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Ivan Burev is a certified personal trainer based in London who specialises in body transformations.

Ivan has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years after being introduced to sports by his father back in his home country, Macedonia. Ivan’s interest for fitness & health has only grown since his early days with over 10 years experience in basketball and 16 years experience in weight lifting. Ivan’s passion for different disciplines has taught him how incredibly adjustable the human body is. Since his teenage years, Ivan transferred his knowledge into practical tips and guidance for friends, co-workers and relatives, who have wanted to become stronger, lose weight or get more fit.

Ivan began his career as a Personal Trainer at Virgin Active Health Clubs back in 2015 after moving to London. He found that fitness was very much a positive lifestyle trend and that there was an opportunity for himself to make a positive impact on the people around him. Since then, Ivan has helped to transform the bodies and lives of numerous different people.

Ivan now runs his own fitness company, BeDifferent by Ivan Burev, where he offers individual and group sessions, boot camps and classes to corporations and schools. Ivan has also recently launched a new personalised online coaching app called BeYour12. Ivan’s personal training sessions are held at The Gym Group where he has been lucky enough to meet people and clients from various backgrounds, fitness levels, health conditions, all with differing goals that they want to achieve.

“This experience has also pushed my own development and encouraged me to keep learning more about sport, fitness and the industry as a whole.”

“My philosophy from day one has been to offer my clients an educational experience, where I not only tell them what exercises to do during their sessions but to also guide them in regards to nutrition and training for goals by offering them full-time support and contact outside of their training sessions.”

Ivan is very passionate about the amazing potential of the human body and the impact that physical fitness has in mental and emotional wellbeing. It is for this reason that he enjoys helping his clients develop their abilities to their maximum by incorporating foundations of different disciplines into his sessions. There are various different disciplines available including weightlifting, HIIT, yoga, karate, cross-fit and calisthenics.

It’s time to stop hesitating and transform your body ONCE AND FOR ALL with Ivan Burev. Visit to find out more and make your transformation happen today!

With Trump’s lift on the trophy import ban, and Instagram’s new warnings over animal selfies, the spotlight is truly on animal cruelty and how to protect them right now.

With this in mind, and with Christmas right around the corner, I was wondering if you are working on anything at the moment that you could include Born Free’s Elephant adoption packs in?

An ideal gift for any animal lover, all proceeds from the adoption packs help protect the elephant family living in Amboseli National Park in Kenya (monitored by the Amboseli Trust for Elephants)

Adoption starts from just £2.50 per month. Everyone that takes out adoption with Born Free receives a unique pack including:

A cuddly toy Elephant
A glossy photo of your adopted Elephant
A personalised adoption certificate
A copy of your Elephant’s story
Born Free window sticker
Born Free folder
Two copies of Born Free’s Adopt! Magazine throughout the year with updated on the Elephant family’s progress.


Kitchen design leads the way for the rest of the home, so the trends coming in for 2018 signal that the interior design of homes are going to veer towards looking spacious, linear and maximising efficient storage.

According to the UK’s leading kitchen retailers Kitchens International (KI), “interior architecture” is the new buzzword where simple and relatively affordable materials are used to create spaces and storage, complemented by more expensive kitchen furniture or appliances. Angus Mackintosh, Senior Sales Designer at KI adds: “This trend moves out into living areas too where furniture and storage items will be in-built (often using kitchen cabinetry throughout) which will highlight fewer, more dramatic standalone furniture.”

The new linear look features floor to ceiling units with no plinths or space above the unit, providing maximum storage in a smaller area. Open shelving with internal lighting produces a more living room feel and look to the kitchen and is becoming increasingly popular on islands.

To soften the straight lines, there is a cleverer use of textures and finishes with modern timber effect doors offering a softer look while the trend for concrete-sprayed doors or concrete effect doors continues to grow. White high gloss cabinetry is waning in popularity as softer, more muted colours and textures take over in the browns, greys and creams.

Smart appliances are developing at a rapid pace and anyone considering installing a new kitchen in 2018 should really not do without:
– Boiling water tap – seen as a necessity in today’s living
– Wifi ready appliances – allowing us to control our kitchens from afar
– Steam ovens and vacuum drawers – this makes cooking quicker, easier and contains the flavour in the food.

Layouts are usually dictated by the space available, but islands continue to dominate with many larger kitchens now opting for two islands. Most will have breakfast bar seating or banqueting seating attached to the island so that dining is incorporated into the kitchen area.

Whatever design you choose always make sure you use a reputable designer and retailer who will look at your lifestyle and design a kitchen to suit your own needs.

Kitchens International:
East Mains Industrial Estate Denmore Rd 220 Gt Western Rd
11 Youngs Rd Bridge of Don Glasgow G4 9EJ
Broxburn EH52 5LY Aberdeen AB23 Tel: 0141 404 7744
Tel: 0845 0740022 Tel: 01224 824300

24 Westfield Rd 117 Dundas St 76 Moss Rd
Murrayfield Edinburgh EH3 Sterling Showroom
Edinburgh EH11 2QB Tel: 0131 523 0477 Tillicoultry FK13 6NS
Tel: 0131 337 3434 Tel: 01259 23701016-18


Christmas dinner advice for dogs and cats to ensure trouble free festive fun

From a succulent roast dinner with all the trimmings to fruit-laden puddings, cakes and chocolates – not to mention nuts, mince pies and smoked salmon – Christmas Day is all about eating.

And it’s not just us we like to indulge, but our much-loved four-legged family members too. It’s hard to resist slipping them scraps or even their own Christmas dinner from our leftovers, however, we need to be mindful that not everything on the Christmas menu should be shared.

With this in mind, and to give pet owners a helping hand this festive season, insurer MORE TH>N’s qualified vet Andrew Moore has devised the ultimate Christmas dinner guides for cats and dogs, ensuring all the family can join in safely on the fun and the food this year.

Andrew Moore, MORE TH>N’S veterinary consultant, explains: ‘We all over- indulge at Christmas, but festive food in human sized quantities is more no no no than ho ho ho for our pets. Most festive food is fatty, rich and can sometimes even be downright poisonous to cats and dogs. However it’s not all Bah Humbug, there are certain foods that are fine to feed your pet for one festive meal. When it comes to our pets and food, it’s all about moderation – so the one occasion you should act like Scrooge is to keep the festive treats small and then your pet can enjoy their very own Christmas meal this year, without any nasty repurr-cusions.’

Christmas Dinner Guide For Dogs


FISH: Whilst salmon is a favourite amongst us humans, it’s also a great starter for your dog as it is high in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, which help support a dog’s immune system and also add shine to a dog’s coat. Choose plain salmon in spring water over smoked salmon though. Prawns – as long as they are well cooked and shelled – will also go down very well.


MEAT: Treat your pooch to some turkey this Christmas. Choose small amounts of boneless and skinless breast meat, which can be added to your dog’s meal in moderation.

VEGETABLES: To bring a bit of variety to their Christmas bowl, add some sprouts, swede mash, potatoes, green beans and parsnip, ideally served plain – before any butter or oil is added.


Pudding is just as important as the main in our opinion and there’s no need to leave your dog out once the dinner is over. Low in lactose desserts like yogurt and ricotta cheese in moderation are a great option, as they are excellent sources of calcium and protein. You could also swap grapes and raisin-based desserts for blueberries and dried cranberries, which are both safe for dogs.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to remove a little bit of their normal food to even things out!

