FEATURE TOP 60 Tech for Rugby Players, from £20 to £400+ buy online or instore! Activity trackers, Phone Tech, Chargers, Gadgets, Training Aids, Headphones, Monitors etc and more!

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FEATURE TOP 60 Tech for Rugby Players
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Take a look at this selection of enornously important tech analysis / information / power / for athletes WOW!

The stable, comfortable Plantronics® BackBeat FIT wireless stereo headphones provide all the power, safety features, and premium audio you need to stay motivated and moving, indoors or out. Comfortable, stable, and built for action!
Whatever your workout, the flexible, sweat‐proof Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless stereo headphones keep pace with you. Its powerful audio lets you clearly hear your music while its safety‐oriented design lets you hear your surroundings and be seen at night. The reversible armband secures your smartphone while you’re moving and stores your headphones when you’re done – making it your perfect workout partner.Made for your workout…………….. see more at :- www.plantronics.com

If you want to get fitter, faster and see better results than ever- this simple to use heart rate tool will help you to stay within your optimal training range. Requires: 1 x CR2032 battery (2 batteries included). Included: 1 heart rate tag, 1 ECG sensor strapmmkkSee more at :- http://www.menkind.co.uk/bluetooth-heart-monitor
Forget about paying expensive gym membership fees and instead invest in some home gym gear by Everlast that can be used anywhere, anytime! If you’re like most people, who lack the discipline or even the time to work out, this is the answer.Comprising Iron tubes with easy to grip foam covering plastic endcaps, these Push Up Stands will tone chest and biceps and sculpt upper arms and triceps – no more flabby arms or week muscles.
Most people know that push ups are a great way to develop upper body back and shoulder strength, however these stands will relieve stress caused to the wrist and allows a greater range of motion, giving you more efficient development of upper body muscle groups. ev Plus the versatile design provides front, close and wide grips. Made from a one piece construction for greater durability and stability. the stands are foam covered for extra comfort and floor protection. Completely portable, there is now no excuse to not do those push ups. One, two, three, four,…… etc….. see more at :- http://www.menkind.co.uk/everlast-push-up-stands

It’s easy to improve your fitness with a TomTom Runner Cardio GPS sport watch (£219.99).  It shows time, distance, pace and other essential running info, at a glance – whilst the in-built heart rate monitor means you don’t need a bulky chest strap to learn how you’re responding to exercise.  Track progress against goals and know you’re in the right heart rate training zone – whatever your fitness level.  For swimming and cycling as well as running, go for the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio (£249.99).  Available from John Lewis, Sweatshop, Runners Need and Up & Running or at www.tomtom.com


If golf is more your sport, the new TomTom Golfer GPS Watch helps improve your game by giving you all the information you need on 34,000 courses world-wide – including graphical views and distances to hazards, doglegs and greens.  Course updates are delivered wirelessly via a smartphone app and the watch uses GPS technology to recognise nearby courses and find the next hole.  Get that handicap down for £199.99 from American Golf, Direct Golf, John Lewis or Argos.  More info at www.tomtom.com

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions on Track with Slendertone

New Year fitness is often a fad, but a little helping hand and some visible results can really help you stay on track and reach your personal goals. Introducing the Slendertone Abs – for firmer, stronger, flatter abs just four weeks. Once the festive season is over, the fight to get in shape gets fully underway. But this year it’s time to revolutionise the way you not only think about losing weight and toning up, but the way in which you do it. After all, strong IS the new skinny………….. >> All products are available directly from www.slendertone.com, Argos, Boots, Amazon and Littlewoods slendertone abs

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a TV remote control with the new Smart Zapper from One For All, market leader in TV accessories.  It’s a Bluetooth ‘bridge’ that sits on your coffee table and works with a free app to configure all remote control functions onto your phone in minutes.  It’s compatible with 300,000 devices from 6000 brands and can be customised e.g. press ‘watch movie’ on your tablet and it turns on your TV, Blu-ray player and amplifier, using the correct HDMI ports, and plays the film.   Priced just £34.99 from www.oneforall.co.uk


With the new TomTom GO range of sat navs, you get subscription-free access to real-time, accurate traffic information – which means you arrive at your destination faster.  It pinpoints jams to within 10 metres so knows exactly where delays start and end – offering you a quicker route if one is available.  Voice control means you can navigate hands-free and you always drive with the latest map – a brand new one can now be downloaded every quarter at no additional cost.  Prices start from £149.99 at Halfords, John Lewis and electrical stores.  More info from www.tomtom.com 

For light DIY’ers, hobbyists and crafters alike, the new Dremel Micro multi-tool is the company’s most compact. cordless lithium-ion power tool.  Perfect for cleaning, cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, sharpening, carving and engraving,drem and weighing a mere 250 grams, the Dremel Micro has a sleek rocket-shaped design and excels at extremely detailed work or in confined spaces.  Priced £110 from www.amazon.co.uk, www.dremel-direct.com or  www.tool-shop.co.uk

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Designed for Fitness & Cross Training For those who want basic heart rate-based features to keep their fitness training simple.


