Excited To Reach the final Stages of Gallagher Premiership 2019/20 ! + A new Season Is Kicking Off In 2 months! WE HAVE GREAT NEWS!

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What an incredible season it has been!

When the break was announced we literally were left on the edges of our seats at just how what has been the most exciting Premiership season in years was about to end!

Who was even going to make it to the finals! I had actually several bets placed so the feeling of excitement was building and building!


The final stages are potentially happening! So exciting! We are looking at a round fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and seventeen! Then on Sat Oct 24th is the FINAL!

Who will win the 2019-20 Premiership season! My teams are still in and i just can’t wait! With so much good news on the signings front and players resigning en masse for their clubs we wish all those not resigning the very very best wishes for their futures! They are all a credit to their families and clubs and we look forward to hearing exciting developments about their respective futures!

With so much wonderful online coverage the opportunity to engage and watch from anywhere in the world has never been better and with all the technological developments and innovations continuing we are excited by the potential!

As if this was not enough good news the 2020/21 is confirmed! Its starting on November 21st! As if this will not have been exciting enough with the 2019/20 final on Oct 24th and then the new season starting less than 4 weeks later! The build up will be just incredible and we have been looking forward to the 2019/20 final for so long and the start of the new 2020/21 season for so long!

Word has it that the players have been training at home for months and with so many little niggle strains and so on fully mended especially with the advances in collagen treatment and rehab work we are set for the most physical final stages to a season ever and potentially the greatest start to a season ever!

Coaches and clubs and players have been working in the background to put together everything to have a super competitive season ahead. Bearing this in mind and just thinking it could be a great time to check out all the freebet offers . The finals are important but getting back into the new season will actually be of similar importance, with everyone healed and ready to go the focus has got to be on providing that spectacle for the audiences at home! A lot of players have resigned yes but changes have also taken place! The transfer and signings market has just been awash with news! It seems like hardly a day goes by that a high profile resigning or transfer is not being announced!

It just keep everyone on their toes and with you know the internationals being talked about the opportunity to get an international cap and just lift your pay grade and caliber as a player up to the next level is tantalising to the players! Young bloods are coming through  and both the women’s and men’s games have teaming numbers of youngsters who are showing the greatest potential we have ever seen for English rugby. The Premiership is alive and kicking with sponsors, with viewers, with talented players from all over the world all adding to a world class and spectacular tournament with a tantalizing series of season ending and season beginning games coming up in the just a few months!

Looking forward and excited to see how all this pans out!

Very very best wishes!

The InTouch Rugby Editor On Assignment!

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