Christmas Dinner Guide For Cats


FISH: Cats too can tuck in to a fishy starter with small amounts of canned tuna, which is a great source of protein in moderation


MEAT: Small amounts of lean meats like skinless turkey breast can add some variety to their moggy menu

VEGETABLES: Sprouts, swede, carrot and parsnip mash add some colour to their festive feast, but just make sure they don’t contain butter, seasoning or anything toxic such as onions or garlic.


Sugar, spice and everything nice hold no interest for a cat, so don’t feel guilty when tucking in to your fourth dessert of the day – cats would much prefer to be eating savoury foods

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to remove a little bit of their normal food to even things out!

It’s not just the Christmas dinner our dogs and cats want to get involved with during the festive season. Andrew Moore’s veterinary team has recalled some funny tales from clients who had to “paws” the festive fun to deal with some pets who took it a step too far during the festive season…

‘I once pulled a very long string of tinsel out of a Labradors throat, which never seemed to end’.

‘A dog ate an entire Christmas cake (seconds after they had drizzled it with brandy and lit it on fire) while it was still engulfed in flames!’.

‘A very small sausage dog came in after eating an entire box of Twilight dark chocolate mints in their wrappers on Boxing Day…three years in a row – setting quite the Christmas tradition for the family’.

John Ellenger, Head of Pet Insurance MORE TH>N, added: “Eating the Christmas dinner has to be one of the most exciting parts of the festive period, so we wanted to make sure the whole family, including those with four legs, could come together and join in this year. We are, however, aware that there are also a lot of don’ts when it comes to feeding pets over the merry season, so we have also developed guides online with information on what our pets should avoid to ensure trips to the vet are kept to a minimum!’

We can’t forget that there’s a number of festive no-no’s that need to be avoided on dogs and cats festive menus this Christmas – the main foods being grapes, raisins, nuts, onions and chocolate.

For guides on what not to feed your pet cat and dog this Christmas, please visit our advice pages on the MORE TH>N website.

MORE TH>N also gives its customers access to the VetFone service, which gives you 24/7 emergency vet access even when you think the surgery will be closed over Christmas. Anytime, day or night, VetFone allows you to speak to a professional in order to get the best care for your dog.

Makita 18v Combi Drill, Impact Driver Twin Pack And Multi-Tool Pack perfect boy toy for DIY Lovers this Christmas

Picture perfect Monnalisa girls floral print high-top trainers designed with little princesses in mind.

Keeping the festive cheer in Christmas shopping

Black Friday (week) and Cyber Monday are now over. How do we get the best prices for our Christmas gifts this year?

Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow consumer expert and author of How to Complain, provides her tips.

1) Make sure you have a list, even if it is just a list of names, budget and possible ideas. This will stop you panicking, over spending and buying unnecessary items!

2) If you know you will definitely be buying from certain stores or before you shop online check out Zeek where you can buy and sell gift cards. You could literally get free money! Discounts usually range from 2 – 10% off, depending on popularity of the store.

3) Look out for discount vouchers and codes. There are numerous websites out there, just search for the store you are shopping from with the words “discount” or “voucher code” and look through a few. For the bigger stores there’s usually something, even if it’s just a free delivery code!

4) Use cashback sites such as Topcashback, Quidco, and Kidstart (Kidstart cashback goes to your nominated child’s bank account). Sign up for free and use which ever one gives the biggest cashback! (Be aware that some may not work with additional discounts so don’t rely on this).

5) Install Pouch which is a browser extension which was shown on Dragon’s Den. It claims to notify you any time you are on an online store for which there is a discount code.

6) Look at the Google shopping tool, you may find other stores for the items you are looking for.

7) Use price comparison sites which aren’t just for financial products, such as Pricerunner and Idealo. These will cover the well-known and less known online stores for the price on the same item.

8) Sign up for emails to get the best offers first, many will email you early with discount codes, so you can use before they go out of stock!

9) Don’t be tempted to buy the accessories with the item from the same place! When the pop up flashes “buy the batteries” don’t do it just for ease. Any saving you make will get spent on the batteries, so buy them from somewhere else. Unless they are cheap!

10) Remember you are always covered by the Consumer Rights Act 2015, where goods must be of satisfactory quality, be fit for purpose and match the description, whatever price you paid for the item!


Dorset Cereals, creators of award-winning Mueslis, Granolas, Birchers and Porridges, is launching a brand new collection of ‘world-inspired’ mueslis to bring a sense of adventure to British breakfast tables.
The Ultimate Adventures collection will transport you somewhere special at breakfast with two delicious variants, including the Peruvian-inspired ‘Machu Picchu’ and ‘American Road Trip’, designed to evoke the laid back cool of America’s legendary Route 66.
These mueslis will not only bring great taste to your breakfast bowl, but a touch of wanderlust with an array of new and exciting tastes and textures.
The Machu Picchu recipe draws inspiration from the famous Inca citadel and will transport your taste buds with its creamy brazil nuts, tangy goldenberries, dark chocolate and delicious coffee taste.
The American Road Trip will take you on a sensory adventure along Route 66, with its zippy cranberries, crunchy almonds and sweet-scented orange zest.
The Dorset Cereals Ultimate Adventures are 600g of breakfast inspiration, with a balanced combination of alluring flavours and wholesome ingredients – best enjoyed with milk, yoghurt, or if you’re feeling maverick – fruit juice! Both variants are available in Waitrose from 6th February 2017 at an RRP of £4.79.
For more information on Dorset Cereals please visit:

Lets get personal this Christmas – Art & Photo marketplace miPic offers affordable luxury personalised print gifts – from beautiful framed prints, canvas and acrylic blocks, through to quality smartphone cases, custom made T-shirts, cushions and even personalised peel ’n’ stick wallpaper. Better yet, everything is made in England!

Users can print their own products using any photo or shop the miPic gallery.

The miPic platform offers users an opportunity to earn money from uploading their pictures and withdraw up to 20% commission of all public sales to Paypal. The London startup has partnered with the best printing manufacturers in the UK and allows users to upload, print and receive products in 3-7 days within the UK or ship worldwide.

The Gift of Glamping – Thanks to Wigwam® Holidays!

Let’s face it – with school runs, match fixtures and that little thing called ‘Christmas’ on the horizon, it’s difficult to fit everything in!

So instead of getting the yellow card for purchasing another run-of-the-mill present, why not give the gift of glamping this festive season?

Wigwam® Holidays offers exceptional glamping experiences at over 70 sites in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.

And you can purchase the perfect ‘portion’ of a unique glamping experience from as little as £25. No queues, no tackling stressed-out festive shoppers as you can buy online! You don’t have to worry about the Christmas post either! You can send the details either to yourself so you can give this amazing gift on Christmas morning or send to the lucky recipient directly in just a few minutes. You can even put together a personal message to go with your gift voucher.

What is Wigwam® Holidays?

Wigwam® Holidays is one of the UK’s leading glamping accommodation providers.

Our heated, timber cabins are fully insulated with lockable doors, Velux windows, comfy mattresses, electricity supply and storage all as standard. Wigwam® Holidays is committed to providing affordable ‘staycations’ in the great outdoors.

The cabins are built in Scotland and can found in forests, near mountains, on working farms or even next to a secluded beach!

