Metal Posters that make you ready for Halloween

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Displate is a manufacturer specializing in creating exceptional metal art prints and a platform gathering talented artists from all over the world. Check out these superb Halloween themed plates! So great!



They have such great geeky content and dozens of posters related to Halloween above and lots below! What an amazing gift and so relevant!

Why are they cool?

• Displate is made out of metal, so it is durable and any single tree wasn’t harmed in the production of it.
• Each Displate have easy magnet mounting system, as a result – no tools and nails – just a magnet on your wall.
• Every print is delivered in an amazing gift-ready box.
• In addition, they are participating in some project in Africa and Central America. Thus 1 displate purchased = 10 trees planted. Planting trees mean they care not only about the environment but also provide rural communities in the developing world an opportunity to restore their environment and build a sustainable future. Read more here.

Oh, almost forget, you can also buy a Multiplate – a huge poster made out of 5+ posters!

We All Float

The Clown Father

Witch Castle

Welcome to Elm Street

Nightmare skeleton

Ghosts Of Halloween

Pumpkin Rick

Tricks and Treats

Halloween Road

Haunting night

You can find way more at -:


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