– Shows when you’re improving fitness based on your heart rate
– Displays calories burned
– Comes with comfortable textile transmitter and coded heart rate transmission to avoid cross-talk
– Suitable for swimming pp

Manual target zone – bpm / %
This feature enables you to define the target zone as you want and is suitable for your training. You can set the target zone for your training as beats per minute (bpm), as a percentage of your maximum heart rate, or as a percentage of your heart rate reserve (HRR%).

Polar OwnCode® (5kHz) – coded transmission
Coded heart rate transmission automatically locks in a code to transmit your heart rate to the training computer. The training computer picks up your heart rate from your transmitter only. Coding prevents interference from other training computers.

HR-based target zones with visual and audible alarmYou can define your target zones for a training session based on heart rate to help define the right intensity. When you are out of the preset zones, the training computer will give a visual and audible alarm.Automatic age-based target zone – bpm / %To help you train safely and effectively, the training computer determines your heart rate target zone limits automatically according to your age-based maximum heart rate (220 minus age). The limits are determined either in beats per minute (bpm), as a percentage (%) of your maximum heart rate, or as a heart rate reserve (% HRR). See also Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and Manual target zone. Heart rate – bpm / %Heart rate is the measurement of the work your heart does. Heart rate can be expressed as the number of beats per minute or as percentage of your maximum heart rate. Heart rate can also be expressed as a percentage of your heart rate reserve, meaning the difference between your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate (HRR = HRmax – HRrest). In Polar software or during strength training, heart rate can be displayed as a graphical trend.
Your Smartphone can now be your workout buddy! Simply strap the heart monitor to your chest download the app and record your heart rate when you’re keeping fit.
To get instant access to professional fitness extras such as heart rate zones, time and calorie goals, pedometer, audio coach, distance travelled, – or even graphs and weather information – just pair the heart monitor to a fitness app. ECG data wirelessly transmits to your phone via the monitor’s sensor pads where it is saved and compiled within your app.

For a full list of features including training, recording and watch features see more at :- www.polar.com

The MiPow Mirror Power is the coolest thing in portable chargers – a lightweight back lit mirror and charger in one, complete with a compact travelling bag.

Available in 2 striking colours and a distinctive design, the Mirror Power is the ‘must have’ item for today’s tech savvy fashionistas! The Mirror Power has a built-in female USB port which supports charging on most mobile phones via their original charging cable. Recharging the Mirror Power is via the included Micro USB cable,f which can also be used to charge most Micro USB powered devices. With a powerful 1 Amp delivery, the Mirror power has the ability to quickly recharge most smart phones on the market. RRP £49.99
See more at :- http://www.mipow.co.uk/en/category/portable-charger-ultra-portable.html

Activity Tracker with Smart Guidance and sleep tracker for anyone who wants to track their activity 24/7 and get guidance to reach activity goals!

Compatible with Polar H6 and H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors

– Waterproof
– Measures your activity even when swimming (without heart rate)
– Activity Guide helps you stay active all day longloop
– Activity Benefit gives feedback about your daily, weekly and monthly activity
– Displays daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day
– Free guidance with the Polar Flow app and Polar Flow web service

See more at :- www.polar.com

Take it to the next level. iSport Intensity delivers uncompromised audio clarity with moderate noise-isolation so you’re aware of what’s going on around you. Featuring the amazing comfortable iSport fit that stays put through your most rigorous workouts.

Crank Up Your Intensity
iSport Intensity delivers Pure Monster Sound™ while keeping you tuned in to your surrounding. The patented SportClip™ stays in your ear no matter how intense your workout, and the super comfortable earpad seals in your sound.
Pure Audio Adrenaline
Sweat-proof and washable, with antimicrobial eartips, iSport Intensity delivers pure audio adrenaline. An in-line mic with controls for iPad, iPhone & iPod gives you fingertip control of your phonecalls and music, while the tangle-free cord is a perfect fit with goggles, glasses and helmets. iSport Intensity is safe for outdoor sports like running and biking.

See more at :- http://shopmonsterproducts.co.uk/*/iSport/iSport-Intensity-Neon-Pink/3JAQ03VK000

Tech21 Impactology Christmas Gifts! Impactology™ cases – tough, slim and intelligent impact protection

Tech21 –2014: British brand, Tech21, Impactology™ innovators, offer a range of intelligent impact protection cases and screen protectors for the latest consumer devices. Tech21 work with some of the best polymer engineers, using scientifically proven materials such as D3O® and FlexShock, combined with ingenious, slim fitting design.