Our cabins come in four different types, from a Wee Brave to a Running Water Deluxe, which is en-suite along with a kitchenette, dining area and two double beds. The cabins sleep between three and five guests.

How it Works

So sit back, relax and click here:

Fill in the online form, which takes just a few minutes – then you are over the advantage line!

Get Social with Wigwam® Holidays





Take on the Ultimate Adventure This Christmas with the All New Raleigh Mustang Comp Electric

With the launch of the Mustang Comp Electric, Raleigh has created the ultimate Adventure e-bike – an amazing Christmas gift for outdoor enthusiasts!
The phrase weekday worker, weekend warrior takes on a special meaning with the new Mustang e-bike as it combines the versatility of an adventure bike with the power of e-biking to bring the great outdoors closer to your door. Whether you’re taking a cross country short-cut on your commute or heading out to the hills and trails for an adrenaline- fuelled fun ride, this bike makes light work of the terrain, meaning you can pack in more thrills, spills and miles in less time.
The Mustang Comp Electric features the new Kinesis alloy frame. This is coupled with light-weight carbon blade forks with an alloy steerer making for a fast, agile ride that’s lively and responsive.
To cope with the road, track and trail, it is fitted with smaller rims and gravel ready wider, deeper tyres meaning riders get a grip on all surfaces.
The Mustang Comp Electric brings the following outstanding components to the adventure e-bike:
• The Shimano Steps E6000 drive system to help riders slalom through city traffic jams and consign hill climbs to the history books. The large Shimano Steps display gives riders an avalanche of information through a high contrast, easy-to-read display screen.
• Sram’s Apex groupset gives the bike a great platform including hydraulic disc brakes, rear derailleur & shifters.
• The high quality, long-lasting lithium-ion 400WH battery is semi-integrated into the frame, and provides up to 125 km of range.
The amazing Raleigh Mustang Comp Electric is available from Raleigh for £2,800.


Looking for Christmas gift inspiration for inspiration for men? Why not treat someone to a luxurious jumper by specialist cashmere retailer N.Peal?
With a flagship store in London, Mayfair, N.Peal stocks the largest selection of 100% Mongolian cashmere. They know and care about where their cashmere comes from, and can trace it all the way back to herders in Mongolia. They can ensure the highest quality in all of their garments, while investing in the future of cashmere as a resource.
One of our favourites is this half-zip cashmere jumper in blue. With a 70s-style ski badge design on one arm, and ivory stripes on the other, it subtly nods to the sport-luxe trend without losing the classic identity of the brand.
If you’re looking for the perfect warmer, they also have this chunky waffle cashmere jacket available in hurricane blue, brown marl and moorland brown. Made of thick knitted cashmere, it has a suede trim and large leather buttons which makes it really versatile, and suitable for both day – and evening – wear.
If you want to give the gift of classic knitwear this festive season, N.Peal’s cashmere cable roll neck jumper is a great choice. Choose your favourite colour from fumo grey, Derby grey, lava blue, loch green and rusted denim blue. Made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, it reflects the current trend but will still stand the test of time.
Not only that, but 007 – James Bond himself – has been seen on-screen wearing N.Peal in both Skyfall and Spectre. Whether you’re buying for your dad, brother, son or friend, they’re sure to love a present with James Bond credentials!

This Christmas, some will stick to beer or G&T sprinkled with fruits, whilst others strictly choose champagne served in a chilled glass.

There are classic mulled wine enthusiasts, adventurous egg nog and cocktail mixers, or the families that have all the above or nothing at all.

Bearing this in mind, online personal trainers wanted to investigate British boozy Christmas habits by conducting a survey concerning 2,012 respondents of various ages over the age of 18.

Some of the findings include:

· Champagne voted the UK’s favourite Christmas tipple!

· 41% of Brits will start drinking ‘mid-morning.’

· Mum and Dad named “family member most likely to get drunk” at Christmas, amassing 46% of the vote.

· 32% claim liquors make them feel the guiltiest!

For more details, visit the blog:


Climate change certainly isn’t “fake news;” as most of us are aware, statistics for the near future look pretty bleak, and scientists predict that two-thirds of the world’s polar bears could disappear within the next ten years.

It’s time to take tackling it into your owns ‘paws’ with Trump’s Xmas Meltdown – the aim of the game being to raise money and awareness for the vulnerable polar bear population that stand to be destroyed as the ice caps continue to melt.

One-hundred percent of the donations from Trump’s Xmas Meltdown, as well as an additional donation of £1,000 from Impero themselves, will go directly to Polar Bears International – the world’s leading polar bear conservation organisation – in a charitable step that will help them address the issues endangering the species.

Do your bit for the polar bears and visit

Festive Afternoon Tea at The Club Hotel & Spa

For a magical Christmas treat, the Michelin starred, 5AA Rosette Restaurant, Bohemia at The Club Hotel & Spa in Jersey is serving a lavish Festive Afternoon Tea.

Throughout December 2017, Bohemia’s Head Pastry Chef Ellen de Jager has created a Chestnut & Gold themed Festive Afternoon Tea available from £19.95 per person.

Turn up the magic of Christmas with the new Sky Soundbox

The new Sky Soundbox, developed in partnership with Devialet, one of the most innovative names in audio, is the perfect gift- whether you’re buying for your audio-obsessed partner, techy parent, or an entire family of film buffs.

The all-in-one sound system connects to your TV, Sky+, as well as Sky Q, for the ultimate experience, and delivers powerful and immersive sound that will bring your favourite Christmas TV, movies, sports and soundtracks to life.

You’ll be able to impress friends and family this festive season when watching classic movies, from It’s a Wonderful Life to Love Actually, thanks to Sky Soundbox’s 360-degree audio experience.

There are six woofers and three full-range speakers in the single sleek and compact unit, which cleverly uses the walls to bounce ambient sound around the room and put you at the heart of the action. There’s also dynamic volume management, which analyses incoming audio and automatically adjusts volume levels to improve detail and clarity, meaning you won’t have to change the volume during quiet whispers or explosive action.

And when Sky Soundbox is used with Sky Q, you can enjoy Sky Q Sound – exclusive modes designed by Devialet that automatically refine the audio for a range of Sky’s entertainment and sports.

For more information, visit:

Prices start from £249 for new and current Sky Q Multiscreen customers, £299 for existing Sky TV customers, and £799 for non-Sky customers.

An ArtLux Lightbox is a new unique framing solution for those cherished memories and perfect for a unique Christmas present.

The illuminated image creates a real wow factor, but the other key feature is the flexibility; once the frame is in situ, images can be easily changed, as often as you like.

An ArtLux LightBox creates a real impact in any location, in any space, at any time of day but especially on these long winter days. It lifts photos beyond the wall, the light bringing them to life, giving them a real wow factor. You plug it in, switch it on and see your image come to life, it’s as simple as that! And what’s more, due to our clever framing system, it’s takes only seconds to change the images, so you can change your image to suit your mood or situation.

And the whole process is easy too. Choose your favourite photos, send to us and we’ll do the rest. Alternatively, if you are not sure what image you want our in-house art consultant can help you choose. Images are printed on state of the art machines, allowing beautiful detail, right down to the finest blades of grass and subtlest of skin tones. All our frames are bespoke and can come in almost any size and a variety of finishes; we have over 40 gorgeous bespoke cable options too or can recommend electricians to chase cables into walls. We’re also eco friendly using low power LEDS, eco friendly inks and recycled aluminium in our frames.

