betting, you bet on the total number of bets made b a particular team. This bet is considered a two-way because the bookmaker has a pre-established number of tries or lines. The only option you are given is to either to bet on ýes’or ‘no.’

Team to Make the First Try

This is one of the simplest types of rugby bets. You predict which side will disease to make the first try in the match. Similarly, you need to wait until the game has started before you place your bet.

Top Scoring Half

Top Scoring Half bet gives you a chance to bet on three possible outcomes, first half, second half, or a tie. By a tie, it means the number of points in the first and second halves is equal.

Win Both Halves bet

This is a straightforward bet where you are required to bet on a team you believe will win in both halves. Alternatively, you can bet on neither or none.

 Last Team to Score

As simple as it sounds, you are given a choice to bet on a team that will score the final point regardless of whether it is through a penalty, tries, or a dropkick.