Lumo Lift Posture Coach available in the UK from mid-October

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Lumo Lift Posture Coach available in the UK from mid-October
Stylish, wearable device helps users stand taller, sit stronger and feel more confident
Palo Alto, California (October 7th 2014) –  Lumo BodyTech, designer of the first wearable technology posture coach, announces that the Lumo Lift will be available in the UK starting from mid-October. Deceptively thin, Lumo Lift is a small, wearable device that tracks body positions and provides gentle vibrations when the wearer slouches. Lumo Lift will be available to buy from from mid-October and from Apple stores later in the month. It will retail at £79.99.

Using the world’s most sensitive single-sensor algorithmic model for detecting human motion in space, the Lumo Lift is able to detect the wearer’s posture in addition to steps, calories and distance. Unlike any other activity-tracking device on the market, Lumo Lift also detects core position, upper body position and other nuances of posture. This allows the Lumo Lift to issue real-time feedback throughout the day to prompt wearers to get and stay in a proper, powerful body position.

Lumo Lift attaches to the user’s clothing with a small, beautiful magnetic clasp that comes in a variety of colors and can be used as a personal accessory. If a user prefers to keep Lumo Lift hidden, they can place it under their collar or attach it to a bra strap.

“There is no better investment than yourself. The Lumo Lift is a stylish device that empowers you to make small but impactful changes like pulling your shoulders back, engaging your core and lifting your head. We have found that these minor changes in your posture increase confidence, build good muscle memory, and promote an overall healthier lifestyle,” said Lumo BodyTech Co-Founder and CEO, Monisha Perkash.

“There is significant research that shows how you feel impacts how you look. When you sit and stand tall you appear more powerful but also appear more attractive. Lumo Lift is the only wearable device that monitors your upper body position while providing real time feedback to ensure confident posture, all while tracking steps, calories and distance,” said Lumo BodyTech Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Charles Wang, M.D.

Lumo Lift will available from from mid-October and Apple stores later in the month. It will retail at £79.99. The Lumo Lift app is also available on iOS (

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