LightBox Frames, complete with 2 images, start at £365, with additional images starting at only £25 each; that’s great value for top quality photographic reproduction.

Mobile 07771 506995.
Instagram @yourartlux
Facebook @yourartlux
Twitter @yourartlux

Vimtag Snowman CP1 HD Wifi Smart Home Security Camera with 2-way audio

The Snowman Camera from Big Brother CCTV allows you to watch and listen in real time from your IOS, Android device or PC through the Vimtag app. Ideal as a baby monitor / pet monitor / nanny cam / business monitor / security camera / holiday home monitor / senior monitor, the Snowman Cam not only allows you to watch but it also has two way audio.

The Snowman Cam allows multi user access and features motion detection and an alarm can be set up. It boasts stunning HD 720p/1080p video quality with a 350 by 100 degree view to cover every corner of your home. It has three times digital zoom to focus in on the subject and automatically switches to infrared night vision giving a clear picture in the dark. Record and take screenshots to refer back to and it’s simple and easy to set up.

Control the camera for your app with remote pan and tilt to follow the subject around communicate with the clear two-way voice built in microphone and speaker.

For more information visit: or contact via phone or email on: 01782 331 660 /

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short is a breezy, information-packed guide that features all kinds of money-saving tips on entertainment, travel, shopping, fashion, beauty, health, home décor, and more.

Many of the tips include getting things for FREE, such as how to get your hair styled at upscale salons for free, how to get designer clothes for free, how to go to live theatre for free, and even how to spend six nights at a four-star resort in Spain for FREE!

Readers Will Find Out How To:

• Go to expensive restaurants for ¼ the price
• Wear a $2,000 dress for $50

• See Broadway, Vegas and local shows at super discounts or free

• See the hit show Hamilton for $10

• Get prescription drugs for less than with insurance
• Find money you didn’t know you have
• Travel, dine, and shop for next to zero

In How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short, Anderson reveals the secrets of how she does it and how readers can, too! Even millionaires love it, because they love saving money, too!

There is a ton of valuable information in Marilyn’s warm and witty style which adds up to a wonderful “how-to” book with a humorous flair.

How to Live Like a MILLIONAIRE When You’re a Million Short is available in paperback through Amazon.

Website and links to book on Amazon:

paperback, $19.95 – direct link:

Kindle ebook, $4.99 – direct link:

Zubi Flyer


Kristy Sevy is an ordinary Mom of three precocious girls that went on a quest to help quench her oldest daughter’s desire to learn! After an exhaustive search Kristy took matters into her own hands and developed a high-tech toy with the non-tech in mind – a toy aimed at championing community and transforming global economies with a goal to close skills gaps by inspiring play around futuristic technologies.

Zubi Flyer can be played out of the box by simply pushing buttons or waving the included magnet wand. Plug Zubi into a computer and you can easily reprogram each game or wipe the code to build a toy or game of your own – teacher and student learn real IoT computer science skills.

With Zubi Flyer learning electronics and real code is as easy as 1,2,3, Build, Hack, Play. The Zubi Flyer is a smart toy that FUZE’s physical play and online learning in a fun and simple way. Whether inside or outside, it’s a frisbee that shows kids how stuff works!

Open the box and screw your Zubi Flyer together (1 minute max). Put on your FuzePlay Star Diffraction Glasses and push buttons or wave the magnet wand to hack into fun games, sounds, and light sequences. Go outside and play frisbee with a friend or plug the Zubi Flyer into your computer to code the Arduino (ATmega32u4) microcontroller, LEDs, Piezo Buzzer, photocell light sensor, and button and reed switches.

Coding is FREE, real, and we have made it so easy to modify code that anyone can do it!!


· Chocolate coins, satsumas, novelty socks and nuts are the enduring staples whilst fidget spinners and edible games are amongst this year’s predicted additions

· Out-of-date KitKats, Hotel conditioners, raw potatoes and ‘season five of a series I’ve never watched’ are amongst the stocking horrors identified by recipients

Analysis of Christmas stocking contents over the last thirty years points to the enduring strength of satsumas, nuts, novelty socks and chocolate coins. Coal, once a fixture in most stockings, is now virtually absent or has been replaced by batteries, in line with more modern fuel sources.

According to a poll on behalf of Clintons, recent additions include edible boxed games, fidget spinners and mini wireless speakers. Now harder to find in the average stocking are slinkies, Rubik’s Cubes and tubes of bubbles.

Holly Oddy, stocking filler at Clintons, said: “Some of the old staples will always be part of the Christmas stocking, but the changes are an interesting insight into our changing tastes. The popular choices at Clintons are chocolate money, snow globes, scented candles, edible games, chocolate reindeer lollipops and baubles containing socks.”

While there are no written records of the origin of the Christmas Stocking, there are several popular legends that attempt to tell the history of this popular tradition. In years past, children would use everyday socks, but eventually special Christmas stockings were created for this purpose. The inclusion of oranges within the Christmas stocking is also a point of some debate. Some say it’s from a time when fresh fruit was difficult to come by whilst others believe it comes from the legend around St Nicholas throwing gold balls into empty stockings.

Bags of chocolate coins appear to have decreased in size over the past thirty years, according to those polled.

Leigh Oddy added: “There have been some fears that the exchange rate for chocolate coins might have been affected this year, but I can confirm that Clintons is maintaining the exchange rate that has been in place for the last five years.”

When asked to identify the worst stocking fillers ever received, responses included the following:

‘An out-of-date KitKat’
‘Hotel conditioner’
‘Season five of a TV show I have never watched’
‘A small shelf’
‘A roll of sticky tape’
‘A raw potato’
‘A 330ml can of Lilt’
‘A handful of jigsaw pieces’
‘A tin of spaghetti and sausages’
‘A paperback guide to parenting’

According to the Guinness World Records, the largest recorded Christmas stocking measured over 168 feet in length and over 70 feet in width (heel to toe) and was produced by a volunteer emergency services organisation in Carrara, Tuscany, Italy, on 5 January 2011. Volunteers filled the stocking with balloons containing sweets

Clintons sells a wide range of stocking filler gifts, seasonal ornaments, soft toys, candles, decorations, and greetings cards.


Spare a thought for those who received breast firming cream and slimming pants – Marmite unveil the nation’s most LOVED and HATED ‘gift gaffes’ at Christmas
Brits accept on average three gifts they hate EVERY Christmas
A third of us confess to cheekily buying ‘grudge gifts’, with bosses, exes and the mother-in-law most likely to receive a shoddy gift
Personalised gifts most LOVED, seven in ten feeling that something with their name on would show thought and consideration

They say it is the thought that counts when giving and receiving gifts, but these hilarious presents might just change your mind on that.

A pair of marigolds, underwear from a boss, anti-cellulite cream and EVEN BOTOX are just some of the most HATED Christmas presents to have been received by Brits.

With less than three weeks to go until Christmas, the nation’s most LOVED and HATED breakfast spread, Marmite, are looking back at some of the UK’s worst ‘gift gaffes’. According to 1,500 respondents, men and women accept on average three gifts they hate EVERY Christmas.

Last year, one poor soul was given a tax disc holder, another unwrapped breast firming cream from their gran and an unlucky individual was given a bag of cat litter.

