Munchy Seeds – Flavours to suit all tastes…

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Munchy Seeds – Flavours to suit all tastes; its sweet and savoury snack packs come in five tasty combos – Mega Omega, Mild Chilli, Honey Roasted, Salted Caramel and Warm Cinnamon. they’re a
small business who are stocked on Ocado.

Munchy Seeds snack packs make ideal snacks for a winter pick me up or to sprinkle over your Christmas dinner. Loaded with nutrients, these delicious little packs are a super way of incorporating more fibre and protein into your everyday diet without compromising on taste!

They have plenty of festive recipes to available to inspire this year’s celebrations, please see here.. Their Warm Cinnamon flavour is sure to warm up your tastebuds this Christmas! Let me know if you would like to try some samples.

Warm Cinnamon

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