Danske Bank Medallion Trophy Draw 2013: ROUND 1 DRAW LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1. Antrim Grammar v R.S Dungannon

2. Lurgan College v Cambridge House

3. Foyle & Londonderry College v Banbridge Academy

4. Strabane Academy v Dalriada

1. Ballyclare Secondary
2. Wellington College
3. Friends School
4. Downshire

The draw was conducted by Mr. K M Mulvenna Principal of Carrickfergus GS

The dates for the Medallion Trophy are as follows:

• Round 1 to be completed by Saturday 2nd February 2013
• Round 2 to be completed by Saturday 16th February 2013
• Semi Final to be completed by Saturday 2nd March 2013
• Final TBC

Rules & Regulations:

1. In all rounds except the semi-finals of the Medallion Shield and the finals, the first names school shall have the choice of venue

2. All matches must be played as per the dates shown.

3. The Branch will endeavour to appoint Referees for all matches. It is important to inform the Branch early of the match details.

4. Both schools shall provide a member of Staff or other responsible adult to act as Touch Judge.

5. A size 4 ball should be used.

6. Seven replacements may be used, as per School’s Cup guidelines.

7. Any School, which having entered the competition and subsequently withdraws, may be forbidden to enter the following year.

8. All results should be forwarded to the competition co-ordinator by text on the first school day following the match, by the HOME team or, by agreement, the winning team.

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