One in four said they can’t remember the last time someone gave them a present they actually LOVED – with mums and colleagues named and shamed as the most likely to give a poor present.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom. When it comes to gifts Brits would LOVE to receive, seven in ten felt that something with their name on would show thought and consideration – and most likely not to end up in the bin.

When it comes to our reaction when presented with a disappointing gift, 24 per cent said they see the funny side, saying receiving rubbish presents gave them something to laugh about. Some of us just won’t let it slide, with a whopping third admitting to falling out with their other halves due to the terrible gift attempt.

There is no need to let a present go to waste according to an over a third of us (35 per cent), who admitted to re-gifting to others. A quarter of Brits who get landed with a rubbish present like to exchange it for something else but 34 percent give it straight to the charity shop.

When it comes to who we are gifting, a third of us confessed to cheekily buying ‘grudge gifts’ with little thought for people who we are not fond of. Bosses and colleagues who were pulled out of the office Secret Santa were most likely to be on the receiving end of a shoddy present. Followed in second place, exes (on behalf of the children of course).

A philosophical 83 percent said they were in agreement that it was the thought that counts but a materialistic 17 percent said it was all about the cost and extravagance of the presents you receive.

Shannon Lennon-Smith, spokesperson for Marmite said: “There is nothing worse than having to pretend that you love a present that you really hate. For a fail-safe gift, something personalised will let the recipient know that they were in your thoughts. For Marmite fans, our personalised jars make the perfect present and can be conveniently purchased online.”

Purchase a personalised 250g glass jars for friends and family, via the Marmite website at for £4.99. Orders to be placed by 15th December for guaranteed Christmas delivery.


A pair of slippers
Second-hand clothing
An autobiography of someone I don’t like
A workout DVD
A hand-made gift like jam or chutney
Sexy underwear from my other half
A hairbrush
An olive oil and balsamic vinegar set
Underwear from a boss
Novelty apron
An opened box of chocolates
A mop and bucket
A dead plant
A Christmas hamper from the PREVIOUS year
Chocolate body paint
A naughty calendar
Slimming pants
A dustpan and brush
A coffee mug stolen from a well-known coffee chain
A vacuum cleaner
A new broom
A gym membership
Maternity clothes when you weren’t pregnant
A half drank bottle of wine
An expired bank notes
A push up bra
A basket of fruit ‘on the turn’

The Four Present Faces of Christmas

A new Christmas Gift Code of Conduct has been launched, revealing the faces pulled in response to bad kids’ gifts

With up to £700 million a year* spent on unwanted Christmas gifts – and the majority spent on 5-16 year olds – well-meaning parents, Godparents, aunts and uncles are likely to experience the four present faces of Christmas before the year is out.

To help recognise and interpret these, Code Kingdoms has introduced a new Christmas Gift Code of Conduct. Made by kids, to help adults, it reveals the different present faces kids make upon receipt of a gift that misses the mark, whether out of embarrassment, shock or disappointment. Present faces include ‘The Face Palm of Failure’ and ‘The Wide Eyed WTF?’, reserved for gifts that have missed the mark. Watch the full Christmas Gift Code of Conduct here.

“There are hours of candid videos online revealing the brutally honest reactions from kids when they receive a gift they don’t want, or are confused by. You may have even suffered such a reaction to one of your own gifts before,” said Dr Rachel Andrew, Clinical Psychologist and Founder of Time Psychology Ltd. “The interests of the younger generation are also changing, making it even more difficult to know what to get them. For parents and kids alike, gifts that enhance skills in STEM – such as coding – are becoming increasingly popular.

Kids are taught to appreciate the gifts they receive, but it can be a challenge to show that appreciation when the gift is so far off the mark,” continued Dr Rachel Andrew. “With this new Christmas Gift Code of Conduct, kids can be appreciative, while subtly letting their relatives know that it’s not quite right. Although getting a negative reaction from a gift can be difficult, ultimately that feedback is helpful, making it more likely they will get it right next time.”

Bad Christmas presents can be grouped into several categories in the Christmas Gift Code of Conduct, including:

• Disappointing – Represented by ‘The Swallowed Smile’

• Uber disappointing – Represented by ‘The Face Palm of Failure’

• Embarrassing – Represented by ‘The Fly Catcher’

• Inappropriate – Represented by ‘The Wide Eyed WTF?’

“The kind of gifts that kids want are changing, and more than ever before we’re finding that they’re interested in reading books or taking up music, and taking an active interest in technology-focused gifts that enable learning,” said Ross Targett, Co-Founder and CEO, Code Kingdoms.

“Using the fun of gaming, we want to inspire the next generation of coders and show them that coding with games like Minecraft and Roblox can be incredibly rewarding, empowering kids to create their own games and projects. We believe that with Code Kingdoms, you’ll get a real smile this Christmas, not a fake one,” concludes Targett.

Code Kingdoms has also created the following tips for adults to help avoid unwanted present faces:

1. Think outside the box: Be brave and choose a gift that you might not be familiar with, but the kid is. Let them to take the lead and teach you a new skill, and give them the opportunity to be the expert

2. Make a list of their interests: Whether it’s a fantasy book, a science activity set, or related to games they like such as Minecraft or Roblox, as long as it’s aligned to their interests, it should be a hit

3. Think about how long they will use it for: Is what you’re buying going to hold their attention for longer than 30 minutes? If it isn’t, find something that will

4. Consider their future: Educational gifts are becoming more popular, so if you know a kid that is interested in music, an instrument might work, or if they love games and computers, a coding-related gift would be ideal

5. Get something you can use together: Kids value time spent with people they care about over the cost of a gift, so choose something that offers this too

To find out more about Code Kingdoms, please visit:

Instantprint recently carried out research, with 2,000 UK office workers. To discover what antics they get up to at the annual office Christmas party!

The results are rather interesting, revealing that office workers in the Northern Ireland admit their biggest Christmas party regret is ‘Telling their boss what they really think of them’.

Further findings:

HR is the wildest department, with 40% admitting they’ve wanted to hand their notice in the day after the party!
Senior department are the most likely to behave differently and reveal their true colours, followed by Accounting and Finance.
54% have had a lasting relationship that stemmed from a Christmas party confession and 31% of them are still together.
10 Top Tips (From office workers) On Surviving The Christmas Party

Have a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks

Don’t tell colleagues what you really think of them

Make sure you eat dinner beforehand

Book the next day off work

Avoid deep conversations with your boss

Avoid the office creep

Dress appropriately

Shots after 11pm are not a good idea

Give yourself a curfew

Don’t go

VARTA launches Christmas giveaway with Clas Ohlson

Leading battery specialist, VARTA, has teamed up with Swedish retailer, Clas Ohlson, to offer customers the chance to win a state-of-the-art electric bike in the run-up to Christmas.

The competition, in partnership with electric bike manufacturer, EBCO, is offering Clas Ohlson customers the chance to win an EBCO Urban City UCL-30, worth £1,299. To enter, customers’ need to purchase a VARTA 24-pack smart-box of batteries from any of the nine Clas Ohlson stores across the UK. Once they’ve purchased their batteries, customers can text the word ‘VARTA’ to 88440 and fill in the details requested, including why they’d like to ride an electric bike rather than walk to their next battery purchase at Clas Ohlson. The registered entrant with the best answer will then win the bike.

