Model Victoria Featherstone Pearce provides tips and advice for a happy and healthy lock down. Victoria Is Pictured here with her rescue dogs 🐶

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Model Victoria Featherstone Pearce provides tips and advice for a happy and healthy lock down.


Victoria’s top tips for a healthier happier 2020

1- Firstly if you are not already vegan then go vegan. It will be the most positive action you’ll ever take to become healthier.

2- Mental health is the most important area to work on. A healthy mind breeds a healthy life. Everything starts in our head first as a thought.

3- Spend more time with nature. Many people have found wonderful relaxing walks minutes from their homes. If this isn’t possible sit by an open window and enjoy the breeze and sunshine.

4- Stay hydrated, aim to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day, drink more if you can.

5- Regular exercise. There’s so many new exciting exercise classes online these days. It’s moved on from just aerobics. Exercise releases endorphins & they make you happier & feeling more energetic. You may not want to exercise at first but trust me after your exercise sessions you will feel on top of the world

6- Try & have a phone free day a week if possible or if that’s not possible take long breaks away from your phone during the day if you can. A definitely do not look at your phone 1st thing in the morning as it will set the tone for the day. Get up & have a tech free routine & once ready check emails etc

7- Try new things even if you feel you may not want to do your new thing forever. We learn from being uncomfortable & putting ourselves out there. You may learn new things about yourself that you never knew you liked.

8- Spend your time with positive people who inspire you to achieve & became better version of yourself. Stay away from negativity & energy vampires. How people make you feel is a strong indication to who you will want to be around

9- Help others. Find your cause. Helping others with not only change the recipients life but gives one a huge sense of purpose.

10- Life is short so don’t wait until everything is ‘perfect’ to do what you want to do. Go ahead & reach for the stars.

Victoria Featherstone Pearce

Vegan/cruelty-free writer, model/host & K-9 Angels Charity co founder


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