Love and Living in the Wolds Of Lincolnshire… Virtual Dating & Romance!

WilI i be able to walk amongst the wolds and see the coastline of my beloved Loncolnshire once more… ever have i whispered this past year of isolation for long […]

WilI i be able to walk amongst the wolds and see the coastline of my beloved Loncolnshire once more… ever have i whispered this past year of isolation for long walks along the fens and to see again the Lincoln Edge and wonder at gods glory.

This has been my goal in searching for love online to do these things again when we are free at last with my love.

I must love them and desire them and long to hold them close and to do this both body and mind must be in love and desiring their attentions…

Finding that special person online is worth every penny spent.

Recently however I have discovered an accelerating option which many of my favourite dating sites are using and its really really excellent. Believe it or not the level of advancement with online dating sites has reached the stagfe of offering everyone the ability to actually have virtual video links. Real time… you know, like a ZOOM meeting!

Its so exciting and this option is proving super popular amongst users. I mean its like real life right and with the issues surrounding security a virtual date is so safe and you can get to see the person!

I’ve seen people saying “I have to go early because………. “”I have to dress up for my virtual date this evening””…… how wonderful!

IMAGINE >>> Are you using a Lincolnshire Dating Site , haver you been in Lincolnshire Dating dating for years and wondered if only i could have a real face to face conversation with these dates before i meet tghem, that way I could really filter through the ones that i just know i’m not going to like.

I mean seriously runniong about the house into the bathroom applying makeup, getting on clothes that set them off and getting their hair done… its tatlly amazing because you can really see the real person and with 3d and everything now this is getting more and more real so people can genuinely have almost in many ways like a physical tdate.

You know it is a meeting, its is real time interaction with no delays (unless the signal gets distroted somehow as its often connected via satelites in space) and cyrstal clear with perfect sound wuality and full colour video of where they are….

Who knows the next time you go for a jog you could be holding a full video catch up with your loved one….

Which of course brings us to the reality that after a while its not even dating anymore!

So what could be more exciting than finding ther perfect profiles and then arranging to meet them virtual in video to see if you connect that way too… its all leading up to real life dating right and who wants to be dissapointed on a first real physical date. Instead you can gather vital data from meeting you dates online through messages, including instant and now through virtual video dating in full colour etc!

Also through the video dating virtual option security protocols can be observed. What is visible int eh background of the virtual link picture… is it somehow set up that in the background is your living room window showing your street sign.

Always think about what you are dojgn and observe the security protocols!

Be safe and of course enjoy the experiences and meeting new people!

Best wishes!

Have a wonderful time!

The InTouch rugby Editor – In – Chief !