How Finland Online Casinos are Contributing to the Gambling Industry in Covid-19 crisis?

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How Finland Online Casinos are Contributing to the Gambling Industry in Covid-19 crisis?

Pandemic had affected most of the industries severely and with some countries still under lockdown are anticipating the worst for the economy. Stocks of affected countries are in a delicate condition and may further go down the charts. The only industry which will revive with lesser losses than others is the Gambling industry. It is a fact that all the land-based casinos in Finland shut their doors to players since March this year and are waiting for permission from the governments to lift their shutters to the gamblers. Although brick and mortar casinos have seen a decline of 49% in their annual turnover, their virtual counterparts are becoming increasingly popular, which is expected to balance out the gambling industry losses.

Lockdown prevented people from leaving their homes for non-essential activities which resulted in more and more Finns to resort to online gambling to entertain themselves and get out of boredom. Many people are trying to make money out of gambling as current economic conditions had a negative impact on the finances of individuals. Increase in the number of gamblers is encouraging the launch of uudet kasinot in Finland. A recent poll conducted revealed that more people were betting in online casinos during the pandemic crisis than before.

Online casinos have observed that 28% gamblers who gamble regularly increased their activity under lockdown. And more than 11% gamblers accepted that they are betting more in lockdown than they did earlier. Even casual players in online casinos started devoting more time for wagering online. The virtual casino industry has seen 41% of gaming enthusiasts opening new accounts in online casinos which offered slots and poker guides.

Gambling enthusiasts turn to online gambling in Finland as the government regulates betting. Eight out of every ten people in Finland love to gamble and were wagering in online casinos as they do in brick and mortar casinos. Slots are favourite games of Finnish gamblers, and these games are available for players in every store, restaurant and gas station in Finland. The profit reported by the Finnish gambling industry in the third quarter last year is around 762 million Euros, and approximately 42% came from the virtual casino industry. Covid-19 lockdown has encouraged more Finns to bet online, resulting in a significant increase in the number of online gamblers.

European virtual casino operators encourage Finns to gamble. The international casinos accept Finnish players and offer them support in the Finnish language. These casinos offer new players generous bonuses which include free spins and matched bonus in cash which can be added to the player’s account. The European casinos accepting Finnish gambles offers a variety of casino games which are supported by reputed casino software including Playtech, Microgaming and Net Entertainment.

There are also reputed Finnish and international poker rooms that accept Finnish players to wager against their opponents in the most robust card games. There are two reputed poker websites online in Finland; one is run by the country’s slot machine association which is promoted by one of the Finnish poker professional Juha Helppi. Brick and mortar casinos in Finland are regulated by a gambling operator called PAF. The gambling operator PAF accepts international poker players while RAY accepts gamblers from Finland only.

Finnish people can gamble in any poker websites regulated by EU license being members of the European Union. Most of the European online casinos that accept Finland players offer attractive welcome bonuses. Slots and poker games are the most popular casino games among Finns. There are also chances that Finnish players play poker in unregulated online casinos. Still, as they are not covered under Finnish gambling laws, the government cannot prevent players from participating in those casinos. The Finland government can only warn players of unregulated international casinos but cannot restrict them from playing casino games using the country’s gambling laws.

With so many attractive bonuses and uudet kasinot available for Finland players to play their favourite casino games, lockdown does not seem to prevent Finns from gambling. By playing in online casinos, Finnish people are not only driving their boredom away but also contributing to the revival of the gambling industry in the current economic crisis.

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