Humankind Unwind the place where you can give the gift of feeling good.

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Humankind Unwind the place where you can give the gift of feeling good.

Whether that’s a self care treat like our bath bombs or our VERY popular… Shower Steamers… the bath bomb for your shower! Great for when you have no time for a long luxurious bath but are in need of a bit of a treat. Turn your shower into a scented self care experience. Each one has a scent blend to give your shower the kind of boost you desire….

About Humankind Unwind
Humankind Unwind began a few years after I became chronically ill with fibromyalgia. It forces me to slow down and rest whether I think I ‘should’ or not. You see, I had a habit of prioritising what I thought ‘should’ be done before I would relax. I had NO list of what I ‘should’ do to look after myself.

I know now it’s okay to rest. There’s no need to ‘earn’ it with productivity. Rest can be productive. I want to help others that want to stop ticking off their to-do lists at the expense of their self-care.

Lots of little reminders helped me: post-it notes on my mirror, notes in my bag, my fabulous filofax had a section for things I wanted to remember. The problem was I wasn’t always standing in front of my mirror or with my bag or near my filofax when I needed a reminder. I wanted subtle reminders that I could wear, see and use every day.

Post Workout Shower Steamers

Need Revitalised?

What about a shower to give you a Kick Start?

Got a big day ahead? Try the Focus Booster

Or enjoy Steamy Shower

Or do you love a relaxing shower before bed? Our Deep Sleep Steamers are the perfect way to wind down…

Humankind Unwind is all about using your time wisely so you can enjoy more time to unwind. So let us help you as the gift giver as well as the gift receiver.

Let us take the hassle out of gift giving with beautifully pre wrapped and affordable gift sets.

Feeling good can come from exploring your passions. I have beautiful leather embossed notebooks to use as a journal, diary, sketchpad, adventure planner or whatever you fancy. We have gift worthy notebooks of all sizes and prices to suit everyone on your Christmas list.

We have little pocket sized ones×3

Do you know someone who wants to write a story? This slim leather notebook is embossed with the words “If there is a story in you”. It can fit in a handbag or jacket pocket so they can jot notes down whenever inspiration strikes…

Or what about a book to plan your family adventures…

Or a bucket list book, to inspire someone to tick off those things they really want to do in life….

Or what about a 200page journal style book with 7 chakra stones (other options available too)×9

Humnakind also sell personalised, affordable and eco-friendly jewellery like this one for the anxiety sufferer. You can’t always be there to reassure them but this bracelet might just be the reminder they need, when anxiety strikes

Or what about a gift for a proud mama bear?

It can be personalised with as many cubs as you want

Keep the names of your loved ones close to your heart with this beautiful and very modern necklace

Finally, for an extra sentimental touch you could choose from one of my Handwriting Engraved Gifts. We can engrave a message from you, a drawing from a child or some writing from a loved one who has now passed on.

We have a Handwriting Mens Bracelets


Or this necklace for women

Or this bracelet for women

Or how about this photo frame for everyone in the house to enjoy

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