Help Dad look like a boss at the garage this Father’s Day! Get an exclusive 20% off Engie by using code Boss this Father’s Day>>

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Help Dad look like a boss at the garage this Father’s Day!

Get an exclusive 20% off Engie by using code Boss this Father’s Day


Dad may well claim to know everything about cars but when it comes to taking it to the garage, does he really know more than the mechanic? New car diagnostics app Engie is taking the guess work out of the garage buy providing an end-to-end solution to ongoing car maintenance and servicing issues.

Designed to give peace of mind to the 7.7million UK drivers[1] who feel vulnerable when they take their car to the auto repair shop, Engie’s Bluetooth device plugs into the car’s on-board computer to run live diagnostics, reporting back with a vehicle ‘health check’ as well as offering real-time quotes from nearby mechanics. Great news for dads is that they can get 15% off the device by entering code BOSS.

The easy to understand ‘health check’ contains data on everything from engine malfunctions, emission and fuel consumption to battery condition and maintenance information, arming Dad’s with essential information about any faults so they can ‘boss’ it at the garage.

Once a specific malfunction is detected, Engie will alert the best local repair shops who will assess the problem and submit independent quotes for the consumer to review in real time, saving drivers money and empowering them with knowledge and confidence when negotiating the all-important costs with a mechanic.

Gal Aharon, CMO of Engie, said: “Engie was born out of a genuine need to create transparency and to level the playing field between mechanics – who traditionally have had the upper hand when it comes to knowledge about vehicle repairs – and drivers, who historically have been left vulnerable to overpricing and unnecessary repairs.

“Our main objective is to build consumer trust within the auto repair industry by making the market transparent and fair – saving money for car-owners whilst also boosting trade for reputable auto-repair companies.”

With backing from prominent VCs and angel investors such as Waze founder Uri Levine, OurCrowd and Formation8, Engie takes a commission on completed repair work from mechanics and never charges the consumer.

The affordable Engie device costs £19.99 for Android users or £24.99 on iOS and connects easily under the dashboard of a car in less than 30 seconds. Car owners are never charged for the service which takes a percentage from the final cost charged by the mechanic.

The Engie app is available to download via the App Store and Google Play now. For further information visit


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