Outdoor Tech Privates_Blue_£79.99Outdoor Tech Privates – £79.99
Wireless Bluetooth headphones from Outdoor Tech, with a swipe control feature on the ear cup which means you can skip track and adjust volume without even looking at your phone/ipod…….. see more at www.madison.co.uk

iPhone 5/5s/5c/4 and 6

Tech21 Impactology™ cases including Impact Trio, Impact Mesh and Impact Band are available in a variety of styles and colours for the Apple iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad and other devices. Impact Shell case in a range of colours including Blue, Red, Purple and Pink are available from retailers. So customers can chose the style and colour that’s suits them. Each case is designed to provide maximum protection but still give full access to all the functionality, ports and buttons.
Apple MacBook

xc 300×61 Tech21 Impactology Christmas Gifts Impactology™ cases tough, slim and intelligent impact protection

Impact Snap for Apple MacBook is stylish and slim-fitting with a layer of FlexShock Impact Material which absorbs, dissipates and repels the shock from any accidental drops or bumps. Simple to fit thanks to the easy “snap-on” design, your MacBook is protected within seconds. Like other Tech21 accessories, while the case is fitted customers can still access all features of the device and enjoy optimum protection. A range of Impact Snap MacBook cases are available from Apple Stores in four colours including; Clear, Purple, Pink and Black. Impact Snap for MacBook and MacBook Pro Retina is available at Apple stores and leading retailers.

Samsung Galaxy S5/S4

Choose from a range of 87 Tech21 Impactology Christmas Gifts Impactology™ cases tough, slim and intelligent impact protection styles for Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4 to suit your taste including; Impact Shell, Impact Mesh, Impact Herringbone, Impact Tactical and for the first time for the Galaxy range, the Impact Frame and Impact Frame with Cover. Apart from the different designs there’s also a range of colours to choose from including White, Blue and Clear and Pink.

Impact Frame is the latest innovation on the ever popular Tech21 line – a soft outer case, with hard, frosted back plate for optimum protection and style available in five colours including Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Clear and Smokey – SRP £19.99
Impact Frame with Cover, offers an executive feeling flip cover, that importantly can be used for calls with the cover closed or open, available in Red and Clear SRP £24.99
Impact Herringbone is perfect for those who want something a little different and has a distinctive look and feel SRP £24.99
Impact Tactical has been designed for those whose daily life requires additional protection while on the move SRP £24.99
Impact Shell has a revolutionary design with easy “clip-in” application SRP £24.99

Tech21 Impactology Christmas Gifts Impactology™ cases tough, slim and intelligent impact protection

As an official partner in the HTC accessories partner program, all packaging will feature “Made for HTC.” There’s a range of styles and colours to choose from.

Impact Tactical surrounds the back and sides of your device with a ruggedized, protective layer. Available in Black – £24.99
Impact Shell provides outstanding impact protection for the back and sides of your device in a slim-fitting design. Available in Purple and Red – £24.99

Impact Shield Anti-Glare Screen Protector ki Tech21 Impactology Christmas Gifts Impactology™ cases tough, slim and intelligent impact protection
Advanced impact protection: A smart multi-layer system includes a hard top layer to disperse impacts; a middle layer with BulletShield™ featuring a BASF protection interlayer, also used in bulletproof glass; and a final soft layer which also absorbs any remaining impact..
Easy and fast application: Attaching the Impact Shield using OneTouch™ adhesive is simple and uses no glue, resulting in a bubble-free application within seconds.
Perfect optical clarity: With non-yellowing UV protection, you won’t know it’s there!

Impact Shield Anti-Glare screen protector is available for iPhone 5c, 5s and 4s. To find out more visit Tech21.com and watch the video: http://www.tech21.com/styles/impact-shield-anti-glare

Tech21 has the perfect gift for gadget loving Dads, Mums, Teenagers, Grandparents and even toddlers! Visit www.tech21.com today to buy direct or Apple Stores and leading mobile retailers.


A new line-up of Sea-Doo personal watercraft (PWC) for 2015 is being launched this month by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), the world leader in motorised recreational vehicles, offering riders more power delivery, fuel economy, personalisation and colour choice to cater for every level of capability and taste.New 2015 Sea-Doo PWC line-up sets new trend on the water

Six new vibrant stick-on graphic kits have been added to the Sea-Doo Spark’s existing 20 designs offering users more choice when customising their PWC to suit their personality and individual requirements. These include Bull Shark; Barracuda; Wave Crew; Chatter; Tiger Shark; Tetra. The model will once again be featured in five colours, including Bubble Gum, Orange Crush, Pineapple, Vanilla, and Liquorice.

The recreational 2015 GTI Sea-Doo PWCs are now available in striking Manta Green or Maldives Blue colourways to ensure the product attracts attention on the water. The Intelligent Power Delivery System on these watercraft automatically determines the most economical power delivery for the greatest fuel economy. A learning key is also included which limits the speed for beginners and is programmable, based on the level of experience.

The luxury Sea-Doo GTX Limited 215 and 260 PWCs are now available in Manta Green. This high end model is kitted out with the industry’s first Intelligent Brake and Reverse Control (IBR) system, which BRP introduced in 2011, a comfortable cruising seat, cruise control, and six inches (15.24cm) of adjustable suspension that automatically adapts to isolate the user from the impact of rough water. Extras include a watercraft cover, removable dry storage bag, safety kit, high performance variable trim systems and exclusive colouration.


