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AN innovative product which has revolutionised the simple hot water bottle has consolidated its position as a ‘must have’ for the sporting elite, after becoming an official licensed product for England Rugby.

And the collaboration with the Red Roses, England’s women’s senior rugby union team, couldn’t have happened at a better time, with the side already making it into the record books, following their crushing defeat of the USA team on Sunday.

The YuYu Bottle, first broke into the international sporting arena after being used by Team GB athletes to stay cool at this year’s Tokyo summer Olympic Games.

And the bottles have now been adopted by the rugby players as an easy-to-use way of warming up muscles and cooling down aches, sprains and inflammation before, during and after their games.

The bottles, complete with a bespoke England cover – which are 81cm long and come with an adjustable strap for easy wear – are proving invaluable to the women in helping the team in recovering between games.

The deal was agreed at the beginning of the Red Roses’ busy autumn schedule, with the women winning four out of four games and continuing their streak of being unbeaten in their last 18 games.

Emily Ross, lead physiotherapist for the senior England’s Women’s rugby team, is delighted by what the bottles can offer.

“Elite sport is an ever-evolving landscape and even more so in this COVID-19 world,” she said.

“We as support staff have been focused on sustainable-adaptable strategies to withstand any changes thrown at us in whatever continent we are training in.

“YuYu Bottles allow a great adaptable recovery strategy for players, and especially for females athletes. The tie allows players to recover whilst on the move.

“It also is a great option in limiting the potential performance deficits from menstrual symptoms.”

Her words are echoed by Saracens and Red Roses flanker, Marlie Packer, who believes the bottles have become something of a secret weapon.

“I absolutely love the YuYu Bottle,” said Marlie.

“It works for me in multiple ways. The hot and cold elements are perfect for players like myself and the fact that they can be used on the go is a huge benefit.”

Richard Yu, founder of the company and creator of the award-winning product, has watched it become a firm favourite with athletes from across all areas of sport.

“The bottles are designed to be completely flexible and can be moved round so they target where they will do the most good,” he said.

“They can be worn across the shoulder, tied round the waist or lower back or just wrapped around joints such as the knees and ankles.

“The water inside the bottles can also be frozen and the temperature of the bottle can be manipulated by the thickness of the fabric cover, allowing players to keep key muscle groups at the ideal temperature needed to help extend their recovery and achieve those marginal gains all elite athletes and their physios strive for.”

The YuYu Bottles have also been extremely successful in helping people suffering from chronic pain and from a range of medical conditions and the hope is now to build further relationship with other sporting organisations.

YuYu Bottles were created by Richard who realised that the design of hot water bottles hadn’t changed in centuries and were often not fit for purpose.

His 21st century creation is made of the highest quality, sustainable fair trade rubber from Sri Lanka.

This is not the first partnership for YuYu Bottles which also works closely with ethical sports agency, The Athlete Media Group (AMG), where many of their athletes are also strong advocates of the YuYu Bottle.

They include double Olympic Gold medal winning sailor and environmentalist Hannah Mills, MBE, who also set up the Big Plastic Pledge, to save the oceans from being a dumping ground for single use plastics.

YuYu Bottles are available in a range of covers and start from £25, with the branded Red Roses bottles selling for £60 For further information visit

SilverGuard Snood…

SilverGuard have an antimicrobial snood which is a great gift for any rugby players or outdoors type person out there.

SilverGuard is a UK-based company which specialises in providing antimicrobial textile products for consumers, As consumers are becoming more conscious about health and hygiene and more sustainable ways of living we believe our antimicrobial products offer a practical, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution, but not at the expense of quality.

Our snoods (like all our products) are a great eco-option for a number of reasons. Our snoods are manufactured in the UK. The silver antimicrobial technology is not a nanotechnology or a complex chemical formula, the fabric is made by permanently bonding 100% pure metallic silver to the surface of a fibre. This means it will not wash out and lasts for the entire lifetime of the product. The antimicrobial nature of the silver thread technology also means that odour producing bacteria are eliminated which means a fresher smelling snood for longer, and less laundering is needed – which reduces the environmental impact associated with washing and extends the product life as well. IONIC+™ is also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified.

Our antimicrobial snoods are a stylish and versatile alternative to face masks, and are definitely a practical option for outdoor activities, especially in the Winter months. They provide comfort and breathability while still delivering antimicrobial protection. Our antimicrobial snoods currently retail for GBP 15.99 on both Amazon ( and our website (

Last Minute Presents! Maximuscle’s protein bars and bites are the perfect stocking fillers for the health-conscious person you’re wanting to buy a gift for. The bars come in 7 delicious flavours which are high in protein and the perfect on-the-go snack.

Maximuscle also has a variety of other high protein snacks which make hitting your protein goal so much easier. The protein bites make dipping in and out of high protein snacks much easier, and if you’re generous, you can share them! I have included links on the bars and bites below. Please let me know if these are of any interest to you or if you would like to sample any of these products. If there are any other Maximuscle products you would like to include in your gift guide please do let me know!

Maximuscle Protein Bars
Price £21.00 for 12 bars
Available in Caramel Millionaires, Cinnamon Swirl, Cookies and Cream, Dark Chocolate Orange, New York Cheesecake, Raspberry Coconut, Salted Caramel

Maximuscle Protein Bites
Price £4.49 per bag
Available in Cookies and Cream, Millionaires Shortbread, Strawberries and Cream

Introducing the light-up Gin Liqueur baubles – the UK’s only light up mini snow globe from the makers of the cult Snow Globe Gin Liqueur and Sixpence Pud Gin Liqueur.! The perfect stocking filler gift for grownups. Light Up Gin Liqueur Baubles, 6 x 5cl | Costco UK

The Light-Up Gin Liqueur Baubles are the ultimate grown up Christmas stocking filler.
Bursting with delicious winter berry gin liqueur and edible 23 karat gold leaf, these mini snow globes will sparkle on your tree. Press the button on the base to turn on the light, bauble will light up for 10 minutes and then automatically turn off. Each bauble is decorated with a perfect Christmas scene to make a festive set.

Tasting Notes:
A sweet and fruit filled gin liqueur bursting with notes of redcurrants, blueberries and cranberries.
Serving Suggestion:
Mix with a dry tonic or ginger ale, lots of ice and garnish with your favourite berries.

Available from Costco, Master of Malt, Amazon, Firebox, Harvey Nichols.

Inspired During Lockdown! NEW BUSINESS SUCCESS >> Wee Messy Crafters (They Have A Christmas Box)

Wee Messy Crafters


Amey Turner and her Daughter Phoebe, through lockdown came up with Wee Crafty boxes.

Amey is a mum of 2 girls and rusn an independent messy play and craft group in Dumfries and Galloway. Unfortunately, with the hit of covid and lockdown, she was unable to run her classes. While she and her daughter were doing live Facebook crafts, they came up with an idea of how they can send craft kits to children over the UK.

Wee Crafty Boxes was started. An Eco friendly, recyclable and reusable items only in this box. There are currently 4 themes to choose from and theme boxes that come up throughout the year.

Their Christmas Box Contains 3 fun activities which bring imaginative projects to children aged 3-8 years. For a one-off payment, a personalised box includes stickers, colouring picture, items to make arts and crafts with instructions and a special gift Christmas activity book. With eco-friendly packaging containing recyclable and reusable items. All delivered straight to your door.

For more info on Wee Messy Crafters

Signed 99… commission artist Steve Porter to recreate your signature, only 99 will ever be made (

Signed99 by Artist Steve Porter, November 29th 2021

What is Signed99?

Signed99 is an art venture whereby people can commission Steve Porter to paint a portrait of their signature. He actually paints their signature twice, (with one upside-down) to create an aesthetic balance.

The standard size is a bold 3’/4’, but clients can have any size they like. The “99” bit of Signed99 refers to the limited number of commissions available. Each portrait is numbered uniquely, 01-99, and is priced uniquely, too.

Did you just cough?

Until Covid arrived in March 2020 and closed all the schools, Steve had spent nearly 20 years travelling the UK, making murals and sculptures with primary-aged children. Steve felt very privileged to work with so many thousands of kids, with a legacy of artworks stretching back over two decades.

Alongside his work in schools, Steve has illustrated books, and sold his work via exhibitions and commissions. He even ran his own contemporary art gallery for a while.

Signed99 History…

During 2018 Steve trawled past sketchbooks for any historical art ideas that interested him. One of these ideas was to make a giant version of his own signature. Which he then did. Signatures are usually handwriting-sized. Steve found it fun to see his name produced on such a massive scale. Like having his name up in lights. Or up in whites, in this case!

The painting Steve made remained at the top of his stairs for nearly two years. Then one day during the autumn of 2020, it occurred to him that other people might enjoy the feeling of having their signature made in the same way… And so Signed99 began.

Even further back in time

The actual centre-of-the-earth core of the idea goes all the way back to the summer of 1991, when Steve and his cousin made a mischief-inspired road trip from Wiltshire to sunny Brighton.

On the giant peer we discovered the amusement arcade. In the corner of the arcade there was a machine which claimed to be able to “read” someone’s character by looking at their signature. Steve filled in the slip and fed it into the machine. The results were horribly accurate.

It made him think of the signature as a kind of portrait, where we are shown as a carousel of reveals and conceals, just like in everyday life.


How much? Who for?

Having thought that other people might want their signatures painted, the big question was: pricing. How could Steve make something that was theoretically available to everyone (since literally everyone has a name) while still being viable?

The answer came. Steve has priced each portrait differently! Starting at a simple £1 for Signed99/01 and gradually go up from there… All the way to 99. Which is available cool £1m.

In keeping with these wonderfully egalitarian principles, every single Signed99 signature portrait comes with a free bottle of Champagne. There is also free delivery, making the price the price with no extra “oh, and there’s just this…” to contend with at the checkout.

Signed99 might suit someone who is of a confident demeanor and is proud of their achievements. It might suit someone looking to leave a legacy – a prompt for the memories and stories that make up our lives.

Signed99 is about helping people to feel good about themselves. Which is a good thing to do.

And so to the glory of now!

Signed99 is open. Steve’s brushes are poised to recreate signatures on any scale. There have been six exciting commissions made, so far…

Perhaps you would enjoy one? Or know someone who might? Perhaps one could be given as an incredibly unique gift?

Steve is looking forward to making the remaining 93, bringing more people lasting joy and positivity through these uniquely personal bespoke artworks.

Contact information

Signed99 artworks are only available directly from the artist, Steve Porter at::

For questions and communications,


Hardsell London

Women’s, men’s and kids’ sweaters, hoodies, t-shirts and caps.

Created with GIMP

Christmas Cheer from DARE Nutrition for Motivation >>> insta@dare.motivation

🤸Nutrition for Motivation 💥
😀 Fight Tiredness
🧠 Mental Performance
💯26 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
🌱100% Vegan
👨‍⚕️Medical Doctor & Wife

DARE are a Nutrition brand dare with vegan complete Nutrition shakes “motivational shakes”.


Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth 5.0, 40W Portable Outdoor Wireless Speaker With Tri-Bass Effects, 6600mAh Powerbank, IPX6 Waterproof, 15 Hrs Playtime, Voice Assistant and handsfree call available from Amazon UK & Amazon US for £55.99 (Using £10 coupon)/$52.79 (Using 12% discount coupon)

UP to 40W High Power Sound Speaker & Extensive Connectivity Intuitive Multifunctional Control Wheel : Control the volume with a simple rotating wheel. Press to play & pause music, and make hands-free phone calls. Hold for 3 seconds to activate the voice assistant. The waterproof wireless speaker has a range of about 66 feet. It can also be connected to non-Bluetooth devices via the included 3.5mm audio cable and the speaker will shift to AUX mode.

True Wireless Stereo & Super Bass Home Speaker Tri-bass effect : Extra bass, 3D Deep Bass, Vocal for an unmatched listening experience. you can also CONNECT TWO T6 PLUS speakers together (80W) for a room-filling stereo sound to provide 3D stereo surround sound. Extraordinary Clarity, less than 1% harmonic distortion. The Micro SD/TF Card Slot not only supports MP3 but also Lossless Audio Codec such as WAV/FLAC/APE.

IPX6 Water Resistant: Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology features faster & stable signal transmission, clearer sound quality and lower power consumption. Splashproof, rainproof, dustproof, sandproof; Outdoor shower speaker, durable design perfect for the home and outdoor. IPX6 rating speaker can resist gentle water spray & splash but cannot be partially or fully submerged. Ultra-portable speakers perfect for traveling & hiking, easy to fit in bag or backpack.

Excellent Battery – 6600MAH: Smart Speaker with 6600mAh rechargeable battery, One full charge lets you play music for up to 15 hours at 50% volume(Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content). You can even use T6 PLUS to charge your smartphone, no need to worry about your devices dying when you enjoy your music. Elegant design to be comfortable to carry or place as an ornament in the room, so T6 Plus is the best choice to enjoy music from day to night.

Tronsmart Force Bluetooth 5.0, 40W Portable Speaker With 3D Stereo, Extra Bass, IPX7 Waterproof,15 Hours Playtime,Voice Assistant,100ft Bluetooth Range For Travel, Party, works with Alexa available on Amazon UK & Amazon US for £59.99/$50.14 (Using 15% discount coupon)

40W Thumping Sound – Dual passive radiators, dual 20W full-range stereo loudspeakers integrated with patented DSP algorithm, Force blue tooth speaker pumps out great sounding with unmatched punchy bass even in compact size.
True Wireless Stereo – Pair two speakers for sensational sounding. Enjoying surrounding sound like a home theater with less than 1% distortion via True Wireless Stereo Pairing. An unrivaled auditory experience with tri-bass effect switchable.
IPX7 Waterproof – Tronsmart outdoor bluetooth speakers can even endure total submersion in water so that you can enjoy fearless outdoor entertainment in any weather. Perfect for camping, hiking, cycling or outdoor adventure activities.
Excellent Performance – Built-in 6600mAh battery, Mega portable speaker serves up to 15 hours at medium volume on a single charge. Exquisite outlook can also function as a home decoration.
Universal Compatibility – Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 enables robust connection with range up to 100ft. Besides bluetooth, Tronsmart wireless speaker also supports NFC, Micro SD/TF card and Aux-in connection.

Tronsmart Force 2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Qualcomm QCC3021 Chip, Connect 100+ speakers, 30W Powerful Output, IPX7 Waterproof, 15 Hours of Playtime, Voice Assistant For Travel, Party available on Amazon UK & Amazon US for £35.49 (Using £7 discount coupon)/$41.39 (Using 10% discount coupon)

Powerful Sound in a Compact Size: Thanks to the Tronsmart patented SoundPulse technology, it delivers up to 30W RMS output. With two passive radiator, Force 2 wireless speaker brings you heart-pumping sound with strong bass and its easy-to-carry design makes it the perfect travel partner to you!
Lights up the Party: FORCE 2 Bluetooth Speaker transmits 360-degree surround sound. More advanced than true wireless stereo , you can connect over 100 speakers together at the same time.It is a perfect companion at parties or outdoor activities.
Your Speaker Safe No Matter Where You Go: With IPX7 waterproof feature, you can take the speaker to the beach, to swimming pool, to gym, anywhere you want to go. IPX7 waterproof even allows you to put the speaker under the water 1 meter for half an hour.
ALL DAY FUN: Built-in 2500mAh rechargeable lithium battery with a playtime of up to 15 hours; Compatible fast Type-C charging that goes from 0 to 100% in just 3 hours.
Hands-Free Calling & Voice Assistant: The built-in microphone allows you to make hands-free calls. You will be able to control it both by means of its buttons and by using it with voice assistant both with Siri, Alexa or any of the most used ones.


Tronsmart Splash 1 Wireless Portable Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Shower Mini Speaker with 15W Stereo Sound 24H Playtime True Wireless Stereo Mode with LED Lights – available from Amazon US, for $22.99 (Using $7 discount coupon)

HiFi Superior Audio This portable shower Bluetooth speakers has integrated dual drivers and patented DSP audio technology(SoundPulse), Tronsmart splash 1 Bluetooth speakers delivers 15W stereo sound, realizing tonal balance with shocking punchy bass, rich pure vocal and clear high-pitched treble with less distortion at any volume.
True Wireless Stereo Connection Pair two shower speakers via True Wireless Stereo Technology allows you to enjoy an unparalleled auditory carnival, delivering surrounding stereo sound like a home theatre with less than 1% distortion. Built-in 2200mAh low-consumption lithium battery, Splash 1 outdoor Bluetooth speakers boasts 24 hours of continuous playtime. Besides, gradient diverse color effects create an astonishing atmosphere of light show party. Fire up party with exquisite decoration.
Bluetooth 5.0&Type-C charging Upgraded from Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables Tronsmart wireless speaker to achieve lower power consumption. faster transmission and more stable connection without any lag. Type-C charging that goes from 0 to 100% in just 2 hours.
IPX7 Waterproof Portable Shower Speaker Fully sealed design with IPX7 waterproof, Splash 1 portable wireless speaker could effectively prevent rain, snow, dust, mud, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Comes with a shrinkable lanyard, it could be carried around while workouts, commutes, hiking. You can also use this Bluetooth speakers in the bathroom, when you take shower
What Will You Get? A Tronsmart spalsh 1 portable speaker and 12 months warranty policy, if you have any problem, please feel free contact with us. Outdoor speakers Bluetooth will bring a quality life for you and your family/friend. Let music surround you everywhere.


Tronsmart Studio 30W SoundPulse® Portable Bluetooth Speaker, with up to 15 hours playtime and unique TuneConn™ pairing technology – available from Amazon UK, for the incredibly affordable price of £40.30

High resolution images available HERE.

With a compact design, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, Type-C fast charging and one tap voice assistant, the Studio speaker provides users with the ultimate wireless listening experience. The Tronsmart Studio 30W SoundPulse® Portable Bluetooth Speaker boasts impressive and unique TuneConn™ pairing technology, enabling users to pair up to 100 speakers to a single device simultaneously, providing an unimaginable and immersive listening experience.

Additionally, the patented SoundPulse® technology provides undistorted output which, paired with the dynamic 2.1 channel sound and hardened aluminium exterior chassis, ensures that audio can be enjoyed with crisp and clear sound. Quad passive radiators and three drivers provide strong, deep bass.
With one-tap voice assistant capability, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and 15 hours of playtime from one 3-3.5 hour charge, Tronsmart is delighted to provide users with the ultimate wireless listening experience, with a free app available to customise and personalise audio effects from their smartphone.

The Studio boasts a compact design that is sleek, modern and effective. The black hardened aluminium chassis exterior framework has been exceptionally engineered to ensure that vibrations can be heard from the drivers only, producing high-fidelity sound that is far superior to plastic or wooden designs. The metal chassis minimises distortion, providing a lively and dynamic listening experience that is ideal for enjoying music.

Tronsmart Mega Pro Bluetooth Speaker 60W Wireless Powerful Waterproof Speaker with Stereo Sound and Bass Stereo Pairing available on Amazon UK for £66.49 (using £10 discount coupon)

60 Watt Sound Output: it brings 60W rated output power and delivers defined bass, 2.1 channel system provides powerful stereo sound. Stunning sound with enhanced bass with 2 tweeters, 1 woofer together with 1 passive radiator and 2 amplifiers, you will have great auditory enjoyment
Three Equalizer Effects Switchable: three audio effects, you can switch, from Deep Bass, Vocal to 3D, creating a different sound experience
Extensive Connectivity: Equipped with latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for seamless device linking up to 65-foot range connection, and NFC enabled. Also, it supports Aux-in and memory card playing modes
IPX5 Waterproof Rate: The Tronsamrt Mega Pro speaker has the IPX5 certificate so it can protect from dust, splash water, and you can bring it for outdoor and indoor like bathroom playing
What Included: Tronsmart Mega Pro Bluetooth speaker, 3.5mm audio cable , Type-C charging cable, User manual, Storage bag

Tronsmart T6 Plus Bluetooth Speaker 5.0, [Upgraded Edition] 40W Portable Outdoor Wireless Speaker With Tri-Bass Effects, 6600mAh Powerbank, IPX6 Waterproof, 15 Hrs Playtime, Voice Assistant,NFC available on Amazon UK for £56.08

Upgraded Design, Upgraded Experience: Upgraded Edition T6 Plus speaker is the latest version of Tronsmart speakers. The new exterior design is stylishly crafted and comfortable to hold. The improved position of speaker drivers allow true 360-degree surround sound. It has the NFC function added that allows you to easily connect the speaker by putting the phone on the touch area
Deep Bass, Powerful Stereo: The exclusive SoundPulse technology delivers 40 watts peak power making the bass deeper, and vocals more defined. 3 different equalizer audio modes that can suit any music genre. Dual passive radiator offers thumping deep bass, giving a strong beat for your tune
IPX6 Water Resistant: Built to resist heavy splashes, rain and sweat. This Tronsmart Bluetooth speaker is suitable for all various indoor and outdoor music occasions: Home party, dance teaching, Bushwalking ,cycling etc.
Extended Playtime: With up to 15 hours of battery life you can enjoy all day wireless music playing on a single charge. No worries about running out of power on your phone, because of the Built-in 6600mah power bank with USB A charge port you can quickly charge your smart phone which ensures the music never ends
Broad Compatibility: Bluetooth 5.0 offers the latest connectivity option for more stable connection & better range. Tronsmart outdoor speaker supports almost all audio devices that are Bluetooth compatible. Don’t worry if Bluetooth is not available, plug the 3.5mm audio cable into the speaker or USB flash drive or TF/SD card to enjoy your music all the same.

