ElectroMech Agri Limited is Ireland’s premier dairy parlour equipment supplier, installer, retailer, service provider and support centre.

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Established for nearly 20-years, EMA are exclusive BouMatic dealers for Northern Ireland and offer dairy farmers throughout the whole of Ireland the highest levels of service, maintenance and support in all aspects of modern and traditional dairy farming for both large and small herds.

ElectroMech’s expertise in dairy farm management and systems ensures we provide Irish Dairy Farmers with everything they require to keep their farm milking, efficient, cost effective and profitable.

Offering a comprehensive range of BouMatic Milking Parlours & equipment, plus full installation combined with our portfolio of additional dairy products and services such as; Stall work, slurry handling, dairy chemicals & hygiene (including Mastitis advice), energy saving solutions, 24-hour 365 day call out, equipment servicing, parlour updates and bespoke fabrication…

Can you afford not to make ElectroMech your first choice in Dairy Farm support?

Milking Equipment

As exclusive BouMatic Dealers for Northern Ireland; ElectroMech Agri Limited offers a full range of BouMatic milking parlours and equipment.

The BouMatic name is synonymous throughout the dairy industry with quality, robustness, low-maintenance and longevity. These are just some of the reasons EMA are proud to be associated with and choose to supply the BouMatic brand.

If you’re looking to upgrade or install a new milking parlour, look no further than ElectroMech Agri Limited. In addition to the range below, we offer a full installation, support and maintenance service to ensure you receive the quality you deserve.

For full information and pricing on any of the equipment listed on this page, please contact us directly via phone or email and we’ll answer any queries you may have.


ElectroMech Agri is pleased to offer you a full range of cooling tanks and cooling solutions for your farm. Our range of Cooling equipment can be viewed below, for full details or sales enquiries please contact us directly:

Hygiene & Health

The health and welfare of your herd is one of the most important, complicated and often overlooked aspects of dairy farming.

However, with ElectroMech’s many years of experience in the supply and recommendation of dairy chemicals and hygiene products, ensuring your herd stays fit, healthy and profitable is no more than a phone call away.

Service Support

As a full service dairy farm support centre, ElectroMech Agri Limited offers our customers a comprehensive range of essential products and service packages to ensure your farm and business delivers the results you need 365 days a year.

Slurry Handling

Slurry handling is an important aspect of modern dairy farming and as such ElectroMech Agri Limited offers a range of products designed specifically for the dairy farm industry.


ElectroMech Agri Limited prides itself as being your number one choice for dairy farm support in Ireland and offers a full range of bespoke made stall work and fabrications for any make or model of Milking Parlour including: Swingover, Parallel, Rotary and Tandem, even Feed troughs are not a problem for our experienced fabricators.

Energy Saving

With utilities prices on the rise, Energy Saving Solutions for farms is a hot topic right now and ElectroMech Agri Limited are able to advise, supply, install and maintain a range of bespoke Energy Saving Systems for your business.

Used Sales

ElectroMech Agri Limited is pleased to offer a range of quality second hand dairy farm equipment and parlours.

ElectroMech Agri Limited
7 Tulnagall Rd
Co Tyrone, BT70 3LR

Tel: 028 8776 7376
Fax: 028 8776 7034
Email: info@electromechagri.com
Website: www.electromechagri.com
24-Hour Emergency call out number: 028 8776 7376

If you’d like to send us an email, please use the above address or fill in the form below.

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