Curious Cat App has Launched to Lend a Helping Hand. The clever new mobile app that helps you earn some extra cash

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Curious Cat App has Launched to Lend a Helping Hand
The clever new mobile app that helps you earn some extra cash

A recent study found that global online content consumption doubled in 2020, with many of us being guilty of scrolling aimlessly for hours on news sites or social media. A new app has launched to help you put that screen time to better use and even earn a little extra cash whilst doing so, to cover your Netflix subscription, the extra present for the kids’ birthdays, or perhaps give you some cash to finally enjoy this lockdown free summer.

Curious Cat App is a forward-thinking mobile app that allows users to easily earn cash through completing easy to do surveys, helping you put a little extra #InTheKitty to use towards your monthly outgoings. The app is free to download and rewards users with points per survey, which can quickly add up to a payout. You don’t need to wait long to get the money, once you reach the £1 threshold, you can take cash out, meaning anyone can make some extra money from anywhere, anytime, even the comfort of the sofa, just by being on your mobile.

Currently serving over 17 countries, Curious Cat App is the perfect side hustle and is here to lend a helping hand through hard times, when life’s little luxuries may feel like a stretch for the bank account. The adverse effects of Covid-19 mean many are on furlough pay or unemployed, alongside the higher costs associated with household living and bills on the rise.

Curious Cat App doesn’t claim to make you a millionaire, but it is honest in helping you make a few quid for your thoughts and views.

Unlike conventional survey sites, Curious Cat App shows that answering surveys doesn’t need to be boring. Yes, you may make some money, but you may also get screened out if you’re not quite right for a particular survey. But don’t worry, there are plenty more popping up every day. Regardless, you’ll come across plenty of fun images (including lots of cats of course) along the way, making answering questions feel more like a game than a task. Curious Cat App also likes to be fair, so you’ll get a fair amount of money for your time and be communicated with in an honest way, that doesn’t leave you questioning whether you’re using your time wisely.

Along with the extra cash benefit, Curious Cat App also give consumers a voice, allowing them to share their opinion on time-relevant topics, and thoughts on future products. With 77% of UK residents being stressed about money even before the pandemic hit, there’s no better time to make use of this innovative platform.

Curious? Head to to find out more or download the app straight from the app store.

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