Tronsmart T2 PLUS Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Portable Speaker with 24 Hours Playtime, IPX7 Waterproof, Voice Assistant, Built-In Mic for Phone Outdoor, Alexa available on Amazon UK for £29.99 (Using £10 coupon)

20W Ultra-Portable Speaker with Deep Bass & Extensive Connectivity Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology features faster & stable signal transmission, clearer sound quality and lower power consumption. The waterproof wireless speaker has a range of about 100 feet. It can also be connected to non-Bluetooth devices via the included 3.5mm audio cable and the speaker will shift to AUX mode. Palm-sized, built to go, fits in your hand easily to play tunes anywhere anytime.
True Wireless Stereo & Super Bass Home Speaker: The Micro SD/TF Card Slot not only supports MP3 but also Lossless Audio Codec such as WAV/FLAC/APE. You can connect Two T2 Plus speakers together (40W) to get room-filling stereo sound to get a live music experience. Access Siri or Google now for help from your speaker with a simple button tap.
IPX7 Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker: IPX7 Waterproof protection against rain, dust, snow, and shock. Perfect for home, yard, beach, shower or pool party. IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth speaker is splash-proof which allows you to enjoy it in different circumstances by the seaside or in the rain. Durable design great for travel, camping, boating, Kayaking, outdoor adventure. It has a built-in microphone to help you make phone calls hands free.
Excellent Battery – 3600MAH Outdoor Speaker: Smart Speaker with 3600mAh rechargeable battery, One full charge lets you play music for up to 24 straight hours at 50% volume(Playtime varies according to volume level and audio content). Elegant design to be comfortable to carry or place as an ornament in the room, so portable Bluetooth speaker is the best choice to enjoy music from day to night.


De Luca, inspired by Italy:
• Press release attached and links to high res images below.
• All styles priced at R1799
• Images:
• Visit to order online, or visit your nearest Spec-Savers store
• There is currently a Buy 1 Get 1 promotion on De Luca prescription sunglasses: Get FREE prescription sunglasses up to R3100 when you purchase a comprehensive eye examination, prescription frame and lenses from Spec-Savers.

BAKER Summer range:
• Press release attached and links to high res images below.
• Priced from R999 to R1799
• Images:
o Lifestyle images:
o Product images:
• Visit to order online, or visit your nearest Execuspecs store


This festive season you can make the farthest family member or friend feel nearby with the gift of a MyHeritage DNA kit.

MyHeritage is the world’s leading family history platform with 92 million registered users.

For curious family members and friends who are fascinated with discovering their ethnicity breakdown and finding new relatives, the MyHeritage DNA Kit is the perfect gift for them. For a limited-time holiday sale is our lowest ever price, with up to 50% discount & free shipping.

The MyHeritage DNA kit offers a detailed ethnicity breakdown with one of the most comprehensive lists of ethnicities in the industry broken down to 2,114 geographic regions.

The test is easy to use: a simple cheek swab that takes only 2 minutes to complete. Furthermore, our huge global DNA matching database enables you to find new relatives from all over the world.

MyHeritage DNA Kit includes:
• High-resolution ethnicity estimate
• DNA Matches
• Discover and connect with new relatives
• Utilise advanced tools for genetic genealogy
• Explore exact relationship paths
• Receive a comprehensive breakdown of origins

Who knows, maybe you’ll be spending the holidays this year with many more family members!


• Gift the child in your life a classic high-quality toy this Christmas for endless imaginative play
• The Daisy Chain collection is a range of premium dolls’ prams and accessories designed to grow with your child
• The Daisy Chain collection of dolls’ prams and pushchairs create imaginative ways for children to play
Premium dolls pram supplier, Play Like Mum, is launching the new Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair on 18th November as part of their Daisy Chain collection, just in time for Christmas.
This high-quality dolls’ pram is the perfect Christmas gift for children who like to use their creative imagination and enjoy the magic of endless role-play. Dolls offer children the chance to build their imagination, develop their intelligence and aids their social and cognitive development.

Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair in Limited Edition Twilight – 6-13 Years Old – £119.99
Designed for children ages 6-13 years old, Daisy Chain have launched this luxury pushchair in response to increasing customer demand for a pram which is suitable for older and taller children. With an adjustable handlebar ranging up to 95cm in height, this pushchair can be enjoyed by children as they grow, for years to come.
Complete with a reclining seat and extendable hood to shield dolls from the sun, this pram also features swivel wheels so children can easily manoeuvre and push their favourite doll during playtime.
Available in a new limited-edition colourway, Twilight Fabric, which is complete with a stunning rose gold trim, as well as Daisy Chain’s iconic Classic Pink, this pushchair is sure to put a smile on any child’s face this Christmas.
Available with free next day delivery, treat your child to a long-lasting Christmas gift designed to be enjoyed and played with time and time again.

The Daisy Chain collection is a range of high-quality and innovative dolls’ prams and accessories costing from £19.99 – £129.99, all of which are available online at
For more information, please visit

Majority of Brits in the dark over credit scores
A new survey of 2,000 adults in the UK has revealed how Britons are managing their credit scores. It found that:
● 51% of Brits are not aware of their credit score
● 18% want to improve their credit score but don’t know how to
● 17% of UK adults feel anxious about the state of their credit score
● 12% of respondents believe have been rejected by a loan or credit card provider in the past 12 months because of their credit score

The majority of UK adults do not know their credit score, according to a recent NerdWallet study.
This is despite over 70% of respondents knowing how to find out their credit score, and 74% admitting to knowing its importance.
What is more, almost a fifth (18%) of respondents said that they wanted to improve their credit score but didn’t know how to do so.
Brean Horne, personal finance expert at NerdWallet said: “It is worrying to see that so many people are in the dark over their credit score. Our credit scores can influence our chances of being approved for new credit, such as a mortgage or credit card. So it is really important, and very possible, to keep on top of it. It is vital that people keep track of their credit scores regularly.”
And whether they are in the dark or not, credit scores seem to weigh heavily on UK adults.
One in seven Britons (14%) says that their credit score is a source of stress and anxiety, with an equal number believing that their credit score is currently holding them back from making major life changes.
Indeed, 12% of respondents believe they have been rejected by a loan or credit card provider over the previous 12 months because of their credit score. Slightly fewer (9%) think they have been turned away by mortgage providers for this reason, with 14% concerned that they will never be able to buy a property because their credit score is too low.
Horne added “Understandably, personal finances have been one of the main sources of stress and anxiety throughout the Covid-19 pandemic for people across the UK. And our research has revealed that credit scores have been of particular concern,” added Horne.
“Credit scores are essential to helping people to access finance – such as mortgages, credit cards and loans – so that they can achieve their financial goals. If your credit score is not quite where you want it to be, you needn’t panic. There are lots of simple steps that can help improve your credit rating. Registering to vote, for example, or setting up direct debits to make sure bills are paid on time can help boost your credit score.”
“It’s important to remember that getting your credit score on track is more of a marathon than a sprint. And it may take a few months to see your score improve. But continually taking steps to improve your credit rating will pay off in the long run. Not only will it improve your chances of accessing new lines of credit, but you’ll also get access to a wider range of products and more competitive interest rates.”



Looking for the perfect winter wonderland in the heart of the West End? Then head for the Johnnie Walker X The Rooftop Christmas terrace from now until the end of the year – with a late licence it’s made for festive gatherings and parties.

Perched five storeys high above the Hippodrome Casino on Leicester Square, the acclaimed whisky brand has given the covered al fresco skyline bar a real festive glow up – expect a plethora of twinkling lights, cosy blankets, an array of new seasonal cocktails and great views across London’s rooftops.

The limited-edition menu of hot and cold cocktails has been designed by the expert team at Johnnie Walker and is exclusive to The Rooftop. Indulge in hot serves such as the Santa Baby – spiced rum, ginger and raspberry liqueur; or ‘The Holly & The Ivy’, made with Johnnie Walker Black and Verde blends, apple and cinnamon. Chilled Christmassy cocktails include ‘Good King Wenceslas’ (Johnnie Walker Black, cranberry, rosemary and elderflower), ‘Jingle Bells’ (Talisker, fresh orange and maple) – perfect for a night beneath the stars (and by the heaters!).

As well as cocktails, there’s an extensive list of wines, draught brews and bubbles, all complemented by a selection of delicious light bites from the bar menu. And if you fancy a festive flutter, the casino awaits downstairs along with award-winning Heliot Steak House restaurant for those looking for a more substantial dinner before heading to the bar for drinks.

Walk ins are welcome but space is limited, so to avoid disappointment book your table now via OpenTable:

Johnnie Walker X The Rooftop – taking the festivities to new heights this winter.


For festive moments that need a little fire & extra flavour..

Who said Turkey didn’t go with hot sauce? That’s right – no-one.

If you know someone who likes to add a little bit of fire to their table, then the Frank’s RedHot® Grow Your Own Chillies Kit is primed for their stocking filler.

The lucky recipient of this gift will get three of THE NEW Franks RedHot Craft Edition hot Sauces along with a grow your own chilli kit. Meaning 2022 can bear fruit to a suite of new fiery experiments.

They can enjoy the perfect balance of flavour & heat whilst choosing from:
• Frank’s RedHot® Smoked Chipotle Craft Hot Sauce 135ml
• Frank’s RedHot® Chargrilled Habanero Craft Hot Sauce 135ml
• Frank’s RedHot® Fire-Roasted Jalapeno Craft Hot Sauce 135ml

Whether your loved one is a hot sauce addict, or a budding windowsill gardener – this gift kit will most certainly spice up Christmas. Don’t even get us started on Boxing Day recipes.

The gift set is available from Amazon and and priced at £15.


For those who wish to bake it until they make it…

2021 is the year we’re bringing Christmas back to the party. For many, part of that will be creating something that can be enjoyed by the whole family – with the whole family.

From creating an extra special tree decoration, to gifting someone who’s a Mary Berry in the making – this gift set is the perfect stocking filler for budding bakers everywhere.

Containing the perfect spice mix for any festive treat, Schwartz has quite literally packaged up that little bit of Christmas that everyone missed last year.

Full product list includes:
• 4 Limited Edition Schwartz Xmas Spices (ground Cinnamon, Ginger, Mixed Spice and Nutmeg)
• Christmas recipe inspiration
• 3 Baking cookie cutters (tree, star and snow-man)

Whether your family is creating a little something for Santa, or you’re popping round to a loved one’s home for Boxing Day – this is the perfect present for either Christmas day or the day kids break up for their much-awaited Christmas break.

The gift set is available from Amazon and, and priced at £15.
For more information, please contact

The ILINKA Collection: Launching in January 2022
Making bedtime blissful, bathing irresistible and home dining beautiful

ILINKA Collection invites you to find luxury and pleasure in the simple, everyday things: whether it’s hand-embroidered napkins for a dinner party, bath or pool towels with your own unique motif, or creating your own bespoke pillowcases; these extra touches to life’s everyday essentials can make any moment special.

ILINKA Collection creates high quality bed linen, towels and beautiful table settings, in white and off-white cotton and linen bases, with a broad palette of colour accents from which to create personalised designs, trimmings, details and monogramming. The team works closely with the client to create bespoke products with special colour schemes and designs based on personal taste.

An aspect, which designer and founder, Ilinka, holds dear to her heart is the concept of slow shopping – buying less but buying better quality products, and by creating a slow fashion brand, she provides her customers with a wholly unique product which will last a lifetime and can be used again and again for the ultimate keepsake.

