Instonians Rugby I XV 32 v Rainey Old Boys I XV 23

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For AIL league Division 3 clubs like ourselves and Rainey, the Ulster League gives us both excellent opportunity to blood young players and give “bench” players game time.

Another feature of the Ulster league this year is the rolling sub system where you can make 12 changes to the team. This enhances a coach’s ability to trial these new players – well done to who-ever came up with the policy.

Both clubs fielded much changed teams from the close AIL fixture only 3 weeks earlier. The teams were different but the games were similar with it being once more entertaining and Inst coming out narrow winners.

The weather was ideal for running rugby and that is what the crowd saw with some excellent phases of play culminating in great tries, 4 to Inst and 2 to Rainey.


3-0 Rainey penalty by Mark O’Connor

3-3 Inst penalty Scott Browne

10-3 Rainey try out wide, good hands Mark O’Connor

10-6 Inst penalty by Scott Browne

10-6 Half-time

10-13 Inst solo try from Josh Devitt converted by Scott Browne

10-18 Inst fantastic try out wide by Scott Browne

10-25 Inst try from Curtis Stewart converted by Scott Browne

10-32 Inst try solo kick through try from David Bradford converted by Scott Browne

13-32 Rainey penalty by Mark O’Connor

16-32 Rainey penalty by Mark O’Connor

23-32 Raimey try by S Derby after chip to corner converted by Mark O’Connor

Inst Team 1 to 15: Ross Mungavin (Paul McAllister), Jony Corscadden (Paddy Dornan), Peter Corbett, Kenny Morton, Curtis Stewart, David Bradford (Nick McMurray), Robbie Brown, Vincent Browne, Nick Finaly, David Parkhill, Alistair Andress, Richard Fegan, Josh Devitt, Scott Browne (Robbie Kirk), Sub not used Michael Sergant.

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