Get the kids off phones and tablets this Christmas with the All New ROXi music entertainment system.

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Get the kids off phones and tablets this Christmas with the All New ROXi music entertainment system.


• All New ROXi transforms the way we enjoy music in the home. Gets your kids off phones, tablets and social media this Christmas!

• ROXi lets you enjoy Unlimited Music, Sing With The Stars, Karaoke, Music Games, Worldwide Radio and Therapeutic Audio together – and on the biggest screen in the home, the TV.

• Super affordable £99.95 price point includes ROXi set-top-box, ROXi controller AND a 1-Year Music Pass, making ROXi the best value music entertainment experience on the market.

• Next generation ROXi controller now features ROXi Smart Voice Technology for full control over music experience

• ROXi controller now also with upgraded dynamic capsule microphone for maximum vocal performance with Sing With The Stars and Karaoke.

• All New ROXi features dual microphone support for double the Karaoke fun with additional ROXi microphone available for £19.95 when purchased with ROXi

• ROXi’s beautiful new ‘made for TV’ HD user-interface makes your TV the centre of your home audio experience.

ROXi, the TV-based music entertainment business backed by Robbie Williams, Sheryl Crow and Alesha Dixon, announces the launch of the All New ROXi music entertainment system with instant access to over 40 million songs, a next generation hand-held controller with Smart Voice Technology, and dual microphone support for karaoke duets. As well as offering ROXi’s unique Sing With The Stars feature, where you can duet with 1000’s of famous artists, ROXi now also includes traditional Karaoke. ROXi also delivers unique music games including Name That Song, plus Worldwide Radio and a huge picture gallery delivering stunning artwork on your TV whilst the music plays.

Available for just £99.95 including a free 1-Year Premium Music Pass from, ROXi is the best value music entertainment experience this Christmas.

Rob Lewis said: “The All New ROXi is a huge leap forward in-home music entertainment with a brand-new TV interface that’s fun and easy to use, Smart Voice Technology, expanded music catalogue with over 40 million songs, unique music games, ROXI’s unique Sing With The Stars feature, Worldwide Radio, Sound Machine and now even Karaoke. With an uprated hand-held controller with a dynamic capsule microphone, and support for a second microphone for singing duets, ROXi is the perfect gift to get families off those smartphones and tablets. With ROXi you’ll be having so much fun together this Christmas.”

The all new ROXi now includes:

• Upgraded music streaming catalogue: expanded from 35m to over 40 million songs from all the major and leading independent music rights holders

• New ROXi controller: with uprated dynamic capsule microphone in hardwearing metal housing to help you sing karaoke like a pro. New controller also features an improved accelerometer and gyroscope from Bosch for enhanced motion control and new full colour light band status indicator.

• New ROXi system: now features support for two microphones – double the fun for those karaoke sessions with friends and family. Additional microphone available to new ROXi purchasers as upsell priced £19.95 from

• Card-based TV user interface: with card-based carousel layout for easy navigation between ROXI’s music entertainment features. The new ROXi user interface also features a Smart Filter for easy visualisation and selection of ROXi search results (filters search results into Songs, Albums, Karaoke, Singalong, Radio, and My Music). ROXi’s new interface, designed in React Native enables new cards and features to be added.

• Smart Voice Technology: enables you to search, control and play anything on ROXi with Smart Voice commands. For example, saying “Play Madonna” into the controller will make ROXi search for, select and play songs by that artist whereas simply saying “Madonna” displays Madonna’s albums and songs on screen for you to select. Smart Voice Technology incorporates fuzzy logic to select the right song, artist or album, even when you get the name wrong.

• Real Karaoke: As well as offering ROXi’s unique Sing With The Stars feature, where you can duet with 1000’s of artists, ROXi now also includes traditional Karaoke for the first time. ROXi’s Music Entertainment features include:

• Unlimited Music: on-demand access to a growing catalogue of over 40 million songs licensed by all major rights owners. Every genre, era and label – constantly updated with the latest releases.

• Playlists: choose from hundreds of curated playlists for every occasion, as well as charts and celebrity mixtapes or create your own mixtapes • Sing With The Stars: Duet with 1000s of artists with on-screen lyrics with the original recording.

• Karaoke: Karaoke fun with 1000s of songs and timed lyrics makes the most of the new ROXi controller.

• Name The Song: test your music knowledge with ‘Name The Song’ music trivia game. Choose from multiple genre and eras and compete with your friends and family your place on the score board.

• Worldwide Radio: tune into over 10,000 radio stations from the UK and around the world.

• Sound Machine: Find your zen with ROXi’s ‘Sound Machine’ providing a relaxing audio-visual experience perfect for Yoga and Meditation.

• Visualisers + Photo Album: turn your TV into an audio-visual art show. Select from curated photosets of beautiful images or upload your own photos to accompany your music selection.

• Family Protect: ROXi’s explicit lyric filter protects younger listeners by removing all the explicit music from the catalogue at the touch of a button.

• Connectivity: ROXi connects to WiFi or Ethernet and works through any TV with HDMI, and can connect to external speakers via 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth.

Available from just £99.95 (or 5 monthly payments of £19.95) with 1-year of Premium Music access in high-quality ad-free audio included, the All New ROXi is the most easy, fun and affordable home music entertainment device on the market.

Made from fully recyclable cardboard packaging, the All New ROXi uses less than half the packaging used in the previous product reducing its impact on the environment.

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