Ilinka Lukic was born in Spain, but has spent most of her life in London. She has gained extensive experience as an interior designer for residential, corporate and historical buildings from Monaco to New Zealand. As a designer, Ilinka was forever looking for bed linen and towel sets that were different, a fresh approach to a classic product. As a result, ILINKA Collection is a special project full of enthusiasm and love for creating a simple but luxurious lifestyle.

“When I was growing up in Spain, perfect crisp white bedlinen, fluffy towels and starched tablecloths were very much an essential part of everyday life,” comments Ilinka, “Over time this way of life gradually diminished, but recently, thanks in part to social media, it is coming back. The idea of making your day to day special, buying less but buying better – the concept of ‘slow fashion’, choosing long lasting quality. ILINKA Collection began as many boutique brands do: when you can’t get precisely what you want, you create it yourself!”

It’s no secret that Championship rugby is under-funded and undervalued by the Rugby Football Union (RFU), but after years of false promises Alistair Bow, major shareholder and chairman at Nottingham Rugby, believes the RFU needs to get its head out of the sand and bring about real change for the sport.
Confidence in the RFU’s ability to operate the Championship and grassroots rugby is at an all-time low. It has brought the sport into disrepute, damaging the integrity of the game as well as the stakeholders working tirelessly to preserve the development levels of competition.
The systematic funding cuts and the fact that RFU chief executive Bill Sweeney said “there is no clear benefit” for spending money on the Championship is a damning indictment of his inability to operate a governing body that fundamentally would not exist in the absence of grassroots sport.
After years of false promises and statements that lack substance from the RFU, we are unable to continue operating as we are, waiting for the governing body to instigate a solid strategic plan that will initiate progress. Recent statements by the new RFU chairman Tom Ilube also ignore questions about growing issues, and the few responses have lacked detail and failed to fill me with confidence that positive change is coming.
Even the Championship Strategic Review, which is currently taking place, is starting to feel like an extension of COP26 – showing lots of promise but lacking any real commitment to make the necessary change needed now. After 11 years of representing Nottingham at the Championship Chairman’s Committee, action for change is continuously ignored and probably gets lost somewhere between the ‘Gin & Tonics’ at Twickenham. This is further highlighted by the recent RFU Championship Survey, which the RFU only gave respondents a few days to complete – not enough time to offer any significant feedback so the results will likely end up in the same place as the 2018 Ernst & Young Review, which never saw the light of day despite clubs being promised sight of the full report.
It would however be disingenuous to suggest that so called ‘schoolyard jibes’ on such crucial issues reflects on the entire 65-strong council, but it does provide a window into the growing divisions and antagonism over the direction the RFU is taking. With the Championship sinking, it seems the RFU is using the Championship Review as a cover to avoid any real and meaningful debate with those that fund and finance Championship and National League clubs, which for many runs into millions of pounds.
Belief that the Championship is being deliberately scuppered by an RFU administration is, in my view, a real and present danger – with the RFU buying into the concept that part of its role is to support the protection of Premiership club investors. This strategy is being questioned by many, but we are unfortunately being barred from hearing any substantial reasonings. Instead, they are likely kept locked away in the confines of the Twickenham board room.
Despite being continuously ignored, at Nottingham Rugby we are working hard to implement a plan that will ensure stability and long-term sustainability for the club, the league and, fundamentally, the trickle-down effect to the grassroots level of our sport. However, the limitations posed by the RFU’s mismanagement and inadequate funding structure means that for every step forward we take two steps backwards.
For too long this has stunted the growth of the youth game in this country, with many talented young players having to cut their teeth overseas rather than develop in our second division.
We cannot continue to blame the pandemic, but it does further highlight the inequality. We received an insignificant amount from World Rugby’s £80 million Covid-19 relief fund and quite frankly this has only emphasised the neglect in our country’s game from the top down. The RFU cannot solely blame Covid-19 for their recent failings – the financial structure remains outdated, with no clear and viable strategy for the future.
In my time as chairman, I have never seen a strategic plan for the Championship. Bill Sweeney has spoken about our club failing to achieve KPIs – but without a plan, how can the RFU expect clubs to achieve goals if they are publicly unknown. Unless a strategic overhaul of the RFU is imminent, I fear for the longevity of our wonderful sport in this country. We are one of the three most popular sports yet there are no intentions to grow the popularity of rugby beyond the national team and the Premiership.
For the benefit of participants and spectators of rugby, a long-term strategy should capitalise on the unique fan experiences that are possible at the lower tiers of the game. Fans can get closer to the action, have greater non-executive control on the running of teams and there is a greater sense of inspiring communities through rugby.
Our club is proud of the contribution it has made to Nottingham, harnessing the county’s talent to create a hotbed of sporting excellence. Despite underfunding, we are pushing forward. We have taken on Chris Simon as chief executive to drive the club towards a sustainable future. We’ve also created a brand-new role to support the hospitality side of the club with Sean Wolstenholme joining as head of food and beverage, and Andrew Jackaman has been appointed to the board as commercial director. Both Chris and Andrew have worked with me for many years and these recent appointments will bring strength and additional support to the management team to ensure we continue driving real change for the benefit of our club and supporters.
In partnership with Rushcliffe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, we are working hard to create a community facility for all, including a new stand, clubhouse, and additional hospitality facilities. A 3G pitch will be available seven days a week to all teams at Nottingham Rugby, as well as a space for universities, clubs and for the community to use for a range of sporting recreation.
I remain optimistic and have confidence in my city to fulfil its plans and create a fantastic space on the bank of the River Trent that will support sporting success for future generations to come. We are an ambitious club determined to lead the way in terms of operations, facilities, and community integration. However, we need the support of a clear RFU strategy to enable us to return to a full-time first team operation.
All clubs must vocalise their skepticism in the RFU mismanagement and lack of strategic direction for the benefit of the Championship – whether this is part of the Survey or separately. I strongly urge the governing body to take their head out of the sand and reconsider their long-term vision for rugby into one that extends beyond Twickenham and the Premiership. A revised strategy must be more inclusive and one that stakeholders and shareholders alike can get behind and work together cohesively, with clear KPIs and a plan for growing every level of the game.


Nudea x The Good Level
New Wellness Gift Set Launches In Time For Christmas Gifting

November 2021 – Give the gift of ‘self-care’ to yourself or your favourite people with a wellness gift that will make you look and feel your best, most happy and relaxed self. Underwear brand Nudea and CBD brand The Good Level have joined forces to create a new and exclusive Wellbeing Gift Box perfect for that special someone who deserves a little me time and self-love.

Designed to inspire body positivity and support daily mental and physical wellbeing, the Nudea x TGL Wellbeing Gift Box includes:
• Nudea Fit Tape Kit (Worth £5) to get sized up
• Nudea Gift Card (Worth £60) redeemable against the brand’s range of sustainable bras and knickers
• The Good Level’s CBD Oil Level 1 – 1500mg (Worth £80)
• The Good Level’s CBD Jelly Dots – 600mg (Worth £35)
• The Good Level’s CBD Muscle & Skin Balm – 600mg (Worth £40)
RRP £140 (Representing a saving of £80 off value of £220 of products) available exclusively at and

Featuring all natural ingredients and no animal testing, The Good Level’s range of high quality, full spectrum CBD oils, balms and jellies all made with UK-grown hemp offers a natural choice to support daily mental and physical wellbeing.

Nudea is for those who demand ultimate comfort from their underwear without compromising on style. Powered by data from 15,000 bra wearers, Nudea’s bras are engineered with intelligent features uniquely designed for the modern woman and are responsibly manufactured out of premium fabrics crafted from recycled yarns sourced and manufactured within Europe. Nudea’s mainline collection is available online at and includes 43 bra sizes ranging from 30A to 38GG and 7 brief sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.

• Brits take an average of 5.7 hours to recover from a December party session
• Less than 2 in 10 Brits say they’d prepare food themselves when suffering from the after-effects of some full-on festivities
• Farmhouse Inns offers takeaway carveries to help Brits bounce back following festive celebrations
• Nutritional expert Suzie Sawyer names carveries as the ideal festive reviver

This December will be a month of celebrations like no other according to new research by Farmhouse Inns, with 44% of Brits saying they’ll go out more in December than at any other time of year.

When celebrating over the festive season, 43% of party goers say they’re likely to overindulge in December. As such, it’s essential they know the best food to help bounce back from a session of celebration.

After a night out, it takes 5.7 hours to recover on average, with a fifth of Brits (20%) staying in their PJs all morning when feeling delicate or tired. We also like being alone after an abundance of socialising but hate the thought of cooking for ourselves, with less than 2 in 10 (19%) saying they’d prepare food themselves when suffering from the after-effects of some full-on festivities, and a further 41% saying they prefer to be alone following a night out.

When it comes to recovery food, Brits believe traditional takeaway food is the best option when feeling flat after a festive night out, with 28% of respondents saying Pizza is their number one choice, with carveries taking second place.

However, according to nutritional expert Suzie Sawyer, a carvery is far superior in helping you recover the day after that big night out.

Nutritional expert Suzie Sawyer said: “The main after-effects of a night out are primarily caused by dips in blood sugar, dehydration and digestive disturbances. Whilst the brain naturally looks for ‘reward’ foods, grabbing sugar, fat and calorie-laden foods is certainly not the answer.

“A high protein, carvery takeaway is a much better option than pizza, which is generally high in salt, fat and spicy meats, the combination of which are going to further antagonise an unhappy tummy. Cheese is also highly acidic, which is certainly not going to help either.

“A carvery is loaded with blood sugar balancing protein in the meat, with fibre from the vegetables, both essential for calming dizziness, brain fog, low mood and anxiety. Plus, those veggies provide vitamin C which helps the body recover from the effect of toxins, as it speeds up liver metabolism.

“Root veggies including potatoes, carrots and parsnips, are in season now for a reason; they’re packed with antioxidants, helping to reduce the internal inflammation that’s making those post-partying symptoms so much worse.”

Luckily, Farmhouse Inns’ classic carveries are available in takeaway form, so if you are feeling the effects of the Christmas party at work the morning after, or you’ve partied like it’s 2019 with your friends, you don’t have to go through the stress of making a roast yourself.

The takeaway carveries are available at all 70 Farmhouse Inns across the UK, so if you want to bag yourself a delicious carvery with 14-hour slow-roasted meats, fluffy yorkies and crispy, best-ever roasties – just click and collect using this page.

Also available via click and collect is the Farmhouse Inns signature baked in pub giant cakes such as Marz Attack & the incredible Funfetti cake.

Across the UK, there’s a clear divide in partying habits, with people in Wales taking the longest on average to recover following festive celebrations (7.4 hours), followed closely by revellers in the North West (7.2 hours), both well above the national average of 5.7 hours.

On the other hand, those in the South West and the East Midlands are statistically the fastest to recover from a night of celebrating, both taking just 4.4 hours to recover.

Emma Smith, Senior Marketing Manager at Farmhouse Inns said: “A carvery is one of the most comforting meals around, and according to top nutritional experts they’re also perfect for helping you recover from night of festive fun. We are the best in carvery all year round not just for Christmas and our Farmhouse to your house takeaway offer is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a fantastic carvery or cake but doesn’t fancy getting dressed up for an afternoon at the pub.”

