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LESCHE [leshé] is the creative impulse of two women who aimed to fulfil their dream of designing jewellery that will connect with their true nature.


Pieces that not only adorn the woman who wears them, but enrich and empower her. The name is inspired by the French word “les chevaux” (horses), the creatures who represent the freedom, strength and nobleness we want all women to feel when wearing LESCHE. Utilising the healing energy of the natural stones, and combining them with both elegant and edgy gold embellishments, each piece proposes a fresh balance of opposing elements. Beautifully hand-crafted for all women, daring to be different, whose lifestyle and multiple facets are an inspiration for others, and for the founders of LESCHE.

Founders Yoana and Andzhela met through their life partners and took the journey to LESCHE almost immediately. Inspired by the same idea, they launched LESCHE in April 2021 as a brand celebrating all women. Yoana and Andzhela design each piece of jewellery to empower and inspire the women who wear them.

Yoana has graduated from UCA, London, with a Fashion Management & Marketing degree in 2018. After working in various sectors of the fashion industry, she returned to Bulgaria to launch a business on her own. Andzhela is also a Marketing graduate from Sofia, who decided to take her experience from the family garment production business to a more creative path – building a fashion brand.

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