Davy Wilson Sponsored Cycle in aid of The IRFU Charitable Trust and Larne RFC Youth Rugby

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Davy Wilson Sponsored Cycle in aid of
The IRFU Charitable Trust and Larne RFC Youth Rugby

It is a sad fact of everyday life that people suffer personal injuries through accidents in their homes, workplace, on our streets and roads and also in the pursuit of leisure activities and sports. In this regard rugby is no different from any other contact sport and unfortunately player injuries occur from time to time. Such injuries can be of a very serious nature, resulting in permanent disability in some cases.

The Irish Rugby Football Union Charitable Trust was formed in 1978 to assist severely injured rugby players in their everyday lives, and help to restore their confidence and independence.

There are currently 33 seriously injured players registered with the Charitable Trust in Ireland, most of whom are wheelchair bound and have some form of permanent paralysis.

The support provided by the Trust takes many forms and includes financial assistance for medical, nursing and caring expenses, home alterations, education and training costs, provision of wheelchairs and specialised equipment together with motor vehicles and vehicle conversion costs. The Trust also maintains regular contact with each injured player and their families.

Larne Rugby Club is very active in the community and has a vibrant youth section. Based in the village of Glynn it prides itself on providing top class facilities for the youth of the area to enjoy playing rugby. Vital to its continuing success is the appointment of a Clubs Community Rugby Officer (CCRO). Any funds raised will be divided equally between this appointment and the Charitable Trust.

Anyone wishing to donate, can donate online (https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/Charitabletrust)

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