Awesome gift ideas for dads: From Bird & Blend Tea Co.

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Awesome gift ideas for dads:

Best of British Gift Box – Our Best of British Tea Gift Box is the perfect gift for traditionalist and tea connoisseurs. Packed with 5 quintessentially British black teas, it gives you the perfect taste of our speciality teas!

Rhubarb & Custard Gin Infusion Bottle – it doesn’t contain gin but is designed to be used to infuse gin with our tea!

Cabana Cooler Fruit Tea Pale Ale – Cabana Cooler Fruit Tea Pale Ale is a mouth-watering tropical fruits ale, with the likes of pineapple and papaya, perfect for cooling down on a sunny day.

Best served cold with your feet up on a cloudless day! Cabana Cooler fruit tea pale has 3.6 % alcohol and was brewed by Basement Beer brewery in Bristol UK.

Earl Grey Tea Infused Milk Chocolate Bar – Using Bird & Blend Earl Grey Crème Tea, Only Coco have created an amazing tasting tea infused chocolate bar! A dream come true for both tea and chocolate lovers!

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