Exclusive: LQ chat with the latest Instagram fitspiration Tessa Seward! How many times a week do you exercise and what’s your preferred workout/class/sport?

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Exclusive: LQ chat with the latest Instagram fitspiration Tessa Seward

How many times a week do you exercise and what’s your preferred workout/class/sport?

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‘I work out on average 5 days a week; this is a mix between walking and cycling to get around. In the gym I focus more on lower body strength training, treadmill HIIT and 40 minute incline walks. Classes are one of my favourite things to do for fun, unwind and with friends, including PHIIT Pilates MOTR, Bootcamp Pilates, Heartcore Spin to Tone and Ko Box (Boxing).”

You work out regularly with Becki Rabin, do you feel more motivated in a duo?

‘I love working out with Becki especially when in the gym, the importance of technique when strength training is so crucial you do this right especially for injury prevention, in addition knowing your limits and pushing yourself. I also love being involved in the workout videos; Becki knows my ability so well and finds creative ways to make a workout session fun, which to me is what it is all about. We motivate each other to get up an hour earlier and do an incline walk or go to an early morning class too which helps when we need a little push.’

Talk us through your typical daily meals…

‘ I LOVE breakfast, and always seems to be when my creativity comes alive, my go to breakfast usually involves eggs, there are so many variations of cooking them and nutritionally it doesn’t get much better than this. I will make a sweet potato/ vegetable fritter or have on grain free toast (depending how much time I have) topped with a little smashed avo. With asparagus/spinach/ mushrooms, sometimes with smoked salmon/ Turkey Bacon. If I have worked out that morning I will then have a vegan, super food Protein shake.

For lunch I normally go for a seasoned/ French mustard Chicken Breast I will have healthy side dishes with this, my favourites are a variety of vegetables form: butternut squash, roasted root vegetable chips, asparagus or courgette and dairy free pesto. I normally follow lunch with a sweet healthy snack like apples, pears or a handful of blueberries.

My staple dish for dinner will normally involve fish: Spiced Salmon fillet (Thai or Indian) with vegetables anything from broccoli, asparagus, spinach, roasted peppers, ratatouille, and coconut cauli rice. I still like to treat myself to a dessert so my go-to will be a hot chocolate, dark chocolate/ ombar or an almond or Coconut yogurt. ‘

What are your three fitness items you couldn’t live without?

‘My LIVE clothing, I find that Brazilian style the clothes fit my body shape so well and I believe if you look good you feel good. Earphones and my phone for music are also essential.’

You have recently promoted LQ Joint care and attended the launch, what attracted you to this drink?

‘Joint care is one of those things you think about when you get older, however, it is all about

prevention and injuries can occur at any age, I am probably at the age where I am and will be most active. I don’t really like taking tables so I love the liquid form, which also has the benefits of being quickly absorbed, easier to digest and more efficient then some tablet forms. I actually find some pills hard to swallow. The natural flavourings of the cherry and lychee make it taste nice too! There is also arthritis in my family, so it is important I protect and look after myself now. I want to ensure I have something to help with my muscle and joint recovery post workout daily beyond my dieting and stretching which isn’t always guaranteed to be consistent.’

Why is it important to care for your muscle/joints if you work out regularly or intensively?

‘Exercise is critical for strong muscles and bones, however, if you do not workout correctly nor have the diet required it could have an adverse effect. It is important to balance low and high-impact cardio and training, followed by strengthing and a thorough cool down. Ensuring you have a macro and micro balanced, diet, minimizing inflammatory responses and excess body fat are ways to ensure healthy muscles and joints. Supplements, glucosamine; used in the body in the continual renewel of cartilage and other body tissues.’

How does LQ Joint care work?

‘These ‘shots’ have everything you need for joint, cartilage and bone health, whilst aiding to my post workout recover. The 9 active ‘quality’ ingredients complement each other targeting the specific health and wellbeing areas concerning joint care. Containing 2,000mg of Marine Collagen, which is the key structural component of cartilage tissue, which is essential for maintaining healthy, supple joints. With the ability to support and improve joint function and comfort.’

I’ve heard high intensity workouts can put pressure on your joints. Do you recommend taking LQ Joint Care daily to help maintain your joints?

‘ HIIT training and moves such as jump squats, dead lifts, kettle bell swings are all moves that can certainly put presume on your joints, I recommend talking LQ daily as this supplement with the combination of all 9 key active ingredients provide maximum joint health and overall increase in recovery and repair efficiently.’

Do you run regularly and are you running the marathon this year?

‘I am not a big long distance runner, I did a charity 10k run with friends and I think that’s the furthest I plan to go, I do love long cycles though.’

Have you always lived by a paleo led diet?

‘I made big ‘diet’ changes about 3 years ago following being diagnosed with glandular fever and mild ME. I went very strict paleo (removing gluten, grains, diary and refined sugar) which I saw an improvement. However I wanted it be a lifestyle not a diet, so slowly adapting it to be a more modern day living Paleo/ primal 21st century way, so I didn’t feel restricted, and could live this way for the rest of my life.’

Do you have a motto that you live by when it comes to your nutrition and fitness regime?

‘Be mindful in your choices, use your common sense and do what works for YOU, as we are all so different. In terms of fitness, I workout when I want, I love the post workout feeling and it is now a very social thing for me, with my built up relationships with class friends, instructors and gym owners. We all have different reason and target we wish to achieve, however my own personally outlook on nutrition and fitness is to be healthy, happy and to live at your optimum, a ‘diet’ that is sustainable and enjoyable for life. I listen to my body; I know the foods that agree with me and ones that don’t, eating ‘whole, real’ foods make me feel great and energised. Focusing more on micronutrients rather than macros. I don’t calorie couldn’t I am just mindful, and know what a balanced plate of carbs, good fats and protein should look like. Being plant based, with quality, fresh well sourced meat and fish. Realising the amount of alternatives and naturally healing foods there are! My journey over the last few years, building up my immune system, having energy and feeling well has been down to believing food has the power to heal us. The most dynamic tool we have to prevent and treat many chromic diseases.’ What are your favourite in between workout snacks?

‘My in between workout fuel will normally be either a Protein shakes, green juices, fruit (acai bowls, berries, pink lady apples) chocolate (refined sugar and dairy free) or nuts.’

How long do you spend warming down after a workout?

‘I like to do yoga style moves for about 10 minutes, not only does this offer the best kind of full body stretching moves, it slowly cools the body down and also calms the mind.’

Do you ever have cheat days?

‘As limiting as it may sound I will always stick to gluten, diary and refine sugar free, however, after finding and re-creating nearly every healthier alternative I don’t feel I would need a ‘cheat day’ I have a very sweet tooth, so if I fancy a bowl of Co fro, (my soft serve coconut ice cream) a slice of banana bread, pancakes, cupcakes, brownies and chocolate (full of good fats usually nut based and with un refined sugar) then I will have it. I am aware of the high calories some of these have so I tend to be a bit more mindful on the amount I consume, however if I want it, I’ll have it.’



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