In the performance segment, the Sea-Doo GTX RXP-X 260 has changed its signature look to Sunburst Yellow across all five models.

The 2015 Sea-Doo WAKE 155 and WAKE PRO 215 models remain the only PWCs specifically designed for tow sports. These products will continue to be the exclusive tow vehicle of the NIKE Wake team.

The complete 2015 Sea-Doo product range has an updated radio frequency (RF) key that offers a more precise and instant connection to each PWC when activated. All full size models also have a fully incorporated Digitally Encoded Security System (optional on the Sea-Doo Spark).

Mike Loach, BRP commercial representative UK, says, “When BRP’s IBR system was originally introduced in 2011, it set the standard for PWCs in the marketplace. The 2015 Sea-Doo line-up continues to set new trends in the industry with new fuel economy, power delivery, customisation and colour schemes ensuring there’s an exhilarating, controlled and safe Sea-Doo for everyone.”

Wahoo Fitness KICKR – £949.99 whoo7

Take the back wheel off your bike and connect to the Wahoo KICKR for accurate power measurement, controlled resistance, open third-party software options, and the smoothest indoor riding on the market. NOT JUST iPHONE / The KICKR’s resistance can be controlled by the App on your iPhone, compatible Android devices, iPad, BTLE enabled Mac Book Pro or ANT+ enabled PC.
GREAT ROAD FEEL / The KICKR’s massive flywheel along with its electromagnetic resistance provides a realistic road feel.
WHEEL OFF DESIGN / Take the back wheel off your bike and connect to the Wahoo KICKR!
UNIVERSAL FIT / Fits any size bike from 24″ to the monster 29’er. Connects by Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+.

Wahoo Fitness TICKR Run – £64.99

The Wahoo TICKR Run is the leading smart phone powered heart rate monitor. Tracking HR, calories burnt, and running motion, the TICKR Run also comes built-in with the revolutionary Burn & Burst™ eight week training programme, designed by Wahoo’s physiologist to burn fat and improve performance. Another feature tracked is Wahoo’s Running Smoothness which monitors your running technique to make you a more efficient runner. Further features include:Memory: Allows you to track your heart rate, calorie burn, and duration while you workout without your phone and auto-sync later – holds up to a 16 hour workout!Motion Analytics: Measures your cycling cadence during indoor cycling classes. More activities to come in firmware updates!
Rapid Double Tap Control: Without your phone – double tap adds markers for specific points throughout your workout. With your phone – control app functions such as music playback and laps
Vibration Alerts: Let you know your TICKR X is connected and indicate when you add a marker during a phone-free workout

More info at http://uk.wahoofitness.com/

SEYVR Wallet with Built-in Phone Charger AVAILABLE FROM MID-NOVEMBER

£49.95 (Android) / £59.95 (Apple) “You might run out of cash, but you’ll never run out of Power”99

There are few things in life more frustrating than a dead phone. And they always seem to die when we need them most. Coming to the rescue is the new SEYVR Power Saver Wallet, with a built-in 1400mAh Li-Po battery and integrated cables that will charge your phone anytime you need it.

Available in two versions (Apple Lightning and MicroUSB) and Black and Brown options, SEYVR is always on standby to charge your phone. Made of high quality reinforced cowhide leather, SEYVR has four card slots and a section for notes and receipts.

The ultra-slim battery is only 6mm thick and can be recharged in under 2 hours using a USB cable. The Apple lightning version has full MFi (made for iOS) accreditation and is compatible with iPhone 5/5c/5S/6/6Plus. The MicroUSB version is compatible with all phones that charge with Micro USB type B plug connectors e.g. Android, BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia HTC, Windows.

SEYVR is available now for pre-order. Available for dispatch from 5th November…….. see more at http://www.cuckooland.com/dnc/cuckooland/brand/494/seyvr

Bag Tag SmartPhone Charger From £34.95 “Portable power when you need it most”
Hang this slim, stylish, leather tag to a bag or briefcase for portable power whenever you need it most. Providing a clever and convenient way to ensure power is on hand whenever it’s needed most is the Sulan Battery Tag. Designed like a contemporary luggage tag, it can simply be hung from the handles of bags and briefcases or carried discreetly inside. Available in three collections in different leathers and various colourways, there is a Sulan to suit every personality! The 3000mAh rechargeable battery provides most SmartPhones with up to one and a half full charges. Compatible with most micro USB devices and with Apple devices using an adapter purchased separately.


Under £150: The new Moto Goop

If you’re searching for the latest technology for your loved one, but need to keep a tight hold of those purse strings, then the Moto G is our family member to suit yours. With a brilliant 5” HD display plus stereo sound to fully enjoy videos and photos, long battery life, super-fast quad-core processor and the latest Android software, the Moto G has the endurance to keep up all day long. A variety of Motorola shells are available to customise the phone to their favourite colour. Available from just £144.99.