Natalie Carney, VARTA Trade Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland, comments: “We’re really excited to be offering Clas Ohlson customers the chance to win this amazing prize in the run up to Christmas. Batteries are an essential part of the festive period, and we’re delighted to be able to reward those that are prepared and stocking up early.”

Paul Stanforth, managing director at EBCO, added: “A brand new bike has long featured at the top of people’s Christmas lists, so we were more than happy to provide an EBCO electric bike for this competition to make one lucky winner’s celebrations even more special. Both VARTA and Clas Ohlson match the high standards of quality that we have here at EBCO, so it was an easy decision to partner with them. EBCO bikes are perfect for novice and experienced riders alike, and we hope whoever wins enjoys their Christmas present!”

The competition will run to 25 December 2017.

For more information or to enter the competition, visit

For more information on EBCO Bikes, visit

Dreaming Of Christmas

Celebrate Christmas in Naples like a vero napoletano
with old-world traditions such as: nibbling on dolci Natalizi,
creating a presepe, eating baccalà e capitone on Christmas eve,
playing tomobola and spending time with la famiglia!

Standing in the shadow of Vesuvious, Naples is a city with vibrant contradictions! And Christmas time
is no different. The Neapolitans talk with their hands, they’re proud of their cuisine, superstitions
and traditions, including Pulcinella who is present everywhere. It is because of Vesuvius boiling
under their feet?

Often called Parthenope, the city has a rich and colorful past. Perhaps it’s the influence of the
many rulers and invaders who came and left their mark. There were the Greeks, Arabs, French,
Spanish & Bourbons, Lombards and Normans. At one time, it was even called the Kingdom
of Two Sicilies.

Start your morning with a visit to the Mercato Pignasecca, the famous fish and produce market that’s located on Piazza Pignasecca. They specialize in fish, but wander around the square for the best street food ever ~ pizza fritter, taralli, and libretto, a small Margherita pizza folded over and eaten with your hands. It’s an outdoor market but feels like a theatre as vendors shout out their catch of the day, while Neapolitans elbow for the best biggest fish. It’s open from 8am to 1pm daily.

Naples is home to the first opera house in Europe, the Real Teatro di San Carlo and the first pizza, la pizza Margherita. But most of all, it’s a city that keeps its Christmas tradition alive and continues making presepi, mangers, that are known around the world. Head to Via San Gregorio Armeno, a street filled with shops that sell presepi. At this time of year, it’s teeming with visitors from all over the world.

After you’ve soaked up the sights on Via San Gregorio, make your way to the Piazza dei Martiri and slip into Gran Caffè La Caffettiera for an aperitivo. This famous locale is the place where Neapolitans sip Campri overlooking the Piazza dei Martiri. When you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to Piazza Francese for a traditional bite at Osteria degli Angioni.

Bella Napoli is, after all, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet!

Join us in Italy and celebrate the Christmas season starting December 8 with the Immaculate Conception; then December 13 for Santa Lucia, up to December 24 for La Vigilia and the 25th for Christmas. Then, put on your red undies just like all Italians do (for good luck they say) and stew up your lentils (for more good luck) for New Years. The holiday culminates on January 6 for the Epiphany when the good befana brings gifts and sweets for all!

Buon Natale!
~From all of us at Cooking Vacations!


A student from St Mary’s College in Northern Ireland has been selected to compete at the UK finals of a science and engineering competition after their exciting project caught the eye of judges. The student, Maeve Stillman, from the school will now take their place in next year’s The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Competition.

The student has been announced as one of the winners of the regional heats at The Big Bang Northern Ireland, with the project from the student entitled ‘Scoby, Scoby Do’. As part of the project, Maeve makes scoby material and investigates ways of waterproofing it so that it can be used to make clothes, as well as investigating its ability to remove metal ions from water.

Beth Elgood, Director of Communications, EngineeringUK said, “The student from St Mary’s College really impressed the judges with their project and we’re excited to see how they do at the finals at The Fair. Going into its tenth year in 2018, The Big Bang Fair continues to be a great source of STEM inspiration for young people, representing an amazing opportunity for young visitors, their teachers and parents to get hands-on with a wide range of activities, workshops and shows, and engage in meaningful career conversations with professionals, all designed to bring classroom learning to life and inspire the next generation.”

The students will be invited to attend the competition finals, which are taking place at The Big Bang Fair at Birmingham’s NEC in March 2018. Here, they will vie for top prizes including the coveted title of UK Young Engineer and GSK UK Young Scientist of the Year.




Warner Bros. UK is pleased to reveal the official trailer and teaser one-sheet for Steven Spielberg’s pop culture odyssey, Ready Player One, based on the bestseller from Ernest Cline.

The film is set in 2045, with the world on the brink of chaos and collapse. But the people have found salvation in the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality universe created by the brilliant and eccentric James Halliday (Mark Rylance). When Halliday dies, he leaves his immense fortune to the first person to find a digital Easter egg he has hidden somewhere in the OASIS, sparking a contest that grips the entire world. When an unlikely young hero named Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) decides to join the contest, he is hurled into a breakneck, reality-bending treasure hunt through a fantastical universe of mystery, discovery and danger.

Joining Tye Sheridan (X-Men: Apocalypse, Mud), Olivia Cooke (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, Bates Motel), Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One – A Star Wars Story, Bloodline) and T.J. Miller (Deadpool, Silicon Valley), with Simon Pegg (the Star Trek movies, the Mission: Impossible movies) and Oscar winner Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies, Dunkirk) round out the cast. Directed by Spielberg from a screenplay by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline, Ready Player One was produced by Spielberg, Donald De Line, Kristie Macosko Krieger and Dan Farah; with Adam Somner, Daniel Lupi, Chris DeFaria and Bruce Berman as executive producers. The film is slated for release worldwide beginning 30th March, 2018, and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and in select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.

Author Jane Edna Stravens inspires readers in ‘Penguin Marina’s Transformational Journey’ – ‘Follow Your Dreams’.

This lively picture book is of a penguin named Marina which wants to travel from the Antarctic pole to Europe. After her parent’s approval, Marina trains herself with will power, enthusiasm, and perseverance every day to fulfil her dreams.
Marina overcomes many obstacles, she meets her soulmate, Pinky who also enjoys travelling, and together they reach their destination. They visit many wonderful places during their journey, and make friends along the way. They even meet with mermaids on the atoll of Aldabra which form part of the Seychelles archipelago.
Marina’s story is an inspiration for readers who want to take full control of their lives. Instead of being passive, decide what they want and make a commitment to achieve their goal/s with determination, faith, perseverance, love and courage until they make it.
This story is filled with passion, action, and with valuable lessons that readers can apply in their lives to make their dreams come true.
In 1994, the media announced that three penguins were found in the port of Genoa, Italy. From that fact, Jane has turned it into an amazing, and motivational story for children, actually it has been described as a book for all ages because it also explains how to attract what you want in life.
Visit her website:
About the author
Jane Edna Stravens was born in the Seychelles. She devotes her time to volunteer work. She has a bachelor’s degree in theology and works with children, teaching catechism and the arts. Her love for them has pushed her to dedicate this novel to them, and Jane is also helping children in need. Once upon a time, Jane was Miss Seychelles and Miss World Finalist at the Albert Hall of London.


As the saying goes, first impressions are everything – and this is certainly true of your home. The exterior of your home is the first impression your guests have of your style, and it impacts how much neighbours and passersby think you value your home and community.

