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Wareable presents its guide to the best fitness trackers that won’t break the bank this Christmas

London, 28th October 2014: Wareable, the biggest website dedicated to wearable technology and the connected self, presents its guide to the best budget fitness trackers available to buy for under £50 this Christmas.

Wearable tech including fitness trackers that monitor calories, steps walked, heart rate and distance travelled have exploded on to the market in 2014, however, recent research shows that nearly a third of consumers believe they are too expensive. Luckily, Wareable has put together this handy guide to showcase the best fitness trackers that have the best of the basic features for under £50.

Misfit Flash

The Misfit flash can be worn almost anywhere and will track sleep and steps as well as runs, cycles and swims. It comes in a range of funky colours, syncs with the same app and has a replaceable watch battery that lasts six months. It’s slightly chunkier than the existing Misfit Shine and it’s made of plastic rather than aluminium but at half the price it’s sure to be a winner this Christmas.


Archos Activity Tracker

The Archos Activity Tracker, made of plastic and rubber, has an LED display to update the wearer on their progress towards their fitness goals. It can be used to track calories burned, distance covered and steps taken but there’s no sleep or heart rate monitoring to be found here. However, Christmas shoppers will get change from £50.


Polar FT1

Polar describes its budget FT1 model as the ‘first step into training’ with this gadget able to track the user’s heart rate. It’s a bit of a one trick pony as there’s no ability to see how much distance has been travelled or how much sleep someone is getting but it’s decently designed and users can quickly access summaries of training sessions as well as checking on their current heart rate.

Fitbug Orb

Sleep, steps and calories are the three main metrics that are measured here, with the Fitbit Orb’s lightness and price the biggest selling points. The app and web interface can prove fiddly to operate and the low price shows through in the overall design but users do have the option of wearing it around their wrist or as a clip-on gadget.

Vidonn X5 Fitness Tracker

The Vidonn X5 and associated app aren’t the best-engineered wearables but it’s difficult to argue with the price. Users can keep track of sleep, steps distance and calories and the web interface is clear and informative. Definitely a device worth considering if users don’t mind manually syncing the device via a pull-out USB fob and the occasional frustration.

Fitbit Zip

Despite being Fitbit’s poorer cousin when compared to the ever-popular Flex, this is still a useful bit of kit. There’s no sleep tracking and no way to measure elevation, but steps, distance and calories are all covered. The Zip has wireless syncing capabilities and the rock-solid Fitbit software and platform make it an appealing choice for anyone who wants solid fitness tracking on a budget.


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