How to win the Six Nations? Shane Williams explains the approach to take to win the championship & grand slams….

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How to win the Six Nations? Shane Williams explains the approach to take to win the championship & grand slams….

Former Lion, Wales and pro club player with Two Grand Slam wins in his career certainly knows the challenges and the obstacles to winning what is the premier rugby competition in the world. The Six Nations is iconic and followed by all the players and teams in rugby everywhere. For most players its the pinnacle of their career to have the opportunity to play in the tournament. Being on a team that wins it and a team that wins it without a defeat which is known as a grand slam is really something special. To have those memories and experiences which usually have come on the back of years of not winning… years of seeing the opportunity slip from your grasp is incredible.

Learning to move on from those defeats and continue to stay well in mind and body all forms the evolution of a young player into a grown adult.

So! Now we have the opportunity to hear from one of the games greatest legends who achieved it all over the years which is very very revealing.

Shane Williams won rugby world player of the year in his career… he was on Wales teams that played in the rugby world cup and even reached the semi-final. The two grand slam wins are for Shane right up there with his greatest achievements and speaking to Betway he recalled the standout thoughts for him associated with those years …

“Winning the Grand Slam is one of my highest achievements,” he says, speaking exclusively to sports betting firm Betway. “In ’05, that Grand Slam came out of nowhere. We weren’t expected to do particularly well in that Six Nations.

“We played tough rugby, we defended our hearts out. It was almost like a movie, winning that Six Nations, to be perfectly honest. That’s up there with the best of them.”…..#

Talking about the challenges and the type of situation that emerges when teams are winning the tournament and the qualities of the individuals and teams involved and the uncontrollable advantages that do happen…

What an amazing career and set of experiences that watching the Six Nations and knowing the thoughts players are having and the memories and see teams achieving what they at one point may have thought was not going to happen this time is riveting.

Keeping ones feet on the ground … and having that mindset seems to be critical…

We do hope you enjoy reading Shane’s blog and thank you for stopping by today!

Very, very best wishes… The InTouch Rugby Editor… On-assignment!

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