Under £200: Moto 360

If your loved one is tech-savvy and after the latest gadget in wearable technology, then the classically-designed Moto 360 is the perfect gift for them. Comfortable, familiar, and crafted with the finest materials, Moto 360 keeps you up to date without taking you away from the moment. Glance at your wrist to see updates or just speak to get the information you need. Keep track of your steps and know your heart rate thanks to a built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor. Enjoy battery life that lasts all day, and then just place Moto 360 on its wireless charging dock at night. Available in grey or black leather for £199.00.

Under £450: The new Moto X

With thousands of design possibilities our newly launched online design studio, Moto Maker, allows you to customise the Moto X to suit your style. Choose from a wide variety of colours and materials including wood and leather, software options and even add your own signature to make sure your phone truly reflects your personality. Combined with the handset’s cutting edge technology including a vivid 5.2” Full HD display, fast performance and enhanced voice control, this handset lets you do what you want to do and be who you want to be. So standout from the crowd and choose the style that best suits you with the Moto X. Available from £419.9

Visit www.motorola.co.uk for further information.

Pick Your Pocket Cell with Innergie. Be Powered and Comfortable At Home, In the Car or On the Movepoccell

Innergie –2014: If your family is bursting with the latest tablets, phones, games consoles then carrying around all the right chargers can be a challenge. With Innergie you select the solution to suit you and you’ll never need another charging solution again. Innergie PocketCell Classic – charge devices on the move The PocketCell™, might sound a bit dull but it’s one of those products that once you’ve got it you won’t ever want to be without it. How many times have you been out at an all-day meeting and your battery life has died on your phone. Often the low battery warning occurs at the most inconvenient time; during a critical business phone call, in the middle of writing an email or even when you’re trying to watch a movie on a tablet during a flight. This cracking product gives you power on foot, in the car, on a plane or a train whenever and wherever they need it. PocketCell is a compact rechargeable battery bank that will add multiple hours of life or charge virtually any mobile device including iPads, iPhones, Android, and Blackberry smartphones, iPods, media players, and more than 10,000 other portable devices.

This impressive gadget can recharge an iPhone twice or add 4.5 hours to the life of your iPad, add 15 hours to your Blackberry or Smartphone and an additional 5 hours to any tablet – enough to get you through the rest of the day before you can charge normally again. It’s the perfect way to boost power on the move. For just £59.99 it’s the gadget your boss won’t leave the office without! Classic White is available from Dixons and coloured PocketCell lines are exclusive to Dixons Travel at the UK airports for £59.99. The PocketCell Plus™ is available for a suggested price of £79.99 from Dixons To learn more about Innergie and its line of lifestyle energy products, visit www.myinnergie.com.

shsSennheiser unveils the new MOMENTUM In-Ear, expanding its MOMENTUM range with premium ear-canal phones. Beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials, the MOMENTUM In-Ear features an all-new acoustic design that delivers the acclaimed MOMENTUM sound performance in the smallest, most compact form. Iconic MOMENTUM design language………..  

The Sennheiser URBANITE are available now at John Lewis stores and prices start at £149.99.



In line with the iconic, elegant design language of the MOMENTUM range, form follows function with the choice of materials and design of the new headphones. On the outside, the MOMENTUM In-Ear features eye-catching good looks that set it apart – from the premium stainless steel components to the mirror chrome detailing and the silhouette of the dual-tone elliptical cable which ensures a tangle-free listening experience.


Within, the ear-canal phones feature class-leading proprietary transducer technology newly developed by Sennheiser which carefully replicates the sound signature that characterises the MOMENTUM range: a powerful bass response, detailed vocal projection and a great sound stage. A custom-machined stainless steel acoustic pipe and high-quality dynamic speaker system support the MOMENTUM In-Ear’s accurate and powerful sound. A perfect fit in the ear canals is ensured through a set of ear adapters in several sizes that provide excellent attenuation from ambient noise.


Using tough impact-resistant polycarbonate and stainless steel for the MOMENTUM In-Ear, Sennheiser has developed very durable ear-canal phones – ensuring that the ultra-portable design can go anywhere and is also robust enough to take the demands of a life on the move.


The MOMENTUM In-Ear features a three-button in-line remote with an integrated mic for controlling music and taking calls. It will be available from September 2014 in two variants that are optimised for either Apple iOS or Android and Windows smart devices such as Samsung Galaxy models. Peace of mind is also included with a premium carrying case for safe storage and a 2-year warranty.