To order your Farmhouse Inns Takeaway carvery visit:


LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester has paid tribute to recently let go Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer by creating his departure in brick form.

Norwegian gaffer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was relieved of his Manchester United managerial duties following a 4-1 defeat at the hands of Watford this weekend. He leaves the club eighth in the Premier League table with an all-important Champions League fixture against Villareal on Tuesday.

The former United player was given the managerial role back in 2018 and has had a turbulent time at the reigns. Despite leaving with no major honours, Solskjaer has been credited with rejuvenating the Manchester United squad, whilst leading the side to finish runners-up in the 2021 UEFA Europa League and laying down the building blocks for his successor.

After Manchester United decided to le-go of Ole, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester have put the bricks together to honour his time at Manchester United by creating a miniature Solskjaer leaving the Miniland Old Trafford stadium with his suitcase in tow!

The Ole mini figure leaves Old Trafford with a disappointed look on his face, however, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester wishes the Manchester United legend all the best with his future, as Michael Carrick, caretaker manager, prepares to build success in his absence.

Jenn McDonough, General Manager at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester, said: “Following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s departure from Manchester United, we wanted to wish the former manager good luck with his future!

“Our team built a replica Solskjaer outside our MINILAND’s Old Trafford to honour his three years he spent at the club. Hopefully whoever takes over from Ole can turn around the side’s fortunes this season and lead them to bricktory.”


Foodhub, one of the UK’s leading food ordering apps, is offering to pay for Christmas by giving customers the chance to takeaway an exclusive first-class, all expenses-paid shopping trip to Paris, plus an abundance of other prizes this week.

Foodhub’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ sees a whopping 10 £25 Foodhub gift vouchers up for grabs every day for two weeks in the lead up to the festive period – what’s not to Louvre?!

Then there’s the incredible trip-for-two to the French capital on offer, including first class travel on the Eurostar, a luxury hotel for two nights including breakfast and a huge £1,000 spending money, so the lucky recipient can have all their Christmas shopping paid for, courtesy of Foodhub*.

All customers need to do to enter the competition is order a takeaway via Foodhub before Friday 3rd December. Once their tasty treat has been ordered, they will be entered into a nationwide prize draw with the chance to receive the all-expense paid trip for two or a £25 takeaway voucher.

Ardian Mula, Foodhub spokesperson, said: “As Christmas is on the horizon, we wanted to give our customers something to get excited about. Our countdown to Christmas will see 10 customers receive a £25 Foodhub voucher every day for the next two weeks, with one lucky user winning a trip of a lifetime to the city of love and lights (and, of course, food). The perfect gift for Christmas.”

The competition will close at midnight on Friday 3rd December, with the winner announced on Foodhub’s social channels the following week. There is no limit on how many times foodie fans can enter.

To be in with a chance of winning this mouth-watering prize, order your Foodhub takeaway online or via the app now. For more information head to:

Foodhub currently has over 20,000 restaurant and takeaway partners in the UK and is the only major takeaway app not to charge commission on each order. To find out how takeaways ordered via Foodhub are on average 15% cheaper than other providers, visit

Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions (Terms) will apply to Black Friday draws run by Food Hub Ltd. of 55 Duke Street, Fenton, Stoke on Trent ST4 3NR.
• To enter the prize draw, simply place your takeaway order via the Foodhub network (Foodhub, Bigfoodie or any Foodhub powered website)
• Winners will be picked at random
• Order between Friday 19th November – Friday 3rd December
• Daily draws of 10 x £25 vouchers to be held between Friday 19th November – Friday 3rd December •
• £25 vouchers to be received via SMS/email and the winners may be announced via Foodhub’s social media channels
•The prize – Winners will get a “Christmas Shopping trip to Paris” – Including return train travel to London, return Eurostar travel from London to Paris for two people, 2 nights in a Central Paris hotel with breakfast and spending money
• Trip can be booked up to 31st March 2022. Additional restrictions may apply and will be confirmed with our travel agent upon booking the trip
•If the winner cannot travel to Paris (Visa, Covid, Passport restrictions etc) then an alternative trip to London, Bath or Liverpool will be arranged
•Travel insurance is not included and required to be purchased by the winner themselves
• Prize draws are open to all UK residents aged 18 or over, except employees of Foodhub, its associated, holding, or subsidiary companies, and their direct families, agents, or any third party directly associated with the prize draws
•The selected winners will be given their vouchers via SMS / Email and may be named on our social channels
• Promotion period – For every order made online (app or website) across the Foodhub network –, or Partners, between Friday 19th November and Friday 3rd December 2021, one entry will be made into the Prize Draw. The order will also be eligible to be entered into the daily prize draw
•For a free entry, send a postcard to Foodhub, 55 Duke Street, Stoke on Trent, ST4 3DR by Friday 3rd December 2021 to be entered into the prize draw. The date the postcard is received, will also be added to the daily prize draw to win one of ten £25 Foodhub vouchers
•A maximum of one entry per day per person is permitted
•Multiple entries are admissible across the promotion period – if a customer orders 5 times (on separate days), they will have 5 entries into the prize draw
•A random draw will be made no more than 7 days after each draw date with the winners notified by email, telephone, or post
• The prize draw closes on 23:59, Friday 3rd December 2021 the jackpot prize draw will be made live on Friday 10th December. The winner contacted to claim their prize
•Winners of the competition may be requested to participate in promotional media as part of winning the competition. All entries (regardless of winners) may be used for Foodhub promotions
• Entrants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these Terms and any Specific Terms upon entry. Foodhub reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse entry to this and future prize draws, or refuse to award the prize to anyone in breach of these Terms and/or any Specific Terms
• For full terms please click here:


Petrossian concocts one-of-a-kind savoury macarons:
Caviar, Smoked Salmon and Truffle

3rd December 2021: Renowned curators of the finest caviar, Petrossian, launch an exclusive range of unique macarons to the UK market, just in time for Christmas celebrations. It took 3 months to develop the flavours, in partnership with British company Hilton Macarons, and the 3 signature savoury creations incorporate some of the Parisian fine food purveyor’s signature delicacies: caviar, salmon and black truffle.

Caviar and macarons are both ultimately about taste, and this partnership has melded the two in a sublime and subtle confection. The macarons are handmade in Suffolk using only the finest ingredients. The italian meringue shells are made with free range eggs, and all flavours are natural, with no artificial ingredients, and are gluten free.

The new melt-in-the-mouth macaron flavours are Caviar & Gold, Salmon & Wasabi and Black Truffle & Chocolate, and pair perfectly with champagne, and the Petrossian online store also has a sweet selection of delicious natural concoctions perfect for afternoon tea.

Caviar & Gold:
a walnut shell, the filling is a blend of 1835 Pressed and Talisman Liquid Caviar, ricotta longo, salt and butter.
Salmon & Wasabi:
an almond shell with macha green tea, the filling is made with Jajik dried salmon
Truffle & Chocolate:
a hazelnut shell, with a filling made with Summer Truffle Puree and dark chocolate ganache

The sweet selection includes 12 flavours: salted caramel, lemon, vanilla, raspberry, pistachio, passionfruit chocolate, fresh mint, orange chocolate, blackcurrant, hazelnut, pecan & cinnamon and milk chocolate.

Savoury macarons, box of 12 (exclusive to
Sweet macarons, box of 12:

Available from Dec 3rd exclusively on
Free delivery on all orders over £120. All products are delivered in a branded, insulated cooler box with ice packs to ensure goods are fresh, chilled and ready to serve.

Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours in England and same day courier service in London (upon request).


Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation
24th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Gala
“Together Again”

Mark Fedyk (President, North America Wholesale & Licensing, Chief Merchandiser Officer at Jockey International Inc., Dr. Samuel Waxman, Dr. Kevan Shokat (photo credit Patrick McMullan)

The 24th Annual Collaborating for a Cure Gala, one of New York City’s much-anticipated Autumn charity events, made its grand return at downtown’s Cipriani Wall Street. Aptly themed Together Again, the 24th Annual fundraiser supported groundbreaking cancer research funded by the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF). The Gala raised more than $4,000,000. Known for its history of top-notch live performances, this year’s gala featured a live concert by Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit with very special guest artist Warren Haynes.

Notable attendees included: Dr. Samuel Waxman, Marion Waxman, Dr. Kevan Shokat, Deborah Kamali, Mark Fedyk, Erica Feinberg, Matthew Waller, Michael Nierenberg, Elin Nierenberg, Jonny Nierenberg, Dr. Ethan Dmitrovsky, Tess Dmitrovsky, Chris Wragge, Allie Gorin, Jody Gorin, Matt Gorin, David Ronzenhole, Dena K. Weiner, William T. Sullivan, Dennis Loyola, Ruben Fajardo, Cesar Ricci, Howard Kurz, Nancy Kurz, Vinnie Cammarata, Spencer Waxman, Bettina Waxman, Scott Waxman, Randi Schatz, David Hinkelman, Nick Santoro.

This year, SWCRF presented its Fashion Cares Award to Debra S. Waller, Chairman and CEO of Jockey International, Inc. and its first-ever Breakthrough Science Award to Dr. Kevan Shokat, from the University of San Francisco. Waller, who has been personally impacted by cancer in her family, was recognized for her commitment to eradicating cancer and decades of philanthropy. Jockey COO Mark Fedykand the Jockey team represented and accepted the award on behalf of Waller.

Dr. Shokat, an SWCRF-funded investigator, recently discovered a new compound that effectively shuts off one of the most common cancer-causing genetic mutations – the overactive KRAS protein – which is a driver in lung, colorectal, and pancreatic cancers. This mutant protein was considered “undruggable” for decades, but after 15 years of research and significant investments from SWCRF, a new FDA-approved medication is now available that shrinks these tumors by up to 50 percent with remarkably low toxicity.

After a cocktail reception across the street, guests made their way to the main dining room where host Michael Nierenberg and emcee Chris Wragge welcomed everyone back. SWCRF CEO & Founder Dr. Samuel Waxman gave a presentation which was followed by a video of the extraordinary work of Dr. Shokat, and then the awards ceremony. Dr. Shokat’s video presentation can be viewed here:

As in previous years, the Collaborating for a Cure Gala included both a silent and live auction during the night’s festivities. The main prize of the night was 7-day Caribbean cruise aboard a brand new, 80-foot, solar-powered, luxury catamaran. Other auction items included 4 tickets to Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit, Candy the dog, 7 day Tuscany vacation, dinner for 16 at Cipriani vault just to name a few.

During the gala, SWCRF also announced a new collaboration with the Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai to further expand the Foundation’s Aging and Cancer program which includes partnerships with the National Cancer Institute, National Institute on Aging, and the Israel Cancer Research Foundation. Additionally, the Foundation is funding breakthrough research to combat breast and ovarian cancer. In the past 10 years, SWCRF has allocated $4 million to its Women’s Cancer Research Program and is currently investing $1,550,000 towards 15 prestigious scientists working on finding new treatments for breast and ovarian cancer.

Funding for these projects is raised, in part, from the Foundation’s various events such as the Hamptons Happening summer event, their annual Ladies Luncheon, and of the Annual Collaborating for A Cure Gala.

