ONLINE BOOK: PLAY WINNING RUGBY Part 1 Contents & Intro A Section Will Be Published Here Every Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Local (Northern Hemisphere) recent X rugby player wishing to remain anonymous has submitted an entire book here for publication as their career long experience and knowledge of how to play winning rugby. Every day we will publish a chapter from the book beginning today with the contents and intro – please leave any comments on the comments section at the bottom of the page as the player would be delighted to answer questions and is hoping to stimulate debate.


Contents: Page

Introduction 2

Section 1 Basic Plays & Errors 3

Section 2 What’s the Problem 4

Section 3 Rucks 6

Section 4 Mauls 10

Section 5 Ball Handling 11

Section 6 Kicks 14

Section 7 Tackles 15

Section 8 Some Food for Thought 17

Section 9 Training 21

Section 10 Did We Really Win? 23



Rugby Rights & Wrongs


Are you bored at the way rugby teams now endlessly bash into each other – barge & bash – trying to overcome an efficient defence to no purpose? All the teams seem to play exactly the same way.

There is a better way.

Rugby seems to have become mostly brawn and little brain. Many of our top professionals are making unbelievably bad, basic errors in major games and thus losing points, even in the World Cup! What hope is there of our youngsters playing proper rugby? All professional players should have to pass a ‘Player’s Licence’.

Before they are let loose on the field, they should be tested on both theory and practice, to be sure they at least know the rules!

The best team, New Zealand, play so close to the wind, that although tries may not be scored against them, the penalty points mount up and they can still lose games by penalties – so much for the world’s best team!

While watching games, it is useful to keep notes of silly errors by players. This book is based on dozens, possibly hundreds of recent games, including the World Rugby Cup.

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