BURG 12 Smartwatch – black & purple BURG 12 Smartwatch: first smartwatch that’s a phone – now at Walmart. It offers all the basic functions of a smartphone – phone calls, text, music, video, camera, calendar, contact lists, voice recording, etc. $199 website: www.burgsmartwatch.com
NewerTech: Mac/Smartphone/Tablet Accessory Products www.newertech.com NewerTech Power2UPower2U AC/USB in-wall charger: patented AC/USB dual-socket in-wall charging solution eliminates clutter to charge up to 4 devices with 2 integrated USB ports and 2 additional AC plugs for simultaneous powering. $29.99
NewerTech NuGreen LED Desk LampNuGreen LED Desk Lamp: $54.99
NewerTech iFolioiFolio iPad leather carrying case: $99-$129.
NewerTech Wireless Aluminum KeypadNewerTech Wireless Aluminum Keypad: designed to complement the look and feel of Apple keyboards, features precision machined aluminum housing, white keys, and a bracket that attaches to the Apple keyboard – no tools needed. $54.95
NewerTech NuGuard KX iPhone Cases NuGuard KX iPhone Cases: rugged without the bulk — military drop tested iPhone 5S & 5C cases. iPhone 5s multi-colored cases: $29 iPhone 5C candy colored cases: $49.95:
iStabilizer: Smartphone & Tablet Photo Products www.istabilizer.com
iStabilizer Monopod and Shutter Remote Bundle“Selfie Bundle” Monopod and Shutter Remote: No more cutting off heads, extreme close-ups, facial distortions, awkward positions, or missing photographer. $59.95
iStabilizer tabArm – Lifestyle PhototabArm first friction articulating arm for tablets: brings out hands-free creativity in tablets by attaching them in any angle to virtually any surface: desk, table, tripod, kitchen, car headrest, etc. $99.95
iStabilizer Flex PhotoFlex smartphone tripod: $29.95
SensoGlove Alone Photo – New Version SensoGlove Wearable Technology – SensoGlove is easy-to-use with built-in digital sensors that automatically tell you which finger is ruining your golf swing for a consistently accurate, smooth and powerful swing. $89, Website: www.sensoglove.com.
Soundmatters Hi-Fi Audio Products: www.soundmatters.com
DASH7 4 colors stackedDASH7: best travel speaker — über-flat ¾ inch-high pocket-sized Hi-Fi Bluetooth soundbar speaker system/speakerphone Available in red, black, and white: $199.
DASHa PhotofoxL DASHa: slimmest portable HiFi soundbar optimized for the Kindle HDX and Kindle HD. DASHa is lighter weight and slimmer than the amazing DASH7 at a lower price. $149.
KMI K-BoardKMI K-Board – perfect gift for musicians. $99 Website: www.keithmcmillen.com.
Kidz Gear Deluxe Stereo Headset Headphones with Boom Microphone – Pink $29.99 Website: www.gearforkidz.com.
The Great Kat Shred/Classical Ringtones & Music from the World’s Fastest Guitarist: www.greatkat.com


Today, Skullcandy, the original performance lifestyle audio brand, launches its collection of Women’s headphones and earbuds. In a space that has been largely comprised of unisex fit, acoustics and design, Skullcandy introduces a collection of products with reimagined acoustics, engineering, and industrial design.
Skullcandy Women’s line is comprised of a collection developed through careful thought and extensive research, drawing inspiration from withinSkullcandy’s own team of Olympic and Athlete Ambassadors, including talented pro-snowboarder Kimmy Fasani and pro-surfer Leila Hurst. The collection is a representation of the youth, passion, strength, and singularity of our female consumer.

“The truth is there are real anatomical, acoustical, and behavioral differences in how male and female consumers experience our product,” said Michelle Whitehead, Skullcandy’s Director of Brand and Sports Marketing. “Our goal was to understand these differences well enough to design products, from the ground up, that would legitimately improve the audio experience for our female consumer. We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

Considerations for all three products (Knockout, Bombshell, and Dime) in the development process included acoustics, comfort, materialization, fit, and even hygiene. The collection’s audio drivers are custom-tuned to reflect field research that supports the fact that women and men hear differently, and Skullcandy engineers worked tirelessly to perfect headband fit as well as earbud size and shape.

Fine tuned, and engineered for Women, the line is complimented by premium fabrics and materialization. Floral prints, rose gold finishes, and subtle stud embellishments are bold fashion-forward aesthetics that add a feminine edge to the predominantly unisex category, and are a reflection of our female consumer and her unique style and perspective.

Skullcandy Women’s Range launched in the U.K. on June 1st, 2014 and is available in select retailers and on Skullcandy.com where the line will retail for between £29.99 – £79.99.

ech Stockist information: www.thegiftoasis.com

Selfie Stick
Anything we say about this marvelous selfie accessory will sound short of the truth! This is a monopod that has a a range of between 22 and 110 cm and is subject to Bluetooth controls which enables you to take selfies of you at the Everest base camp or in the audience at Cyrus Miley’s last concert. It can take smartphones up to 500gm, and is handheld. Insert the camera only after you’ve extended the monopod arm to the desired length and close all Bluetooth controls after retraction and removal of camera from the monopo d. Cram as many people as you want in the selfie; with this monopod you are secure in the knowledge that no one will be missed out! Features Expandable selfie sticks Length of extensions – 22 to 110 cm Material: Stainless Steel Controls : TIMER, voice or Bluetooth CAUTION: Do not extend or close the monpod with the camera inserted. Camera maybe dislodged and suffer damage. Available in two varieties – with remote and without remote
View product on company see more at :- http://thegiftoasis.com/product/expandable-selfie-stick/
Price: £6.79
Company: The Gift Oasis
Stockist information: www.thegiftoasis.com

