MitoQ, an enhanced form of the antioxidant CoQ10. Skincare is not just skin deep… go above and beyond for your complexion… and enhance your physical performance at the same time >>

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MitoQ, an enhanced form of the antioxidant CoQ10. Skincare is not just skin deep… go above and beyond for your complexion… and enhance your physical performance at the same time >>

Skincare isn’t just skin deep. If you want to go above and beyond for your complexion, you need to give a little TLC to your cells. Looking after your mitochondrial health with MitoQ antioxidant supplements will improve the appearance of your skin and prevent the effects of aging on a cellular scale in addition to juicy benefits like decreasing anxiety and increasing energy. It’s skincare and healthcare in one breakthrough formula, engineered to help you look and feel your best.

At MitoQ, we want to awaken the world to the knowledge that healthy mitochondria can enable you to achieve your dreams and goals, whatever they may be. We believe that with powerful mitochondria, everyone can optimize their health and wellbeing to live better, do more of what’s important to them and maintain high performance for longer.

Our story began with the aim of creating a better, more effective antioxidant that could significantly help human health. Our world-first breakthrough MitoQ did just that, and then we gave it to the global health community to help research its benefits and tell us its potential. We are one of the first health companies to ever do this. The research has been incredible and continues to confirm that this revolutionary molecule has the ability to meaningfully improve quality of life. Now we want to spread the word.


What is MitoQ and how does it work?

• Your body is made of trillions of cells, so it makes sense that for you to
be in optimal health and do all the things you want to in life, your cells
need to be in optimal health. However as you age, or if you have high
energy demands, your cell function can get compromised.
• MitoQ is a world-first cellular health optimizer that’s making major
waves in the global health industry, and it is a pioneer of the cellular
health revolution that’s been touted by the likes of McKinsey.
• Not like regular supplements, which simply fill gaps in your diet, MitoQ
is a next-generation molecule that can’t be found anywhere else on the
planet, and was invented to help overcome a way your cells can falter.
• Recognizing the importance of antioxidants for cell function, but
unsatisfied with the absorption of current antioxidants on the market,
MitoQ created a potent antioxidant that’s bio-engineered to specifically
target the energy banks of cells (mitochondria).
• Why? Good levels of antioxidants are vital for healthy mitochondria and
therefore crucial for healthy cells. But until MitoQ, it wasn’t possible to
get significant-enough levels of antioxidants inside the mitochondria to
be of benefit.
• That’s because of the tough mitochondrial membrane, which doesn’t
let much through, including all other antioxidants on the market such as
CoQ10 and ubiquinol.
• To solve this problem, MitoQ’s scientists invented a world-first way to
deliver our special antioxidant directly into the mitochondria, by
shrinking the molecule size and attaching a positive charge that pulls it
into the negatively-charged mitochondria.
• Once there, your mitochondria use MitoQ to optimize the conditions in
which they operate and generate your body’s energy supply, which
results in better energy, mental focus, resilience and health.

What are the mitochondria and why are they important?

• Your cells rely on tiny organelles called mitochondria to supply them
with the energy and signaling they need to function at their best.
• When your mitochondria generate energy, they create free radicals as a
by-product. Some free radicals are important, but if left unchecked they
build up and cause cell damage.
• To neutralize the potentially damaging impact of too many free
radicals, the mitochondria produce the antioxidant CoQ10. But as you
age, your body’s own levels of CoQ10 can naturally begin to decline.
• This can affect the health of your mitochondria, and therefore cells,
which in turn affects the performance of your whole body.
• If your cells become overwhelmed with free radicals, it creates a
condition known as oxidative stress, which can cause cell damage
leading to downstream health issues.

What is the impact of poor mitochondrial health?

• If your mitochondria – and therefore cell – function is compromised you
can experience:
o Lack of energy
o Slowness recovering from injury, exertion or illness
o Sub-par organ function (think brain fog, heart health)
o More acutely feeling or seeing the effects of aging

What are the benefits of taking MitoQ?

• The superior efficacy of MitoQ on mitochondrial function and cellular
health has been proven via clinical trials.
• As every thought, action and emotion you experience starts within your
cells, optimizing their function helps them perform at their very best,
empowering you to achieve all the things that are most important in
your life.
• Our hundreds of verified customer reviews cite MitoQ’s benefits to:
o Sustained energy
o Improved mental focus
o Faster recovery and better resilience
o Increased physical performance
o Optimal aging
o Better management of health
• Many of our customers notice results after 2-3 weeks of taking MitoQ.
However, your cells renew at varying speeds and as they do, new cells
with well-functioning mitochondria will replace them. This is a gradual
process, which is why it’s best to allow at least three months before
evaluating how MitoQ has helped you.
• We believe MitoQ is a genuine game-changer for human health, but we
encourage our customers to track the results for themselves, by
keeping a note of things like daily energy levels, mental clarity, sleep
quality, how they cope with stress, physical performance biomarkers,
recovery and resilience before and during their three-month trial.

Is MitoQ safe and effective?

• MitoQ was created at The University of Otago in New Zealand, by
professors Robin Smith and Mike Murphy (now at The University of
Cambridge). It has undergone thorough safety testing and has been on
the market since 2013.
• MitoQ has 60 patents globally for its world-first ingredient.
• More than 500 independent peer-reviewed research papers have been
published on MitoQ’s efficacy and safety, by leading global institutions
such as Harvard Medical School, UCLA, The University of Oxford and
The University of Cambridge.
• To date 9 clinical trials have been conducted on MitoQ and a further 40
are underway.
• MitoQ raw ingredients and finished products are produced at GMPcertified facilities. MitoQ has self-affirmed generally recognized as safe
(SA GRAS) status in the USA.
• MitoQ 5mg is certified by Informed Sport as safe for use by
• Approximately $60m of research has concluded that MitoQ has
significant potential in a broad range of therapeutic areas.

How do I take MitoQ?

• For best absorption, it is recommended you take MitoQ on an empty
stomach, at least 30 minutes before food, or 2 hours after eating.
• Consistency is key, so don’t forget to take your MitoQ every day. We
recommend keeping your MitoQ beside your bed or toothbrush, so it’s
the first thing you do in the morning on waking.

Where can I find MitoQ?

• MitoQ is available on the brand website (, on and sold at select healthcare provider offices.

Who manufactures MitoQ?

• MitoQ is produced in New Zealand by MitoQ Limited. The company is
dedicated to advancing the scientific field of cellular health globally,
and powering the health and ambitions of every body. For more
information about the company and its products, visit

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