For more information, visit

Kettle’s Yard Shop
Christmas 2021
This year the Kettle’s Yard Shop will welcome some exciting new products for the festive season. Along with the usual ethical and sustainable products, there will be new pieces designed in response to the season’s exhibition and the Kettle’s Yard House itself. Shop highlights include:

Sutapa Biswas Apron
Created in collaboration with contemporary artist Sutapa Biswas, whose major solo exhibition opened in October at Kettle’s Yard (16 October 2021–30 January 2022), the Housewives with Steak-knives apron features a striking image of a multi-armed deity brandishing a steak knife, the heads of evil dictators adorning her neck. A humorous gift for a friend or relative who is a force in the kitchen and can execute any recipe.

Sprig Knitwear x Kettle’s Yard
£19 – £24

Kettle’s Yard will introduce another collaboration with artisan knitwear label, Sprig Knitwear. The collection includes wool-knit accessories such as pencil cases and purses with organic cork zip-pulls and patterns inspired by elements from the Kettle’s Yard collection. The colourful geometric designs and textures take reference from the artists Christopher Wood, Ben Nicholson and Italo Valenti.

Letterbox Gifts
£12.50 – £22

Perfect for a geographically distant friend or relative during the festive period, these carefully curated themed gift boxes are specifically designed to fit easily through an average letter box. Available for both adults and children, they can be ordered to be sent directly to the recipient. Themes include Alfred Wallis, Christopher Wood, Cambridge Imprint Stationery and a children’s set. Gift boxes including membership of the Friends of Kettle’s Yard are also available.

Seasonal Greetings Cards
£6 – £12.50
As usual, there will be a range of seasonal greetings cards available exclusively at Kettle’s Yard, relating to the House and collection, that are perfect for keeping in touch with friends and family at Christmas. Christopher Wood’s Paris Snow Scene, 1926, is available in packs of 5 (£6), showing a typical Parisian square in the snow. A more rural snowscape is found in Ben Nicholson’s 1927 (snowscape), available in packs of 8 (£8). Winifred Nicholson’s Fireside, 1956, depicts a cosy inside scene and comes in packs of 6 (£6). David Jones’ Nativity with Beasts & Shepherds, 1927, also comes in packs of 6 (£6). Also available are bespoke cards by Cambridge Imprint using the Snowflake design produced for Kettle’s Yard in 2018 to mark its reopening and based on a small scrap of paper placed behind one of the signature transparent light switch plates in the Kettle’s Yard House.

Casagami Mini Solar LED Light
Add this little house into your own home to start teaching children about sustainability. Featuring a solar powered LED, it provides a soft homely light for up to 20 hours and is perfect to sit on a windowsill or bedside table. This easy to build kit is made in France from recycled cardboard and runs on green energy. The neutral brown is the perfect base to add interactive decoration with stickers and drawings to really make it your own.


New to the shop is a framed print of Brâncusi’s Nude (1906-26(?)), £60. The original ink drawing can be found above the piano in the Bechstein Room at Kettle’s Yard and was given to Kettle’s Yard founder Jim Ede by the artist in 1926. Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s ink drawing, Stag (1914), £50, is also available to buy as a pre-framed print. The image is a perfect example of the artist’s use of essential and quickly drawn lines similar to those found in Oriental calligraphy. The technique remained a cornerstone of Gaudier-Brzeska’s art for the remainder of his career. These minimal and understated prints have been made in the UK exclusively for Kettle’s Yard. Both are float mounted with hand-torn edges and supplied in a black wood frame.

Sutapa Biswas, Lumen Catalogue

Lumen accompanies Sutapa Biswas’ first solo exhibitions in the UK since 2004, at BALTIC (until 20 March 2022) and Kettle’s Yard (16 October 2021–30 January 2022). With contributions by Anna Arabindan-Kesson, Sutapa Biswas, Alina Khakoo, Courtney J. Martin, Griselda Pollock, Amy Tobin and Alessandro Vincentelli, the book details Biswas’s career from the British Black Arts Movement in the 1980s, to her photographic and moving image works of the 1990s, and her newly commissioned film Lumen.

Oscar Murillo, By Means of a Detour

Murillo writes: ‘This book was created to capture 2019. A year of my life, and the culmination of the first ten years of an art practice, of constant travel, of research, of making and work.’ By means of a Detour is a book project from Oscar Murillo designed by the artist’s long-time collaborator Olu Odukoya, co-published by Kettle’s Yard and Kunstverein in Hamburg. 8 page gate-fold soft cover, 220 x 300mm, 336 pages (approx.).

Ali Hewson Ceramics
£60 – £75
Ceramicist Ali Hewson has been working on a new limited-edition range of ceramics exclusively for Kettle’s Yard, taking influence from the domestic ceramics and artworks in the collection, including work by Bernard Leach, Lucie Rie and Jim Ede’s own eclectic collection of pottery and crockery. The Kettle’s Yard range will feature small dishes and candlesticks, perfect for decorating your table or mantelpiece. The glaze on the candlesticks has been made in a limited batch using ash collected from Jesus College in 1973. Available from December.



Prettypegs, most known for its vast variety of furniture legs and knobs to personalize and to extend the lifetime of IKEA furniture, now unveils a new concept to personalize your home – matching and interchangeable candle holders!
Inspired by some of Prettypegs most popular leg models – these candle holders are interchangeable and allow you to easily switch between a standard taper and a tea light candle by simply flipping the holder.
Launching right before 1st of Advent, they are the perfect Christmas gift and will light up those dark winter nights.
The candle holders come in three different models and in four different colors. Choose to go for a more subtle look with candle holders in the same model and color – or mix and match models and colors all together for a more personal look!
Prices from €19. Available on from November 24.



FC Barcelona tickets on Football Host
FC Barcelona tickets on Football Host

Football is a sport that arouses the emotions of many fans around the world. The passion for football crosses borders and does not understand countries, languages or cultures.

Football Host a platform that seeks to improve the football experience. The basic purpose is to connect fans from all over the world (guests) with local fans (host) to live a complete experience match, join in the traditional chants and fan rituals and immerse themselves in the atmosphere.

Football Host allows you to enjoy an unforgettable day at the Camp Nou watching a FC Barcelona match. The host is in charge of organizing the pre-match and post-match experience for the guest. The guest will be able to live the experience of going to the stadium with other fans and ending up celebrating victory in the most emblematic places.

How to buy FC Barcelona tickets on the Football Host platform?

To buy FC Barcelona tickets, the first step is to access the Football Host platform. The main page shows a central window where the process will take place. The window is divided into two sections, one with a search engine for teams and the other for cities. Once the name of the team or city is entered, a start date and an end date are established. This will be the time range that the platform will use to find tickets, in this case, FC Barcelona tickets.

If the search is successful, it will show Barcelona’s upcoming matches in a box with several segments. Each of them refers to the match, date, competition, stadium, available experiences and available tickets. Thus, the platform offers two purchase options: buy the experience with a host (which will also include the tickets) or buy only the tickets for the match. Also, on the FC Barcelona tickets and experiences page, you can also check how to get to Camp Nou.

What to do if the status is “On request”?

When this notice appears, it means that there is not yet an experience or tickets available for the selected day. However, the platform has enabled a form to get tickets on request. In it, you must indicate the name, email and a short and concise message about the number of tickets or additional information.

Particularities of becoming a host

From its own perspective, Football Host is a platform that allows football fans to live great experiences. To become a host, all you have to do is register in the Become a Host section and then upload the experience.

During the registration process, every detail of the pre-match, match and post-match must be added. In case the platform considers that it is suitable and that it complies with its policies, the host is published on the page. Once the experience is published, for any barça fan that wants to buy FC Barcelona tickets the host will provide them together with the experience.

In addition to the tickets, the service of the host is added, who will be the guide during the experience. This person will be in charge of offering or recreating exactly the experience uploaded to the platform.

Fooball Host allows you to choose any game and promises the user to live a unique experience thanks to the host network.


Vitality Hemp – Sustainable Christmas Gifts for all the Family

Christmas is typically a time for mass consumerism which causes huge environmental damage. Studies have shown that three days during the festive period equates to 5.5% of the UK’s annual total carbon footprints[i] and waste during Christmas week increases by 30%[ii]. Vitality Hemp, who produce and sell natural planet friendly products, have today announced their Christmas range. Their products are all environmentally friendly, with a low carbon footprint, and many of them are carbon negative.

Founder Nathaniel Loxley explained: “COP26 has reminded us how terrifying the future is if we don’t all take greater care of the planet. I know there is a temptation to go a little crazy at Christmas, with our products you can do that without adding to the global problem. However, I believe that, once you try hemp products, you won’t go back.”

Vitality Hemp products are 100% natural, and made from hemp, which is known as a ‘miracle crop’ as it removes three time more CO2 than trees. Hemp is also known to improve soil quality as it removes toxins.

The hemp is grown, and the products manufactured, at the foot of the South Downs in the UK, cutting their carbon footprint still further.
The Christmas Range includes:

BeeHemp™Wood Craft Finish – Gift Set
Wood Craft Finish Gift Set is an ideal gift for professionals and hobbyists. Finish your work with the dual treatment of:
• 500ml Natural Wood Oil
• 60ml BeeHemp™ Polish +
• BeeHemp™ or Vitality Hemp™ branded keyring
This special gift set produces the best natural finish for wood. Use the set to refurbish old furniture and protect and seal chopping boards. No petrochemicals are used in our products. Our Hemp seed oil is grown and produced in England. Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids and contains gamma-linoleic acid, which nourishes deep into the wood.

£18.90 –

Seed It™ starter pack
Grow Microgreens and Micro herbs at home this Winter with the complete Seed It™ Starter pack.

Children will love this fast-growing kit and you’ll love the resulting high nutrient density of microgreens and micro-herbs which offer a powerful boost to any meal. They look stunning as a garnish for all dishes from your ‘standard’ Winter warming soup, to the highest of ‘Haute-cuisine’, this set allows for a home supply of your favourite micro vegetation!
£12.15 –

Hemp Soap Paste
A 100% natural cleanser made from the world’s most resourceful plant. This kind-to-skin formula melts into a luxurious lather for use on your body, or anywhere you need! A game-changing soap for sustainable home living, and the eco-conscious traveller.

This comes types:

• Activated Charcoal. Brilliantly black in colour and deeply purifying. Use this soap whenever you want to feel squeaky clean.

• Calming Lavender is infused with lavender essential oil. Fragrant, floral and soothing. Perfect for when you need to gain peace of mind.

• Fresh Mint Hemp is infused with spearmint essential oil. Fresh, cool and invigorating for the perfect pick-me-up.

• Original, unscented
£5.95 for each soap or you can buy all four with a super soft bamboo face cloth or bamboo nail brush for £23.80.


JJ Whitley Vodka Cracker Selection

A perfect gift set of J.J. Whitley crackers with a different flavour in each one. This is a perfect gift for the cocktail lover providing a great opportunity to try different flavours before buying a larger bottle of your favourite J.J. Whitley Vodka. 6x5cl

Flavours include: Vanilla, Passionfruit, Artisanal, Watermelon & Lime, Blue Raspberry and Blood Orange

RRP- £19




ITALICUS – the award-winning modern Italian Aperitivo – is a stunning addition to your Christmas drinks trolley or the perfect gift for the trend-setting cocktail lover in your life. The striking bottle design embodies the history and heritage of Italy with the colour of the glass representing the Capri and Amalfi Coast shoreline.