Choosing a front door makes a huge impact when it comes to enhancing your curb appeal. Whether it’s the doors design or choosing the right colour for your door you can make a real entrance with the The English Door CompanyTM range from Evolution Windows.

When choosing your front door obviously functionality and security is key, the design and style of the door is also important and it should ideally match the architecture of your home. The English Door CompanyTM range from Evolution Windows is a Timber Alternative range which has the look and feel of real timber but without the required maintenance.

Whether your home is modern, traditional or cottage, there is a door style to suit any setting. Each door is available in a selection of classic and modern colours as standard and over 200 RAL colours as an option.

To make your door even more bespoke, choose from a wide range of stylish door furniture, including exclusive handles, door knockers and letterboxes, to create a grand, contemporary or traditional look to your exterior.

Prices start at £1300. All doors are supplied with high security locking system and come with a 10 year guarantee.

For further information visit tel 01767 821548.


Lovers of Boys Bands, Girl Groups, Brit Pop and Handbag House are to get a belated Christmas present: their own TV channel. NOW Music will follow up on the enormous success of the NOW 80s TV channel, which was launched this time last year, by unveiling its new pop music channel, NOW 90s TV, on 27 December.

NOW 90s will take us back to the era of Cool Britannia with a variety of guest presenters including Hanson, Sonia & Steps. The much-loved former Radio 1 and Top 40 singles chart DJ, Mark Goodier, will be presenting a regular show “Number 1s of the 90s”. Nostalgia lovers can expect all the top hits from Take That, Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, Boyzone, 5ive, New Kids on The Block & All Saints. And many more.

NOW 80s was originally set up at the beginning of this year as a temporary New Year party channel – but 12 months later, the “pop-up” has become one of the most-watched music TV channels in the UK and is now here to stay. It’s proof again that viewers just can’t get enough of pop nostalgia.

There are currently more than 25 music TV channels in the UK – almost all targeting an increasingly elusive 16-34 demographic. The NOW 80s channel broke the mould as it was firmly aimed at a 35+ – it has attracted a quarterly audience of nearly 2 million and with that older audience is now consistently a top 3 most-watched music channel on Sky. NOW 90s has a ready-made target audience since 90s teenagers, who grew up on Will Smith & Mariah Carey, now fall into this more mature demographic.

Mark Goodier, the voice Of NOW! Said

“The 90s was an amazing decade for music and such a massive part of people’s lives. I’m sure the NOW 90s will find a large audience”

Simon Sadler, COO of NOW Music’s TV partners All Around the World said:

“We launched NOW 80s as a temporary New Year party channel following NOW Xmas in 2016 – but it quickly became one of the most watched music TV channels in the UK. Our viewers obviously love pop nostalgia, and 12 months later it’s still around. We’re sure NOW 90s will have the same effect.”

Alex McCoy, Director of Digital, NOW Music said:

“It is so interesting to see how the music channel audience demographic has shifted, NOW 80s attracted the 35+ viewers who are obviously looking for nostalgia. NOW 90s targets maturing millennials.”

NOW 90s launches 27th December 2017 – Sky 370 (plus red button on Virgin 345, and in Manchester on Freeview Channel 92)

Skinny Caffe Case Study

Kirsty Leighton

“I hadn’t realised how big I had got and I first noticed when I went on holiday with friends which is something I hadn’t done for a long time. I remember being at the pool that first day and thinking how big I felt and actually looked next to them. The whole holiday was dominated by me feeling self conscious and it ruined it for me. When I got home I became more aware, I realised how big of a portion of food I had at mealtimes. My weight had crept up over a period of years so I hadn’t noticed the increase in clothing sizes as it was so gradual.

The last straw was when I did race for life which was for two close family members that had passed away with cancer within a week of each other. I could hardly run I had to have constant breaks it was so embarrassing even my mum was concerned and I didn’t want her worrying about me. I knew I had to turn my life around, I lost all confidence became unfit and I didn’t feel myself anymore.

I do know Wayne through a family member and he mentioned The Skinny Caffe which really interested me, I thought it was perfect for me to try so decided to give it a go. Firstly it gave me a huge kick start as it supressed my appetite which really helped me with portion control, I had so much energy rather than feeling sluggish which I often felt after a standard tea or coffee. I also introduced their exercise and healthy eating plan and the weight was dropping off, every week I was loosing between 3 – 5 pound and it felt amazing. I then started to introduce my own gym workouts and eating routines once I gained my confidence back but still continuing to drink The Skinny Caffe products. I really enjoy drinking the products and if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t drink it, I have to like something otherwise I get bored. I still drink it now even though I feel like I am very near my target weight, I genuinely love the taste and it helps me maintain a good weight and is great to include in your daily routine in replacement of standard tea or coffee.

I can’t recommend them enough and when I let people try mine at home they really love it. I am fan of fruit tea but the standard supermarket ones don’t taste as good as these. I feel like a new person after my weight loss and I can actually enjoy life feeling comfortable in myself which is something I wasn’t doing before.”



​‘Tis the season to be jolly and to celebrate, Bimber Distillery has crafted a distinctive spirit of incredible provenance and 100% natural ingredients – exclusively for Fortnum & Mason.

Introducing English Barley Vodka – part of Fortnum & Mason’s new collection of seasonal spirits. A new array of tipples, infused with the flavours of Fortnum & Mason’s most-loved treats.

From grain-to-glass, Bimber’s English Barley Vodka is crafted with Barley harvested from a single Berkshire farm (Fordham & Allen); malted at Britain’s oldest working maltings (Warminster Maltings) and distilled at it’s West London’s Distillery. Where Fortnum & Mason’s Master Distiller uses small batch ‘single shot’ distillations to retain the full character of the barley in each sip.

Bimber’s Head of Sales Adam Trethewy describes it as;

”A micro-distilled, unfiltered and gluten free vodka, full of barley and lemongrass character and with a rich, creamy, citric finish.”

Bimber’s English Barley Vodka is without a doubt the perfect craft vodka Christmas gift for the cocktail enthusiast and the spirits amateur alike.

Not only is it wonderfully versatile and rich with the finest provenance and ingredients, this new spirit creation is an extraordinary addition to any drinks cabinet.

English Barley Vodka £28.50 (50cl) / £14.50 (20cl) is available to buy in store and online:





From wines produced on family-run vineyards to desserts with hidden surprises and party food inspired by trends across the globe, Tesco has everything you need to celebrate this Christmas.



Tesco finest* Blanquette de Limoux – 75cl, £9 Blanquette de Limoux is the oldest sparkling wine in the world and was first created by Benedictine monks using the same techniques as Champagne, producing an elegant dry sparkling wine with flavours of citrus and brioche. Local Mauzac, Chardonnay and Chenin grapes are blended and aged in bottle for 18 months to produce complex flavours of peach, green apples and a toasted bri oche finish. Ideal as an aperitif or with seafood, it’s a fresh alternative to Champagne this Christmas.

Tesco finest* Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Magnum – 150cl, £19 This sparkling wine is fresh and elegantly complex, with classic aromas of white blossom and crisp peach and pear notes. It is made with premium handpicked grapes which are grown on the slopes of Valdobbiadene in Italy, one of the best areas for Prosecco. This is the perfect size for entertaining and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or to complement an antipasti or salmon starter.

