Games for The Holidays! Bake It Happen… Step Right Up… Partners In Crime & more from Lucky Egg!

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Bake it Happen is the perfect game for fast-thinking foodies who know their pains au chocolat from their pancakes!

You’re a group of LEGENDS IN THE BAKING, competing for the title of Greatest Baker. Collect ingredients cards to bake mouthwatering recipes and win points. Sneaky game play allows you to sabotage other bakers, leaving your path to the top clear. The baker with the highest score when the Ovens Off card is flipped wins. Piece of cake…. or maybe not! Ideal for any get-together, Bake it Happen is for three or more players so is great for groups of friends and families. RRP £19.99, ages 6+ ,

Think you and your friends are in sync? Got a mind-reader for a mate? Partners in Crime is a mysterious drawing game that puts your powers of deduction to the test! Every player takes a word card – you MIGHT end up with the same word as another player, meaning they’re your Partner in Crime, though you won’t know as you keep your word secret… Race against the clock to draw or write a hint for your word, striking just the right balance between obvious and obscure. When everyone reveals their drawing boards, you all guess which players were Partners in Crime and which players were flying solo. Correct guesses score points, the first to 17 wins! RRP £24.99, ages 8+, for three or more players.

Competitive much? You’ll adore Step Right Up, the game of competitive and crazy challenges. Players take turns to pick from the four decks of challenge cards, and all players compete against each other in each challenge. Throwing, catching, balancing, jumping and much more – Step Right Up will test your athleticism and your calmness under pressure to the max! Perfect to get the whole family playing together to see who will be crowned Step Right Up champion. RRP £24.99, ages 8+, for two or more players.




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