D’Arcy’s Diary Entry 1: June 25th – July 14th Probiotics and Pre-season: It All Started With A Text!

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This season Adam D’Arcy will be writing a light hearted blog to shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes in the Ulster camp. In his first entry, he discusses the pains and gains of pre-season. Enjoy the read…

Entry 1 is live on the Ulster Website Link below
It all started with a text. As the sun faded over the lighthouse atop the headland at Port De Soller, Majorca, Spain, my iPhone rudely and surprisingly came back to life for the first time in 4 weeks.

You see in the weeks prior I had heard nothing from it, communication with the phone was a one way street of me taking photos of Palma cathedral, recording videos of boat trips round Sydney harbour, and mostly, for my girlfriend to check us in on Facebook at every tapas bar, cafe, hotel, movie house and airport terminal that we set foot in. I didn’t like this interruption one bit.

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