Recycled iPad Case Red Fish
iPad cases made from recycled cement bags, anyone? The ones we are selling are handmade by landmine victims in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The cases are first-rate for quality and ruggedness. They are lined with either grey or black cotton. This would be a gift in keeping with the Christmas spirit. Features Recycled iPad cases Made from cement bags which are cut, washed and sewn into various designs Inside lining in grey or black cotton Size: 20 x 25 x 1.5cm Several colours and designs to choose from see more at :- http://thegiftoasis.com/product/recycled-ipad-cases/
Price: £19.99

A bracelet with benefits Garmin’s vivofit – A Perfect Pressie for Her

The Garmin vívofit is the fitness band designed to keep up with those who have the busiest of lives. Monitoring everything from the number of steps you take to the quality and length of your sleep, the vívofit is the only fitness band which will learn your daily routine and then set personalised goals to help turn good intentions into lifelong habits.

vívofit, from £99.99
Vívofit doesn’t judge or preach, it is designed to move at the pace of your life – gradually nudging you towards a healthier lifestyle. It tracks your progress and reminds you when you’ve been sitting for too long with a discreet red bar display, and to find out how well you slept, just set the sleep mode before you go to bed.

Vívofit’s lightweight, waterproof and comfy, curved design means that you can wear it just about anywhere – even in the shower – and with batteries that last for a year, you don’t need to worry about recharging it.

With the touch of a button, you can wirelessly sync vívofit with Garmin Connect – Garmin’s online community – to see a complete picture of your progress, including weight loss, which you can either keep private or share with others. Vívofit can also be used with a heart monitor, providing invaluable information whether you are a serious athlete or concerned about your overall level of fitness.

Vívofit’s user replaceable batteries last over one year and vívofit is water-resistant (50m), as well as being compatible with ANT+™ heart rate monitors for fitness activities.

Available now, vivofit comes in black, purple, teal, blue, slate and red and comes with both a small and large adjustable bracelet.

Garmin vívofit’s features include:

· Personalised daily goals
· 24/7 wearable and waterproof soft band
· One year battery life
· Display showing: time, steps, distance, calories and how you are progressing towards your daily goal
· Compatible with a heart rate monitor
· Inactivity monitor
· Sleep tracking
· Wireless sync with Garmin Connect for a complete overview of progress


Every year ‘Get Fit’ tops the list of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions, with Brits shelling out £38 million on gym memberships, exercise classes and slimming groups.

All too quickly though, motivation wanes as life, work and family commitments make it almost impossible to find time to go to the gym.

This Christmas, give friends and family committed to get fit in 2015 the best start possible with gift vouchers for ‘Workout In: Interactive’, a new online fitness website that allows you to connect live to an expert fitness trainer by webcam and workout together whenever and wherever you choose.

www.workoutin.com offers a range of cardio, toning and holistic classes taken in small groups of five, as well as one-to-one personal training sessions. Results are based on proper technique rather than duration so each session lasts 25 minutes, making it easy to fit into a busy day.

There are no membership fees, no contracts and registration is free, with one free session gifted on joining. You can then purchase tokens to participate in classes and 1-2-1 sessions and use them as and when you choose.

Gift vouchers are available for each of the token values: three sessions for £24 (£8 per class), six sessions for £45 (£7.50 per class) and 15 sessions for £90 (£6 per class).

For more information on Gift Vouchers for Workout In: Interactive, visit www.workoutin.com or to connect with the Workout In: Interactive community visit www.facebook.com/workoutin, tweet @workout_in or Instagram @workout_in

What: Bluetooth enabled portable speaker
Price: £250
Retailer: John Lewis / www.spaced360.com
Spaced360 is a British brand
It’s a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker designed by the renowned Frank Nuovo (the famous industrial designer behind many of Nokia’s iconic phones and Vertu Phones)
Powered by patented airSOUND™ technology the portable speaker creates an immersive, infinite ‘sweet spot’ by using six powerful radiators to produce a 360 degree sound experience
Measuring only 22 x 19 x 8.8cm, the speaker is wrapped in stylish, 3D formed metal grilles boasting a completely new sonic concept
With a simple set-up, it connects to any apt-X Bluetooth device within seconds, boasting a whopping up to 14 hours of music playback
The protective sleeves are available in seven striking on-trend colours (blue, green, black, white, pink, yellow and orange)
Retailing at £250, SPACED360 is available to buy in black and silver at John Lewis or spaced360.com

66PowerTap PowerCal ANT+ Heart Rate Strap with Speed/Cadence – £103.50

Introducing PowerTap PowerCal, the world’s first-ever power meter calculated from heart rate. For years there has been a widely recognised correlation between power and heart rate​.

