Internet Explorer and MSN, official partners for the British & Irish Lions tour, are empowering the mighty Lions fans to take on the Aussies in an epic battle of banter.

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#BanterScrum invites twitter’s meatiest verbal athletes to decide who’s in the driver’s seat on the banterbus. No longer is this tour just about which team will win on the pitch, but we’ll also see which fans will be victorious off it. So whichever side of the world your allegiances fall, make your team proud.

To get involved visit, ‘the’ site to visit for the funniest Rugby tour banter and tweet your banter with your team’s hash tag.

The site visualises the Twitter scrum against #lions and #wallabies and whichever team has the most banter will push the other out of the pitch and off the screen. Tweet via the site or directly through Twitter to affect the outcome and see your side victorious. Just sign off your tweets #lions or #wallabies to shove your team in the right direction.

Don’t Drop the Egg, the hugely popular, rugby loving, comedy trio will also be curating and sharing the best banter they find as well as posting daily content for rugby fans, including video diaries, team talks and highlight reconstructions of the games.

Let the banter battle begin #Banterscrum!

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