Fitcover: The Face of Fitness. (Join the movement for 20% off your first order!)

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Fitcover: The Face of Fitness.

Industry disruptor Fitcover has blended science, technology and mother nature to create the world’s first sweat-proof makeup that doubles as skin-care.

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From women with active lifestyles, busy on-the-go mums, to women in hot climates, high pressured and stressful environments, to professional athletes and women with problematic skin who need delicate but breathable full coverage that lasts, Fitcover is must-have in the beauty arsenal of all women.

Fitcover has called upon the best pharmacists and utilised group ambassador testing to create high-quality, naturally derived and cruelty free products that offer a unique formula for makeup under perspiring situations.

With over 100,000 happy customers and an 82% client retention rate for the last 18 months, this multi-million dollar Australian brand has fiercely become a staple Down Under, United States and beyond!

Nova Jane, CEO of Fitcover.

Nova Jane has launched a movement that has led to a multi-million dollar Australian beauty e-comm brand, Fitcover.

Nova captured the hearts of women through her open, relatable and friendly nature, constantly motivating, inspiring, and empowering women to keep moving towards a healthy and active lifestyle whilst putting their best face forward.

Professionally, Nova has been recognised for optimistic mindset and success through different awards including the Solstice ’40 Under 40’ Award, which recognises South Australia’s top entrepreneurs and their personal determination as well as being a finalist in Business News Australia’s Young Entrepreneur Awards for both 2021 and 2022.
She impressively juggles growing a global makeup company along with her most recent venture, GBANGER, all at the same time as parenting two young boys as a single parent.

Nova Jane is a genuine industry disruptor who has proven the power of empathetic leadership and uplifting women creates strong, unbreakable ties and a community of devotees.

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