Something for all the family… Jamu Wild Water

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Something for all the family…

Jamu Wild Water

Available from, £20 for 12 cans

Knowing that young people can get bored with water and often want to hydrate with something a bit different; the Jamu Wild Water range contains natural fruit flavours, nourishing botanicals and a gentle
fizz that makes it suitable for the whole family without compromising on flavour or health.

Each 250ml serve contains prebiotic plant fibre, which nourishes healthy gut bacteria as well as supports the immune system with Vitamin C and Zinc, whilst being completely free of sugar, artificial sweeteners, additives and preservatives.

• Natural Sparkling Raspberry – boosted with Elderberry and Marshmallow Root Extracts – a rich source of Vitamin C and prebiotic fibre, its mellow sweet flavour sparkles with juicy ripe raspberries.

• Natural Sparkling Blood Orange – with delicious berry-like sweetness of Blood Orange and immune boosting properties of Echinacea, this bright and tangy drop also has chicory root fibre to support digestive health.

• Natural Sparkling Lemon – lively with the pithy green flavour found in lemon skin. Nettle and Dandelion extracts add wild health benefits to our take on ‘lemon-aid’. Used traditionally to relieve inflammation, boost immunity and aid digestive health.

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