Monaghan Foot Clinic T: (047) 81749 – Specialist Sports Podiatrist affecting Propulsion, Speed and Edurance

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Monaghan Foot Clinic

At the Monaghan Foot Clinic Norma Kierans specialises in sports analysis of your feet which has a direct impact on performance and injury prevention. We would fully recommend her service.

Sports Podiatry deals with pain and injuries related to biomechanical function in the lower limbs. Using a combination of techniques, they are able to determine if an injury is caused by poor structural alignment or function. Our Podiatrists can also prescribe orthotics and insoles.

Sports Podiatry also impacts how you stand and has impact on performance by focusing on improving aspects of your feet, inlcuding the use of Orthotics. This impacts propulsion, speed and endurance.

Norma Kierans (pod)
Castle Meadow Court, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

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