Escape from Tarkov to play with friends – what you need to know

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Escape from Tarkov to play with friends – what you need to know

Escape from Tarkov has become a logical follower of the acclaimed Player Unknovn Battleground, but in its own vision from game developers who are going to make a strong and realistic cooperative shooter for all fans of genre games in the survival network and search for resources to strengthen their character, risking literally all equipment.

What is Escape from Tarkov

Tarkov is a mixture of an interesting simulator and a royal battle.

This format will definitely appeal to players who love settings in the spirit of Arma 3, where the whole confrontation comes down not only to luck and arcade moments, but also to a full-fledged simulation – where shooting accuracy and understanding of the physics of bullets, position and method of firing, and of course the ability to get yourself the best weapons and equipment.

Any bullet can decide the outcome of the battle in a matter of seconds, the wound system will finish you off if you do not help yourself and bandage the wound, and in a few hours you will get blood poisoning if you do not go to a specialized medical center.

Do not underestimate the power of play money. Rubles and dollars for each side play a key role in buying aids and strengthening your agent, and if there is a shortage of currency at the initial stage, you can always buy tarkov rubles from a professional Skycoach service.

Skycoach is a resource that helps players greatly simplify and enhance their gaming experience through interaction with professional players.

You can buy in-game currency, find and get unique items like lab access cards, which are insanely rare in the world of Tarkov. To ensure the security of all types of transactions, the anonymity of the client and various Skycoach methods are used to disguise services as common actions among gamers, and then the game administration of the project will have no reason to impose game sanctions on the character.

The start of the game in Tarkov

To begin with, you will be asked to choose a side of the conflict.

Due to the fact that, according to the plot, for a disputed piece of territory called Tarkov, it became a point of conflict between the armies of the United States and Russia, but because of the unofficial confrontation, everything is decided by the hands of PMCs and mercenaries and representatives of special forces from both sides.

You must choose your side of the conflict.

The general concept changes more externally and at the level of sensations than in real differences.

American mercenaries use english in their communications and prefer dollars in trade deals, unlike Russian PMCs, who communicate in Russian, prefer their native language, and are often found with vodka in their inventory.

What to do in the game with friends

When you get into the world of Escape from Tarkov with your friends, you will almost immediately realize that your basic equipment wants the best and in order to effectively resist opponents and fight for the best resource extraction sites, you need to urgently strengthen your characters.

This can be done by sorties – special combat exits, during which you go to neutral lands and look for equipment and other useful things, where you can always meet bandits and other PMCs.

An important point – death on the battlefield means the loss of all acquired property, including equipment, therefore, in the project, teamwork and covering each other with the desire to save yourself and a friend from the battlefield and, albeit with injuries, but move to a safe zone, are of particular value.

To start a sortie, you need to leave the camp and take your friends with you and go to study the game map. Please note that there is no usual navigation in Tarkov and you will have to navigate by visual signs and a paper map, which you have yet to buy.

You can leave the territory for a fee and get an accelerated evacuation, or for free, but only in certain places that have yet to be studied and remembered.

How you can hunt with friends:

  1. Assemble a battle group of actual characters and set aside for insurance storage a few of the most valuable items that it would be a pity to lose. And having collected the most necessary things, move out in search.

Try to move compactly and control the movement sector with an eye on the points where, in which case, it would be possible to deploy defenses and take the fight on more or less favorable terms.

Try to find equipment as quickly as possible that will increase survivability in battle and the overall combat power of the group. Machine guns and rifles, bulletproof vest, helmet, cartridges and grenades, medicines.

Try not to engage in fights with bandits – although they look like weak opponents and do not shoot well mixed with disgusting equipment, there are many of them and there is always a chance to get a random bullet due to stupid and unnecessary combat.

The main thing – do not be greedy. The task of such exits is to collect resources and strengthen the character. It will be foolish to die because of an extra grenade, so think carefully about your moves, especially when playing co-op with friends.

The ideal format is to take up defensive positions and close off key sectors, entrusting one character to collect all the booty and, when the job is done, regroup and withdraw with mutual cover.

Now your task is to get to the evacuation point and wait for the required time to exit the combat zone.

Everything superfluous and not related to strengthening the character can be sold to local merchants in order to improve your reputation with them, receive benefits and simply earn local currency in Escape from Tarkov.

2. Play as savages – You can rent a character that has nothing to do with your hero and is a random unit in the world of Tarkov.

You will get bad equipment and weapons, neutrality with bandits, and a character you don’t mind losing. In case of death, you will simply lose everything obtained during the hunt, and not all the equipment of your hero.

This format is more convenient for studying maps, training sessions and team interactions without risking the main characters.

The main advantage is neutrality with bandits and additional bonuses if you can kill PMCs playing as a wild character. In some episodes, the bandits may even side with you, depending on your reputation with the merchant faction.

The higher your level of friendship with them, the more good equipment you will receive playing as a savage and in parallel all the bandits on the map can act on your side. And of course the best ammunition – now no rusty cartridges.

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