Electronic Display Services Ltd, Dungannon

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Electronic Display Services Ltd is an engineering company that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of electronic scoreboards and video screen technologies. Based in Northern Ireland the company can boast of a committed workforce totally experienced in their field. The EDS team is made up of Structural Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Steelwork Engineers and Electricians.

Since the formation of Electronic Display Services Ltd (EDS) in 1997 the company has completed major electronic display installations for many of the largest display manufacturers in the world.  Over the years EDS have gained a unique knowledge of a wide range of display technologies.

EDS can boast an intricate knowledge and experience of the complexities of the installation process on sites throughout the world and the bureaucracy of construction design management regulations and health and safety requirements from one country to the next.

We have at our disposal the range of engineering disciplines essential for the successful completion of installations such as structural engineering, steelwork fabrication, electrical and electronic engineering. Our engineering team can offer an experienced service and maintenance backup that complements our clients warranty commitments and ongoing maintenance requirements.

We take pride in the fact we have developed an excellent relationship with all of our previous customers and this is helped by the fact we pay particular attention to the complete design of the system and we work closely with the customer in the implementation of the equipment so that the end result is the most multifunctional and user friendly system possible within the constraints of each installation.

EDS Electronic Display Services, 47 Gortgonis Road, Coalisland, Co.Tyrone, N.Ireland, BT71 4QG, TEL: 028 8774 7333 W: electronicdisplayservices.com

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