Monaghan Rugby get Another Clean Sheet: Gordon West Cup Quarter Final

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Monaghan 1XV 45 Derry YM 1XV 0

This was possibly Monaghan’s most important game of the season so far, this game was a League and Cup double header. Although Monaghan had defeated Derry YM the week before by a 10 point margin nobody could be sure it was a done deal. Although Derry YM had forgotten to take their playing jersey’s with them Monaghan luckily had an away set to loan the travelling team. The pitch was ingreat shape even though the wind and rain tried its best to run a muck on the pitch the night before.


The game started with Monaghan receiving the drop off, the new and improved super glue like hands of Ronan Jack fielded the ball in mid air and set up the plat form for the backs to strut their stuff. The next phase of play came from a line out on the Derry 5 metre line, this was making for the perfect start that Monaghan wanted but while Monaghan’s Graham Carleton was in mid air the Derry prop forward took Benny out while he was supporting Graham who was dropped to the ground, this seemed to aggravate the normally cuddly bear (Benny) both Benny and the Derry prop received 10 minutes in the sin bin, the penalty was reversed and allowed Derry to clear their lines, but from the line out which followed Monaghan stole the ball back and the quick hands of the backs allowed Liam Connolly to cross the line for Monaghan’s 1st try of the match.
Monaghan’s next score cam from the winger Ashley “Empty Head” Berry, the ball was passed through the hands and the Monaghan lads showed a great example of how to commit the tackler before you pass, this allowed Empty Head to cross the line un attended.
Monaghan’s 3rd try of the game came from Monaghan’s other winger Evan Rutledge, Evan received a pass from Monaghan’s 2nd centre David Savage (who showed that senior rugby is not a problem for him), which allowed Even to round his opposite number a score under the posts.
The 2nd half started with Derry receiving the drop off but a slight slip off hand and the Derry player knocked the ball out and gave Monaghan a line out on the Derry 10 metre line. At this stage Darren Berry decided to change his tactic and he dummied a pass which allowed him enough room to get behind the Derry defence and score the 4th try of the game.
The next score came from a well worked Monaghan line out, the ball was popped from the line out to the Monaghan prop Richard Carleton who set up a ruck about 2 yards from the try line the Monaghan forwards showed great patience and eventually Wesley Moffet used his soft touch to shimmy over the line.
The 6th try of the match came straight from the following drop off Super Glue hands caught the ball in mid air and passed the ball off to Marc McArdle who was able to make space for Graham Carleton to run in to at this stage Graham took steed and realised that Empty Head was on his shoulder and allowed Ashley to run the 50 metres to score under the posts.
The 7th and final try of the game started from inside the Monaghan 5 metre line Derry had an attacking scrum which lead to a ruck the ball broke loose and David Savage got his hands on the ball he flew up the pitch he was able to fix his tackler and pass the ball to Ashley he and most of the back line ran under the posts to finish the game. Darren seemed to have his kicking boots on he kicked 5 conversions.

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