The Aperitivo, which is 20% alcohol, has fresh tones of ripe bergamot (a citrus fruit that grows in the Med and also the distinct flavour in earl grey tea!) balanced with a light bitter and floral spice. It can be used in cocktails like the classic ITALICUS Spritz with Prosecco or Champagne to welcome guests to your festivities, or in a classic Sgroppino with a sparkling wine of your choice and lemon sorbet.

ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto was awarded Best New Spirit 2017 at the prestigious Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards, and Number top trending Liquor Brand by Drinks International in 2020 and 2019.

Additional awards include: Tasting GOLD medal 2018, 2019 – Women & Wine and spirits awards; Best New European Spirit at the Mixology Awards 2017 in Berlin; Best Product at FIBAR 2017; Packaging awards GOLD MEDAL 2017 and Contemporary Awards TROPHY – International Wine & Spirits Competition 2017; Packaging Trophy – Harpers Design 2017; Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017; Platinum Best of Luxury – Pentawards 2017; Italian Aperitif of the year GOLD MEDAL – New York International Spirits Competition 2016; Best New Product – Bar Awards 2016; EXCEPTIONAL quality certificate – Difford’s Guide 2016.



Axia is making its debut in the US, UK and Greece markets as the world’s first extra-dry Mastiha spirit, distilled from the natural resin of the Mastiha tree that can only be harvested on the island of Chios, Greece.

On the nose, Axia brings an abundance of aromas, brightened by more delicate scents of fresh cut grass, rose water and dried orange peel. On the palate, earth pine and cedar are balanced with velvety bergamot, cypress and citrus notes.

Axia can be served simply – tall over ice with Mediterranean tonic water and garnished with rosemary leaf, star anise and peppercorns.
Axia Spirit Founders Adrian Clarke and Nikos Kalogiannis travelled the world seeking the flavour experience that would launch an entirely new spirit category. Clarke, 7th generation member of the Bacardi family (although Axia has no connection with Bacardi Limited) has extensive experience in distilling and Kalogiannis is a fifth-generation distiller of Greek Ouzo. They both wanted to create the highest quality liquid for modern consumption patterns. They spent three years experimenting and drawing out the flavour of the rare Mastiha tree, found in the southern coastland of Chios in Greece, the UNESCO-protected ‘snake island’ in the Aegean Sea.
Tony Chvala, Axia Spirit CEO comments “We are excited to introduce Axia to the global market. Innovation has changed every aspect of our lives, and for a long time we were stuck with the same spirit categories, it was too risky, too time consuming, too difficult to break free of the existing boundaries. Axia offers a novel experience, a new spirit category for consumers who are looking for flavour, depth, complexity and excitement in a drink. We are thrilled to introduce this one-of-a-kind taste to a new generation of flavour chasers and spirits enthusiasts.”

Axia Spirit is bottled at 40% ABV with only 0.5% sugar and with no additives or sweeteners.


UK’s fastest growing sports technology recovery brand MyoMaster – – on your radar for your Christmas gift guide.

ABOUT: MyoMaster launched in 2019 and growing 200% YoY has made them the fastest growing sports recovery brand in the UK. Founded by Lottie Whyte and professional rugby player Joe Gray (Harlequins), their game changing recovery technology utilises scientifically proven methods including percussion, compression, and EMS to accelerate recovery, reduce pain and improve performance. Since their launch just three years ago MyoMaster have established partnerships with Chelsea FC, England Rugby, London Triathlon, Spartan, Under Armour and The Turf Games. Later this month they will announce their newest partnership, a first of its kind in sports recovery, with a Premiership Rugby team. MyoMaster have also amassed an impressive group of Athlete Ambassadors including England Rugby players Marcus Smith and Danny Care, Olympian Alex Yee, Tom and Luke Stoltman – the world’s strongest brothers – amongst others. Founded by professional athletes, MyoMaster have created a range of cutting-edge technology that allows everyday athletes to give their body elite level recovery, at the most affordable market price. MyoMaster is taking the technology that was once reserved for elite athletes and making it accessible to the everyday fitness enthusiasts. MyoMaster are announcing their first successful fundraise with Chris Robshaw (former England Rugby Captain) investing and joining the board (please see attached release for reference).

Product Details: The MyoMaster MyoPro Massage Gun – Elite recovery tool made for everyone
Price: £199.00
Available at:

Product Details: The MyoLite Massage Gun – Pocket Sized Recovery
Price: £149.00
Available at:
Pricing: The MyoMaster MyoPro Massage Gun, priced at £199.00 or the MyoLite priced at £149.00, other professional grade, high performance massage guns start £249+ and £175 for ‘lite’ versions.

MyoPro MyoLite

Or you can take your at home recovery up a level with the MyoPump: Compression leg massage for advanced recovery



Christmas at Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall, NOTTINGHAM, Nottinghamshire, NG8 2AE

After a sensational debut, Christmas at Wollaton is back in 2021. The seasonal classic with a contemporary twist is fast becoming an annual tradition.

As twilight descends, Wollaton Hall and Gardens once again promise a visually stunning multi-sensory experience as they become an enchanting world of light and music.

New for 2021

Brand-new trail

The park will bring new smiles of delight as it is transformed into a magical wonderland set to captivate visitors with awe inspiring illuminations.

Twilight Viewing Packages include an entry ticket (4pm), car parking, and a drinks voucher for a mulled wine, or a hot or cold beverage of your choice.

Regular tickets (including Residents’ discount) are also still available.

Residents’ discount

There are a limited number of discounted tickets available to Nottingham City Council Tax payers. There will be discounted tickets made available for all time slots on a limited basis. Please have your 8-digit council tax number ready when booking. The discount is applicable to all ticket types.


Winter Wonderland (Nottingham Christmas Markets)

Old Market Square, Nottingham, NG1 2BY

Nottingham’s Christmas Markets were recently ranked as the 6th best Christmas Markets in the entire UK, beating out the likes of Sheffield, Birmingham and Leeds! –

Nottingham City Council has given the go-ahead for a Christmas Market and festive attractions in the city centre this year with a chance for visitors to safely enjoy a wide range of festive treats and experiences.

The 60ft Christmas tree in Old Market Square will once again be the focal point for the city’s Christmas events. There will also be a giant observation wheel to whisk visitors 33m up into the air, with stunning views over the city’s rooftops. For those who prefer to stay closer to ground level, there is a new Après Ski themed pop-up bar, and a traditional carousel which will also light up the square.

The Helter Skelter bar will return to Smithy Row offering visitors a steaming mug of Glühwein as riders slide down the traditional fairground favourite from above.

Traditional chalet style market stalls will be trading along Long Row and Smithy Row offering a chance for some alternative Christmas shopping with a choice of gifts, crafts, and speciality food.

Festive events will also spread to Trinity Square, where a specially-constructed Christmas Village with a number of food and drink options will see visitors entering via a Christmas Tree-lined entrance leading to a winter-themed setting that features a number of igloo-style glass domes.



Forget socks and smellies: gifting a personalised Cameo video from more than 40,000 celebrities is the sure-fire way to get guaranteed smiles this Christmas.

More sustainable than a pair of slippers and more thoughtful than a box of chocolates, unique digital gifts are set to take centre stage this year and it doesn’t get more memorable than getting your loved one’s favourite celebrity to record a personal message for them.

Whether they’re a reality TV junkie, a self-professed ‘foodie’, film buff, animal lover or aspiring musician, there’s a celebrity to suit everyone on fan engagement platform Cameo.

You could even improve the Christmas cracker jokes this year and get Matthew Horne to tell one for you and the fam instead…

Below is a taste of some of Cameo’s top talent who are ready to help give your friends and family a gift they’ll never forget – and earn you some serious brownie points in the process.

Brian Baumgartner from The Office, and a star on Cameo’s platform, puts it best why Cameo is the ideal Christmas gift when he says: “Here’s how I view Cameo. This is not about me, or about getting a message from me. I view it as an attempt from two people who want to make a connection. It brings them back to a moment that they shared together.”

For information on how to book any of the talent listed below, head to

Enjoy a magical Christmas morning with the perfect one stop shop for sustainable and inspirational children’s beds, furniture and desirable accessories, Room to Grow aid parents with the creation of exciting and magical bedrooms for their children. This December, they’re offering Delivery in time for Christmas and Christmas gifts for up to 20% off – perfect for Christmas redecoration!

Kids Teepees

Kids Teepee Tent, Cushions and Play mat in Stone Grey
This tepee tent in a muted grey tone will look great in any setting and is fantastic for both indoor and outdoor play. Featuring lovely attention to detail with tie back sash doors, flags, a padded mat, two small cushions and a cute window with curtains. Use it in the garden for exciting outdoor adventures or a shady nook to sit and relax, or take it indoors for fun imaginative play or a cosy place to chill. You can use it anywhere you want as it is so quick and simple to put together.

Measurements: Length: 1250mm, Width: 1250mm, Height: 1750mm

Now: £109.00


Kids Teepee Tent, Cushions and Play mat in Rainbow Print
The bright rainbow colours of this tepee tent make it a fun addition to any setting. It is the perfect space for your child to create their own imaginative play or for quiet relaxing. The tepee is easily assembled so can be moved from room to room or even taken outside when the weather allows. Features of this teepee include tie back sash doors, a removable washable mat, two small cushions and a window with curtains to keep a lookout or close for privacy.

Measurements: Length: 1250mm, Width: 1250mm, Height: 1750mm

NOW: £109.00

Kids Teepee Tent, Cushions and Play mat in Pastel Print
This pretty pastel print tepee tent is fantastic for both indoor and outdoor play and will look great in any setting. Used in the bedroom or playroom it is a cosy place to chill and read a book or a den to play in with friends. Or take it out in the garden for exciting outdoor adventures and a shady spot to relax in. It can be moved around easily as it is so quick and simple to assemble. The tepee includes lovely details such as tie back sash doors, flags, a removable washable mat, two small cushions and a window with curtains.

Measurements: Length: 1250mm, Width: 1250mm, Height: 1750mm

Now: £109.00

Kids Teepee Tent, Cushions and Play mat in Mint Green

This colourful tepee tent is great for both indoor and outdoor play. Quick and easy to put together you can use it anywhere you want. Take it to the garden for fun outdoor adventures or a shady nook to sit and relax. Or take it indoors for exciting imaginative play or a cosy place to chill. This tepee features lovely details such as tie back sash doors, flags, a padded mat, two small cushions and a little window with curtains.

Measurements: Length: 1250mm, Width: 1250mm, Height: 1750mm

Now: £109.00


Kids Teepee Tent, Cushions and Play mat in Black and White Stripe
This cool monochrome tepee tent is quick to build and easy to move from room to room or even take outside. The attention to detail of this tepee includes a detachable washable base, tie back sash doors, two small cushions and a window with curtains. All children love dens so this is perfect to use for fun imaginative play or a quiet relaxing area to sit and read or play a game.

