How To Cope with Long Distance Relationships in the modern age of digital connectedness! Perhaps as a classical violinist!

Love is not really a negotiable commodity, its not just a practical arrangement! Of course normal people are considering practical realities! Things like financial facts. Facts about seeing things in […]

Love is not really a negotiable commodity, its not just a practical arrangement! Of course normal people are considering practical realities! Things like financial facts. Facts about seeing things in a similar way. Views on transport and the importance of public transport and the use of bicycles! How we act in relation to the facts is really vital to our survival. 

Rather… what we are referring to is that for many people there is a describable excitement or palpitation even and electrical charge in ones nervous system when our partner is around. Its a dynamic! The reality is for many people that dynamic is actually a big part of the reason they are dating the person they are dating. Its a big part of the reason behind getting married or even deciding to co-habitat and actually share a home together, actually living together!

So this is why many people will remain in relationships when they are actually separated by 1000s of miles and get to talk through skype. People can actually be in completely different time zones and be maintaining functional loving relationships via communication devices like cellphones! They are utilising Snapchat, Facetime, Skype and a vast array of communication means to maintain their communication and closeness!

Perhaps one of you is an internationally famous violinist who specialises in pieces that Paganini played who was the famous violinist who had a finger deformity. Paganini had very long fingers which gave him a competitive advantage when playing the violin! There is apparently a name for the syndrome! However the point is, an internationally sought after solo violinist is playing for royalty and religious leaders like the pope in packed out stadiums and even more intimate performances! That violinist could very often be in a deeply connected and loving relationship! 

They balance the realities of pursuing their career at the highest levels and as the most famous and important musicians of the age who’s skill and artistry begins at age 4. Having trained for 20 years to be amongst the most wonderful artists we have apart form traditional poets, playwrights, and classical painters and sculptors and they can still have long distance relationships. Remaining completely connected with their other half (who they may well have met by searching online for Date Gloucester Singles or The Gloucester Dating Site ) through modern digital means. With 3D imaging on the increase on cellphones and with peoples awareness of keeping the devices screen clean and wiped down (for a variety of reasons) with clorex tissues the images are really good. 

This level of isolation which it could be argued is self imposed and is definitely voluntary is in pursuit of that persons dreams! Whilst their loved one who they could have found on a Mature Gloucester Dating will very often be with them especially if they are raising a young family on the road. Nonetheless they may at times find that for a variety of reasons they are separated. that they are isolated from each other physically and actually having a long distance relationship!

The trick really is not to dwell on the downsides. Very often the downsides are really an illusion of the mind. If one simply gets on with maintaining the closeness to your loved one and especially young children then we all really can pursue dreams such as playing the solo violin with a full orchestra for royalty and even religious leaders like Popes. We can still keep the music of Mozart for example actually being played as it should be!

So its all quite feasible!


Have a wonderful day and lets keep that mindset up beat! You see it really is a case of how we relate to the facts!

Than you so much! Very, very best wishes!

The InTouch Rugby Classical music and Relationships Editor.

Do stop by again soon and until we see you again… enjoy this little clip below and… May God Bless you and make a point to do this one thing go out and intentionally be a blessing to someone else today… Bye for now… Best wishes!