Barbaranne Crosbie, Chiropodist/Podiatrist, Bangor, Co. Down – T: 02891 468207

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Podiatrists/chiropodists diagnose and treat abnormalities of the lower limb. They offer professional advice on preventing foot problems and care.

We treat people of all ages and from all walks of life:

children with lower limb pain or problems walking.
diabetes sufferers with circulation problems or sensation in their feet.
sports men and women suffering leg or feet injuries.
dancers rehearsing and performing long hours put stress on their feet causing injury.
people needing minor surgery e.g. nail surgery or laser treatment
patients wanting advice e.g. those not needing treatment but wanting advice about footwear or foot health.

assess and treat footcare ailments, ranging from problems such as verrucas to deformity
analyse how a person walks or runs and correct the anatomical relationship between the different segments of the foot.
monitor and manage foot problems and deformities caused by diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis
advise and treat patients at high risk of foot problems and amputation e.g. those suffering from diabetes
undertake nail surgery using local anaesthetics.
Podiatrists work as part of a team, including dietitians, GPs, nurses and physiotherapists. They will also supervise the work of podiatry assistants, in the provision of footcare and treatment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below

T: 028 91468207

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