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From Pachot ! Eyebrow Trimmer for Women Eyebrow Hair Remover Electric Eyebrow Razor Painless Battery Replacement Head Included

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NO MORE PAINFUL EYEBROW MAINTENANCE with its 360-degree double-edge blade and tapered tip for easy handling and use, this eyebrow hair remover is a great alternative to traditional eyebrow and facial hair removal methods like tweezing, waxing and threading that can cause swelling, allergy, pain or discomfort for those with sensitive skin
SAVE MONEY AND TIME save money on eyebrow waxing/threading, as well as time getting to and from the salon; this eyebrow trimmer for women is a practical maintenance tool to keep eyebrows neat in between salon visits and in turn prolongs professional salon care
BATTERY AND REPLACEMENT HEAD INCLUDED comes with everything you need – 2 AAA batteries (1 extra bonus), a replacement head (in case it’s lost or misplaced OR may be used for one specific area – nose, for example, for hygienic purposes), a cleaning brush and a user manual
AWESOME FOR QUICK TOUCH-UPS WHETHER ONE IS HOME OR ON THE GO compact, lightweight, portable, quick and easy to use and clean, with a sleek design and built-in LED light; this versatile electric eyebrow razor can also be used for other areas of the face (upper lip, ear, nose hair, chin, peach fuzz)

HOW TO USE unwrap battery before placing inside eyebrow trimmer; start with washed, clean, bare skin; gently pull skin taut and on an angle, using short strokes, shave in the opposite direction of hair growth; CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is our priority, contact us if you have any questions ⬇️ Check out the Special Offers and Product Promotions section below to save on other pachot products

Well-groomed eyebrows beautifully frame the face, highlight your best features and one of the first things people notice when they meet you for the first time. Eyebrow maintenance is therefore one of the most impactful steps in your beauty routine. Instantly look more put together with Pachot Eyebrow Hair Remover:

This compact, lightweight, portable, easy to use and clean electric eyebrow trimmer is the painless alternative to plucking/tweezing/waxing and threading. No more swelling and irritation from wax and no more pain from traditional plucking and threading.

A big money-saver and time-saver for busy women, use this eyebrow razor in between professional salon visits to keep unwanted hair at bay. It’s quick to use and portable with a sleek design; keep one in your make-up kit and one in your car for last-minute touch-ups.

It comes with an extra head in case the original is lost or misplaced. Alternatively, you can use the extra head on a specific area apart from main area-use (brows), for hygienic purposes (for ex. nose hair).

How to use – make sure the battery is in the right position and the head is securely in place before use. Use on clean skin, free of moisturizers or serums. Gently pull skin taut and on an angle, using short strokes, shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. This is also great for use on upper lips, nose, ear, chin and on peach fuzz.

Tip: Incorporate eyebrow maintenance into your daily am (or pm) routine, after cleansing and before make-up; the more you use it, the better it works!

– Tapered tip for easy and pain-free hair removal
– 18k gold-plated head with light
– Includes two AAA battery, one replacement head, one cleaning brush, one user manual
– Size/weight of product: 5.1 x 0.8 in; 0.12 lbs

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