Tesco finest* English Sparkling – 75cl, £17.50 Produced on the award winning and family-run Hush Heath Estate in Kent, this British bubbly uses Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes to create a unique sparkler to celebrate with.

Tesco finest* Champagne Vintage Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs – 75cl, £25 No Christmas party would be complete without a classic bottle of Champagne. O ur vintage Champagne is only produced in the years when the harvest is at its best. We use only Chardonnay grapes from the Grand Cru vineyards which give our champagne rich flavours of ripe citrus and brioche with creamy bubbles. Serve this sophisticated Champagne as an aperitif or partner with smoked trout or salmon.


Tesco finest* Sashimi Style Sliced Smoked Salmon – 130g, £4.50 With a Japanese style dressing for a fiery kick, these light oak smoked slices are ideal as a snack or as part of a sharing platter. The sashimi is cut at a 68 degree angle, giving a firmer texture which melts in the mouth and makes it great for dipping in the wasabi dip. Our Scottish smoked salmon is RSPCA assured.

Tesco finest* 8 Mini Crayfish Cocktails, £5 Our twist on a retro-favourite is a fun addition to any Christmas celebration. Combining a layer of tomato and vodka salsa, topped with a creamy Marie Rose sauce and hand-finished with juicy crayfish, this is a perfect no-prep party food which comes in individual pots ready to serve, and with glitter spoons for extra Christmas sparkle.

Tesco finest* 9 Goats Cheese & Red Onion Tartlets – 198g, £5 These filo pastry cases filled with melt in the mouth goat’s cheese and sweet balsamic red onion chutney sprinkled with chives, will be a welcomed addition to any party platter.

Tesco finest* 9 Brie & Cranberry Parcels – 198g, £5 This perfect pairing of two classic festive flavours will add a touch of elegance to your Christmas celebrations. A fantastic vegetarian option, each parcel is filled with a rich and creamy French brie accompanied by a tangy cranberry sauce, hand wrapped in deliciously light and crisp filo pastry and ready to be enjoyed in under
30 minutes.

Tesco finest* 12 Steamed Dim Sum Selection – 270g, £4 These Cantonese inspired steamed snacks are a lighter choice whilst still being a firm favourite for Christmas. Filled with delicious chicken and mushroom or flavoursome prawn and vegetables accompanied by a soy and sesame dipping sauce, they are perfect as a starter or to serve as part of a buffet over the festive season.

Tesco finest* 12 West Country Vintage Cheddar & Onion Mini Pies – 360g, £5 Made in Cornwall, these mini individual cheese and onion butter enriched suet pastry pies are a great addition to any festive party spread. A British classic made bite size.

Tesco finest* 12 Vol-au-Vents – 186g, £5 No Christmas party would be complete without a vol-au-vent and this year we have given this classic a makeover. Our light, crisp, handfinished puff pastry cases are filled with creamy manchego cheese topped with chorizo or filled with light cream cheese topped with smoked salmon. A perfect savoury bite and a hassle free buffet option.


Tesco finest* 10 Tempura Prawns – 240g, £4 A Christmas party favourite, these succulent king prawn tails are expertly coated in a crispy Japanese inspired tempura batter. The new and improved batter recipe now offers extra crunch following customer feedback.


Hanson & Hopewell

A wedding gifting company who aim to make gifting stylish and personal by creating and discovering gorgeous handmade hidden gems from independent makers to gift to the ones you love on your wedding day.

Merry Merry Winter Wedding Pamper Gift box

It’s a perfect gift for the bride to be that’s getting married next year or as a gift for a Christmas Wedding. The price is £40 and it’s available to buy in their online shop via this link

Hanson & Hopewell

Mulled beer, the must-have drink this festive season

Old Mulled Hen, is a warming winter ale, launched in time for Christmas

Forget cider and wine – why not celebrate this festive season in style by supping on mulled beer?

If you want a change from the standard beer for this year’s Christmas gathering, try Old Speckled Hen’s new seasonal offering, the festive mulled beer, Old Mulled Hen.

This new seasonal dark, rich beer marries the unique character and consistently premium quality of Old Speckled Hen, with the flavours and aromas of Christmas.

Old Mulled Hen, the first mulled beer launched by Old Speckled Hen, is a 5% abv warming winter ale enhanced with clove, cinnamon and orange.

This delicious festive drink is an absolute must for any upcoming Christmas gathering. Whether you are hosting a party or heading to a Christmas market, Old Mulled Hen, is the go to ale this holiday season.

Old Mulled Hen is available to buy in 500ml bottles in selected stores including Morrisons and Nisa in addition to in cask in selected pubs.

Think outside the well-wrapped box this Christmas

Replace sleigh bells with bike bells as experiential gifts top wish lists

There’s just one name left on your shopping list. That cherished friend or family member who has everything. Just what do you buy them?

Backed by findings in a recent 20-year study by Cornell University^ – where experiences, even if fleeting, were found to provide longer-lasting happiness to the recipient – activity holiday specialist BSpoke Tours, recommends foregoing hours of agonising over the latest gadgets and giving the gift of travel this Christmas.

“Experiences have been found to provide much longer lasting positive effects than material gifts,” says Miles Porter, BSpoke Tours’ Head of Activities.

“BSpoke Tours’ itineraries combine an active holiday with the nostalgia of feeling free as a child – out exploring on your bike, with the wind in your hair.”

The Cornell University study found that experiences, more so than material objects, form a key part of people’s identity, and that through anticipation and memory-creation, experiences are truly the gift that keeps giving. Whilst anticipation of receiving an object often provokes impatience, anticipation of receiving an experience is more likely to trigger excitement.

“Long after the batteries have worn out and the dust has gathered on a new gadget, experiences continue to provide joy – from the build-up to the event, through to creating memories when living it and recalling the memories long after you return,” continues Porter.

“Travel allows people to unwind, and cycling holidays help alleviate stress through physical activity and promote well-being. Giving a holiday experience encourages the recipient to take some time out from their day-to-day responsibilities and enjoy the chance to relax.”

And it’s not just the recipient who benefits as research from San Francisco State University* found people who purchase experiences instead of material items felt their money had been better spent, with the thrill of purchasing ‘things’ fading much quicker than lifetime memories created by experiences.

BSpoke Tours has increasingly fulfilled Christmas gift requests this year. Their top three Christmas gift itineraries for 2017 are:

Sudtirol – Valleys, Vines and Vistas –

Peaks of the Dolomites. The spa town of Merano. Visits to Gewurztraminer vineyards. Adventures through the Pustertal Valley. This seven night break is perfect for adventurers.

Priced from £795pp for seven nights, including, transfers, bike hire and more.

Classic Burgundy and Beaune –

Cycle through stunning scenery, with stops to explore abbeys, châteaux and vineyards, famous for producing some of Burgundy’s finest wines. Perfect for couples.

Priced from £1,069 pp for five nights, including transfers, bike hire and more.

Slow Food and Cycling in Piedmont –

Foodies will love this trip, venturing through Langhe, home to the Slow Food Movement. This gastronomic heartland features stunning views of the coast and the Alps, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy regional specialities such as white truffles and chocolate.

Priced from £1,085 pp for seven nights, including B&B accommodation, luggage transfers, bike with handlebar bags, repair kit, route maps and more.

To complete your shopping list and give the gift of adventure this Christmas, visit or call 020 7471 7750.

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