How to Register a Betting Account Online

How to Register a Betting Account Online A detailed guide on how to open an online betting account on a sportsbook website. Get verified and start betting. Today, online betting […]

How to Register a Betting Account Online

A detailed guide on how to open an online betting account on a sportsbook website. Get verified and start betting.

Today, online betting is the most popular form of betting. For most punters that gamble online, it is a more convenient and safer option compared to visiting land-based betting shops. Also, we cannot ignore the numerous bonuses offered by most online bookies which increases the chances of cashing out on online sportsbooks. To start betting with any online bookmaker, it is standard to own a verified user account. Creating an online betting account as a Nigerian punter is as easy as it comes. Since online gambling is not prohibited, you are eligible to have an online betting account with any licensed online bookmaker (foreign or locally-owned) if you are above the age of 18. Below, we are going to explain the basic procedure of creating a user account with an online bookmaker and what to consider before joining a sportsbook, and you can read a list of the best bookmakers in Nigeria.

Opening an Online Betting Account – Registration Process

The first to create online sports betting account to visit your preferred bookmaker website. This has to be done on an internet-enabled mobile device. On the bookmaker’s homepage, a vivid signup icon is usually displayed, or a login icon which then gives the option of entering login information or creating an account. Once you click on either of these options, you will be led to the registration page.

When it comes to registration requirements, most betting companies demand similar information from new punters. However, the requirements demanded by indigenous bookies might be slightly different from the ones needed to open a user account on foreign bookie websites. Generally, bookies demand personal details such as First name, email, phone number, physical address, date of birth (to confirm you are of legal age), and country of residence. All this information needs to be accurate, for verification purposes. For example, filling the wrong email address might prevent you from verifying your account, since most sportsbooks send a verification link to your email. Also, if you have filled in the wrong name, it might be hard to make withdrawals in the future if your name does not tally with your account information.

After all the personal information required has been filled, you can then choose the username and password for your user account. Some bookies will request you use a password that contains both letters, numbers, and symbols to ensure your account is safe from a third-party breach. You will also be required to answer security questions in the case of a forgotten password or username.

Another stage which is mostly required by foreign bookmakers will require you to choose your preferred currency. This is the currency you would like to make deposits and receive winnings in. At the end of the registration form, you will be shown the bookies terms and conditions which you are meant to read and accept if you are agreeing to. After all of the information required has been correctly filled and double-checked, you can then click on submit. A verification email or text message will be sent to you and you will be required to verify your account by clicking on the link or sending a confirmation SMS.

Ultimately, it is vital to do some research about the bookmaker you intend to sign up with. You must ensure it offers the best betting services. Some of these services include a large and well- rounded betting market, bonuses, a live betting option, a fast cash-out feature and a well-optimized website.