Get through Pandemic and Stay Sane: How-to Tips

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Global pandemic has a serious impact on our daily lives. College students have tough times as well, which means our simple tips will become handy.

How to Stay Sane in College During the Pandemic

Let’s face it, 2020 is similar to being punched in the eye. While a lot of people all over the globe are facing the so-called shared experience as we do our best to handle the restraints the virus has had on our lives, the experience of being an undergrad today is one of specificity. Just like the rest of the world, college and university students seem to be up to their neck in anxiety, every time a new academic term pops up. Since college this year doesn’t look like it typically does, college students wonder how they are supposed to live when the globe is self-quarantining. To help confused undergrads during this tough time, we have provided a list of simple methods that will help you stay sane while having a pandemic campus experience. Here are the recommendations for this scary time:

Keep up with Your Grades

Keeping up with your college work when you can barely face reality can become a really tough task. However, you have to take classes. Take some simple steps to make tests, exams, classes, and studying process manageable. First of all, it is important to set a proper routine. Even though you’ll have to take some of your classes online, lying in your cozy bed is a bad idea. It’s no doubt, you have the most comfortable pajamas ever, but it will definitely stop you from being in the right mood for studying. Ensure to get up at the same time, get properly dressed, and choose the place for your cyber classes.
Whether you face physical or virtual classes, ensure to find out what type of learner you are and benefit from it. If you’re an auditory learner, you will have like Zoom classes. If you give preference to visual learning, ensure using multi-colored notes to stay focus on the materials. For physical learners, enjoy the opportunity of not going to class while you listen to academic lectures. Thus, you will absorb information better.
At the same time, do your best to do your homework on time. Not seeing your college peers and tutors can make it easy for home assignments to slip your mind completely. For that reason, it is recommended to get a calendar that includes your tasks and due dates. In case you got used to working on your home assignments with your friends, use Zoom to share notes, handle tough assignments, and find answers to the questions of yours.


Quarantining doesn’t mean cutting yourself off. You just have to be really careful. There are dozens of social opportunities that won’t put your health at risk. The point is that it’s not really about social distancing but rather about physical distancing.
When it comes to our Greek life, you’re welcome to meet online. Even if it’s not in person, you’re still going to love seeing your Greek Siblings. You all can plan and host various virtual events, from watching movies online to enjoying museum tours on the web.
Believe it or not, but parties are still an option! Make sure to be careful and choose to have either small gatherings with your pals or social distance parties outdoors. If you all are wearing masks and willing to distance, you can provide drinks and food. At the same time, dancing and music are absolutely a must! If you or your friends can bring a projector, you all are going to have a wonderful outdoor movie party with yummy snacks and warm picnic blankets.
And finally, don’t be afraid to show that you care about your health. If you get an invitation to a party and see then find out that none of the guests are wearing masks, make sure to leave as soon as possible. Never get peer pressed – your health matters most!

Seek Professional Help

If you find you’re having trouble coping with home assignments remotely, you don’t have to suffer alone. Reach out to your college friends, college tutors, or online custom writing experts to get the professional assistance you need. is an option to send your “do my essay” request. While college professors or your friends may not be available at the moment, online professionals are there 24/7. Do not wait until it is too late to work on your essay or research paper. If you have no idea where to start or need someone to check your paper for errors, reach out to online helpers as soon as possible. They can guide you to getting the college paper done successfully.

Don’t Try to Do Everything at Once

The pandemic has already heaped too much stress upon us. College and university students face their battles here and there. It doesn’t matter where you encounter your struggles on campus or at your parents’ home, it’s important to let yourself make mistakes and embrace them. You will get through 2020 no matter what, so don’t try to balance too many tasks or deal with all problems at once.

Set Manageable Goals

When you’re planning your online study sessions, make sure to set goals that you can manage and achieve eventually. If you plan to study for four hours a day while having responsibilities of your full-time job that you do remotely now, you may find yourself incapable of managing time properly and demotivated as a result. In other words, you have to set realistic goals that will make home studying less challenging and frustrating.

Connect with Your Family

Since you’re having a lot of extra time today, make sure to plan regular family calls that you have never had time for before. Skype your granny, check on your cousin, Facetime your nephew, or send a text message to your mom saying, “I’m thinking of you and missing you a lot.” Today, getting in touch with your far-and-away people is easier than ever.
If you’re back home, make sure to have game nights with your parents, enjoy your favorite movies together, or simply get to know something from their past that you have never known before. It’s no doubt that staying at home can be both a curse and a real blessing. So ensure to practice patience if your family begins to get on your nerves. If you need to have me-time from time to time, make sure to have a moment to yourself by all means.

Keep Away from Info Overload

Even if you decide to limit your ime on the internet as much as you can, you still face an intense information overload. Without a doubt, you have to be informed of the current situation in the world; however, it is important to keep your inner peace. If you find yourself getting more and more anxious about the situation on campus, in your city, or on the globe, you can rest and turn off your phone for a while.

List Things to Look Forward to

College is the place where students do one of the most important things in life – they meet new people and socialize. It is important for not only their personal development but professional growth in the future as well.
To make these tough times brighter, make sure to plan things that you’re going to try once the pandemic is over, and the world becomes a safe place again. Whether you dream about visiting Le Louvre, hitchhiking to Las Vegas with your friends, or walking in the streets of Stockholm, make sure to put all these things on the list to maintain a positive outlook.

Life is hard for all of us right now. It is a reality. However, social distancing or not, quarantining or not, you’re not alone. Approach your friends online. Set up regular counseling sessions with your professors or Zoom conferences with Greek Siblings. Sooner or later, you will get through this and still enjoy your college days. There’s nothing wrong with feeling not OK. Just remember that the pandemic is not forever.

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