Garmin Vivofit – £72.68 wiggle.co.uk

​Make every step count with vívofit™. It’s the only fitness band that greets you with a personalised daily goal, tracks your progress 24/7 and reminds you when it’s time to move. vívofit has an easy-to-read display and 1+ year battery life.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT – £389.99 wiggle.co.uk

​Elevate your training with the Forerunner 920XT multisport GPS watch. Sleek and light, the 920XT transitions between sports at the press of a button. Swim capabilities include drill logging, rest timer and recording distance, pace, stroke type, and more.

Best Gifts for the Rugby Players’ Girlfriend:

TheraPearl Hot & Cold – £7.99

THERA°PEARL is the doctor-designed, drug-free way to relieve pain and inflammation. THERA°PEARL packs use innovative Pearl Technology® that absorbs and delivers heat & cold for the doctor recommended 20 minutes of highly effective therapy. Their dual action provides twice the therapeutic benefit in a single pack: start with ice to reduce swelling and bruising, then switch to heat for penetrating pain relief.​

The experts at Wareable.com, the biggest site dedicated to wearable technology and the connected self, have recommended the following winter season accessories and gifts for him this Christmas for InTouch Rugby.

Glofaster smart jacket
Whether you’re training using a bike or running, this jacket tells you when you need to slow down or speed up, so that your heart rate is at the right training level. The range, which featured on Dragon’s Den in 2014, has been redesigned with the technology refined down to the same level as the one the England rugby team uses. Designed by the same people that work on Team Sky equipment, the jacket features removable light strips that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and, using the companion app, light up depending on the settings you’ve applied for pace, heart rate and location.

Prices start from £139.99 glofaster.com

MBody MShorts
These shorts feature sensors that track your muscle activity to show how your body works when you’re exercising. The shorts work in conjunction with an ‘Mcell measurement module’ to help you improve technique and in turn, minimise the chance of injuries that might keep you off the pitch.

From €349, mbody.fi

Jolt sensor
This is a detachable clip that players can wear so coaching staff can be notified if an injury is detected. It includes a concussion diagnostic tool in the mobile software, so the coaches are aware of any problems to help minimise the risk of any serious damage.

$100, joltsensor.com

Reebok Checklight
reebok checklight
The Reebok Checklight is a unique, smart soft helmet that monitors player’s heads during a match. Coaching staff on the sidelines will be notified if a serious blow is detected via a smartphone app that’s connected to the helmet via Bluetooth.

$150, reebok.com

Polar M400
The Polar M400 is a great training accessory that is a fitness tracker and running watch. It tracks everything you need from distance, altitude, pacing and calories burnt and features GPS tracking and the ability to show data when you’re not running (it will also let you know if you’ve been stationery for too long, so there are no excuses for not training hard). It also tracks activity, sleep and steps and has a range of coaching features. The post-run feedback will tell you whether you have been improving cardio or burning fat and the running index shows how you’re improving (or not) based on your speed and heart rate. If you’re using the M400 to monitor calories you will get one of the most accurate readings compared to a regular fitness band as it takes into account your age, gender, weight, height and activity levels.

£130, polar.com

215Gadget Gifts for Christmas from Vodaphone and Garmin

iPhone 6 single

iPhone 6
Free from £48.50 PAYM on Red 4G Starter plan

iOS 8, 4.7” HD Multi-Touch retina display, A8 chip with 64-bit architecture, fingerprint TouchID, 1GB memory, M8 motion coprocessor, 8MP iSight camera with dual-led flash.

nuvi 2599 LMT-D, £179.99

Nuvi 2599LMT-D

Bright 5” dual-orientation display, an easy-to-use dedicated GPS navigator which is preloaded with detailed maps of Western Europe. Free lifetime map updates and digital traffic as well as Foursquare, Direct Access and real glass pinch-to-zoom display.


VIRB Elite

VIRB Elite

HD video recording, 1.4” Chroma Display, easy setup and playback adjustments, as well as a rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of battery life

Vodafone Smart Tab 4 (4G), £120 PAYG

Vodafone Smart Tab 4(4G)
£110 Pay as you go

8” HD screen, 2.0 MP camera, 1GB memory.



iPad Air 2
Available from £49 on a Red 4G Price plan at £33 PAYM

The iPad Air 2 has a powerful ABX chip, revolutionary Touch ID fingerprint sensor, improved iSight and FaceTime HD cameras, re-engineered Retina display, and even faster wireless. And it’s all in a durable aluminium enclosure that’s only 6.1 millimetres thin

vivosmart, £139.99

Vodafone Smart Tab 4(4G)

Monitors calls, texts, meetings, emails, and other notifications – as well as monitoring steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt and how you, are progressing towards your daily goal.

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