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Main pic Julia Clancy

In attendance on Day 3 were: Emma Thompson, Greg Wise, Gaia Wise, Greta Bellamacina, Eunice Olumide, Princess Julia, Daisy Lowe, Yasmin le Bon, Yasmin Mills, Maddie Mills, Philip Sallon, Tigerlily Taylor, Annie Doble, Fuschia Kate Sumner, Josephine Jones, Susan Bender, Sarah Mikaela, Maria Kastani, Alexander Ron, Steff Strack, Dara Olagbami, Annaliese Dayes, Mary Fellowes, Alexis Adjei, Diana Gomez, Astrid Kearney, Tatum Mazzilli, Rocky Mazzilli and Louise Mazzilli, Karen Binns, Henri Bergmann, Isabella Charlotta Poppius, Leroy Dawkins, Isabel Froemming, Charlotte Smith, Sherett Dahlstrom, Anisa Sojka, Juliet Angus, Jiawa Liu, Abdel R. Abdulai, Charlotte Smith, Annaliese Dayes, Mason Smilie, Katia Nguyen, Bee Abid, Li Xin, Yasmin Ghandehari

PREEN served breakfast in bed – with Daphne Self, the oldest supermodel in the world tucked up with her family of models, among the silken Preen bedding installation, while Greta Bellamacina walked among the audience reciting a poem @preenbythorntonbregazzi AHARON GENISH gave a palpably emotive show, clearly inspired by his own life journey, born into a strict orthodox Jewish family and ejected from home once he hit his early teens and discovered he was gay. As someone who is influenced by his ultra-Orthodox past, Ganish takes traditional Jewish elements, from all over the world, east and west, that carry a conservative character, dismantle them into elements, and embroider a work from them with a personal, postmodernist and original perspective. In this way, Ganish transforms conservative items from different historical periods into edgy and unique fashion.

The transformation that the old clothes undergo with the new subjective angle transforms his collections into works of a poetic and romantic nature, while at the same time maintaining the value and respect for the values of history and tradition @ahrongenish GEORGIA HARDINGE sent her signature pleats down the runway, with Scottish supermodel Eunice Olumide opening as a mermaid in glistening green and Daisy Lowe closing as the bride in white.

ANYANGO sent a group of activist women friends, including Aja Barber, Orsola de Castro, Dr Shola Moss and Kelly Knox, down her runway, with messages of sisterhood and solidarity by feminist poet Mumbi – the mother of the Gikuya people – intertwined with uplifting music by Shingai Shoniwa @anyangompinga

HOUSE OF JAFFA was established by Golan Frydman (of FYODOR GOLAN) and Eddie Gavrillidis, during the lockdown when they left London for Tel Aviv seeking a new life, and made their home in the district of Jaffa. Inspired by the _”the strong perfumes of the souk mixing with sweat and desire under the hot Mediterranean sun, House of Jaffa explores being Queer in the Middle East as celebration of the beauty of the outsider and aims to create an escapist and romantic mosaic of visuals and emotions. The social conceptions of masculinity – both appealing and toxic – are challenged into an unapologetic aesthetic.” _@house_of_jaffa

JULIA CLANCEY closed down Kornit Fashion Week in an extraordinary assault on the senses, which can only be described as a kaleidoscope made into physical reality! Gospel choir singers, roller-skaters, Voguers, dancers and Amber Le Bon, Yasmin & Maddie Mills, and Gaia Wise walking – with parents Emma Thompson and Greg Wise in the audience. @juliaclancey

_@kornitfashionweek @mottyreif #kornitfashionweek _

About Kornit

Kornit is a global innovation leader in FashionTech developing the technologies that fuel the on-demand manufacturing revolution and providing the fashion industry with a roadmap towards

A global digital printing company with 800+ employees, its HQ, R&D and manufacturing are based in Israel, with 5 regional offices that carry full sales, marketing, logistics, technical and customer support. (North America, based in New Jersey; EMEA, based in Dusseldorf; Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong; China, based in Shanghai; Latin America, based in Miami). Kornit serves over 1,400 customers worldwide and has a very strong hold in the online and the growing personalisation industry, and is the technology of choice for global online and ecommerce leaders. Kornit has a global network @@of 45 partners.

About Kornit Fashion Week
Following successful runway events in Tel Aviv, New York, Milan and LA, Kornit Fashion Week lands in London. KFW explores how the rules for fashion and textiles are being rewritten – transforming an industry typically plagued by pollution and overproduction to one that is sustainable, on-demand, and where the only limit is one’s imagination. Packed with immersive runway events produced by world-renowned fashion icon, producer and entrepreneur, Motty Reif, this three-day celebration will feature inspirational fashion from top designers – with collections created in weeks, not months, using digital production and where beauty is celebrated in all its guises, with no boundaries in terms of age, colour, size, gender and sexuality.

About Motty Reif
Reif is a critically acclaimed producer of fashion events and films – with over 30 years of experience in the field – as well as a Woman’s Rights and Environmental activist. In 2012 Reif was crowned the most influential person in the Israeli fashion by leading magazine “AT”. He has produced TV shows such as Survivor, The Bachelor and Beauty and the Geek to Cinema and Documentaries. Since 2005, Reif has produced two internationally acclaimed documentary films; “Life After Tomorrow,” featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, which deals with the lives of children in the entertainment world and won the Best Documentary Film and Director of the Phoenix Film Festival. In 2006, he produced the documentary “Brave Miss World” which was nominated for the Emmy Award in August 2014. In 2010, in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality, the Ministry of Tourism, the Textile Association and the Israel Export Institute, Reif initiated “Tel Aviv Fashion Week”, which today has reached its 10th year of production. Since 2019 Motty Reif has been a Member of the City Council of Tel Aviv Yaffo, issuing matters of Welfare in the city Such as the Committee against violence and women’s rights.

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