Measurements: Length: 1250mm, Width: 1250mm, Height: 1750mm

Now: £109.00

Kids Teepee Tent, Cushions and Play mat in Natural/Grey
This teepee tent will provide hours of fun for your child where they can play, read and relax. It is quick and simple to assemble which makes it perfect to take outside when the weather allows. The teepee includes lovely details such as tie back sash doors, a removable washable mat, two small cushions and a window with curtains. The classic neutral and grey colour of this tent will look great in any room, and coordinate with most décor.

Measurements: Length: 1250mm, Width: 1250mm, Height: 1750mm

Now: £109.00

Kids Teepee Tent, Cushions and Play mat in Grey Star Print
This star print teepee can help create a magical playtime for boys and girls both indoors and outdoors. It is quick and simple to build so can be used in any room or in the garden (but we advise for it not to be left outside), and when not in use it can easily be taken down and stored away safely. Create a fun den for imaginative play and games with friends, siblings or parents or a secluded area for your child to read or relax. This tepee comes complete with tie back sash doors, a removable washable mat, two small cushions and a window with curtains.

Measurements: Length: 1250mm, Width: 1250mm, Height: 1750mm

Now: £109.00

Ride on Toys

Hippychick Vilac Classic Car

The Hippychick Vilac Classic Car is a retro inspired ride-on car which will provide hours of fun whilst looking great. Children will love speeding around the house or garden on this car made of metal with a comfy moulded seat and moving steering wheel. The timeless design of this car means it will look fantastic in any setting, when not being played with and will last for years to come.

Measurements: Length: 760mm, Width: 380mm, Height: 400mm

Now: £92.99
Hippychick Moover Ride On Dump Truck
The Hippychick Moover Dump Truck has many functions. A ride on toy to drive, a toy for your favourite teddy or doll to be transported around for fun imaginative play and a construction toy for older children. The unique “click system” means the truck can be quickly and easily assembled without the use of any tools. The classic style and quality craftmanship of this dump truck makes it a timeless addition which will last for years.

Measurements: Length: 290mm, Width: 560mm, Height: 180mm

Now: £62.99

Hippychick Wheelybug Pig

These cute little ride on toys will give your child hours of fun. The wheels have been designed with unlimited directional movement which mean that the rider can go not just backwards and forwards but also spin round and round. These colourful toys are great for letting your toddler move around freely and also help to promote many developmental skills. The fun bodies are padded and covered with leather which can be easily wiped clean.

Measurements: Length: 380mm, Width: 230mm, Height: 300mm

Now: £69.99

Hippychick Wheelybug Cow

These cute little ride on toys will give your child hours of fun. The wheels have been designed with unlimited directional movement which mean that the rider can go not just backwards and forwards but also spin round and round. These colourful toys are great for letting your toddler move around freely and also help to promote many developmental skills. The fun bodies are padded and covered with faux leather which can be easily wiped clean.

Measurements: Length: 380mm, Width: 230mm, Height: 300mm

Now: £62.99

Room to Grow also boast a selection of fun role play sets, creative building blocks and interesting educational toys which are perfect for children of all ages.
Pancake set – NOW £18

Ice Cream Shop – NOW £95.99

Doctor Set – NOW £26.99

Or shop the full range at:


Grey Goose Original Vodka 70 cl, with Gift Tin
A beautiful holiday gift tin with a gold design detail that includes a 70cl bottle of Grey Goose, ideal for the festive holiday and that little sparkle under the Christmas tree. Tired of traditions taking a bottle of wine? Surprise the host with added seasonal sparkle!

RRP £37.50 – Available to purchase from Amazon

Grey Goose Miniature Set

Add a little twist to the moments that matter – enjoy classic cocktails or create something brand new. The perfect stocking filler for Christmas.

RRP £21.95 – Available from The Whisky Exchange

THE GREY GOOSE® DUET MARTINI COCKTAIL KIT (created in partnership with Rina Sawayama and Luke Selby)
GREY GOOSE® Vodka combines two essential ingredients —water and wheat— to make an exceptional vodka, just as the martini cocktail combines vodka and vermouth for a great tasting drink. In this same spirit, GREY GOOSE Vodka has joined forces with BRIT award nominated musician, Rina Sawayama and star British-Filipino chef, Luke Selby to launch something exceptional, the Duet Martini Cocktail Kit.

The new, limited edition kit fuses both Rina and Luke’s unique styles to create the ultimate at-home reimagined martini cocktail mixology set. The cocktail kit includes a pre-batched bottle with two servings of one of Luke and Rina’s favourite martini cocktails, the GREY GOOSE® Encore – a delicious combination of GREY GOOSE® Vodka, ST~GERMAIN® Elderflower Liqueur, NOILLY PRAT® Dry Vermouth and Briottet Crème de Cacao Blanc.

This kit also includes signature glassware, a 70cl bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and even a martini cocktail mist!

RRP £80 – Available via The Drinks Drop


This festive season, GREY GOOSE® Vodka has collaborated with Italian Design Factory, Alessi, to create a limited edition of their “Lunar Eclipse” cocktail kit.

The cocktail kit was created under the watchful eye of internationally renowned bartender Oscar Quagliarini and is exclusively customised for GREY GOOSE® . Crafted in stainless steel, the “Lunar Eclipse” mixing kit was inspired by the lunar universe and includes elements of refined shiny finishes that spread bright silvery glare. This kit includes the famous Boston shaker, designed by Ettore Sottsass, a cocktail measure, bar strainer, stirrer and a 70cl bottle of GREY GOOSE® Vodka.

This kit is the ultimate fusion of design and the art of cocktail making and is a must-have for cocktail connoisseurs and design enthusiasts alike. Use these tools to inspire your inner mixologist and create delicious GREY GOOSE® cocktails.

RRP £200 – Available via The Drinks Drop


Personalised Christmas gifting ideas to celebrate treasured memories

This Christmas, treat your loved ones to a gift that is completely unique to them. Whether you’re shopping for a meaningful gift for a partner, something thoughtful for a friend, a fun stocking filler or secret Santa gift, CEWE has the perfect gift to help them celebrate their favourite memories this festive period. Here’s a selection of CEWE’s most loved festive gifts for this year:

Thoughtful gift ideas under £10:

Photo Snow Globe – from £6.99.


A gift that is perfectly festive and makes an ideal stocking filler. The Photo Snow Globe can be personalised with a photo and text of choice and comes complete with artificial snowflakes.

Photo calendars – from £3.49

For a gift that they can appreciate all year round, a personalised photo calendar is the perfect choice. With every month, they’ll be reminded of a happy memory that will help add personality to their workspace or keep a busy home life organised. Choose the size and style that will suit them, from kitchen calendars to A5 calendars and year planners.
Square Photo Book – from £9.99


This photobook has a fresh, modern look that’s ideal for displaying your best images as well as landscape and portrait photographs, making it the perfect choice for creating a unique travel album or memory book. Compile their favourite memories – whether it’s from a family holiday, wedding or fun weekend away. They’ll be blown away when they get to look back at their cherished memories.

Photo Mugs – from £7.99.

This thoughtful gift will remind them of a treasured memory with every brew! Choose a photo, drawing or text of your choice that is sure to put a smile on their face each morning. This is the perfect secret Santa gift for a colleague or a unique present for a loved one.
Small Photo Book – from £5.99.


A small photobook is the perfect way to celebrate special memories you share together. Whether it’s a memorable holiday or an important milestone, create a quick album of your favourite snaps for a perfect stocking filler they’ll be able to cherish forever.

Jigsaws – from £9.99


This gift is sure to provide plenty of entertainment over the festive period – for both kids and adults! Create a unique original Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle that features a photo of your choice. Choose from a portrait of a beloved pet, a group family photo or a piece of artwork by the kids.

Unique gifts under £25:
Large Landscape Photo Book – from £19.99


The perfect size for any occasion and all sorts of stories, it’s easy to see why this photobook is a best seller. With every page they’ll be filled with joy as they get to look back at their favourite memories. This large photo book would make the perfect gift to display wedding photos, travel memories or as a family photo album.

Classic Canvas Prints – from £12.99.

A beautiful gift for a loved one to display a treasured memory in their home. This gift is something that they can appreciate all year round and will brighten up any room in the house.

Phone cases – from £14.99

If you’re shopping for someone who always has their phone in their hand, a personalised photo phone case is the perfect gift! Add their favourite family photo, an image of a well-loved pet or something that will make them smile.

hexxas wall art – from £9.99

CEWE hexagonal wall tiles provide a unique gift that allows them to create a showstopping display in their home. The magnetic hanging system means they can reposition their pictures and rearrange the display whenever they fancy – the possibilities are endless! This stylish statement piece will add a personal touch to any room in their home.

Wood Prints – from £24.99.

If the person you’re buying for has a rustic décor theme in their home, this is the perfect gift for them. A beautifully unique piece of wall art that captures a treasured memory and can be admired for the years to come.


Have a Beluga Vodka Christmas!

Luxury Russian Vodka Beluga has released a stylish and sophisticated range of Christmas gifting options that any at-home mixologist would be delighted to receive this festive season. Beluga’s 2021 collection includes options for everyone including the beginner on their cocktail discovery to the connoisseur creator.


• Beluga Vodka Celebration RRP £39.99
• Beluga Gold Line Shaker Set RRP £135
• Beluga Winter Edition RRP £36.27
• Beluga Noble Vodka and Highball Glass Pack RRP £34.95

Beluga Vodka Celebration

Adorned in gold, the limited-edition bottle of Beluga Noble Vodka commemorates the 115th anniversary of Siberia’s Mariinsk Distillery, where the world-famous vodka was created. Once distilled the vodka is rested for 90 days allowing it to develop a velvety texture and rich flavour. Highlights include notes of creamy vanilla, cinnamon and marshmallow leading into herbaceous hints, with white pepper, sage and a crisp, floral finish. Fantastic in a festive martini or on the rocks, paired with caviar for a truly indulgent Christmas celebration. Beluga Noble Vodka is exceptionally smooth and full-bodied using natural ingredients such as pure Siberian water and blending modern and traditional techniques.

Beluga Vodka Celebration – 70 cl 40% ABV – RRP £39.99 – Master of Malt, Selfridges, and independent retailers

Available to purchase here

Beluga Gold Line Shaker Set

The gift for any cocktail lover or at-home mixologist, the Luxury Beluga Gold Line Shaker gift set contains an individually numbered bottle of Luxury Beluga Gold Line Vodka, featuring a cork closure secured by wax, a hammer to break the wax and a brush for cleaning. The final element is an eye-catching and elegant cobbler shaker with geometrical ornament closed by a gold stainless steel cap. Displaying a sophisticated art deco-inspired design, containing all the tools to impress friends, family, and fellow cocktail connoisseurs this Christmas. This ensemble will look effortlessly elegant and is a standout gift for any home bar, to create a wide range of cocktails in style!

Beluga Gold Line Shaker Set – 70 cl 40% ABV – RRP £135 – Harvey Nichols

Available to purchase here

Beluga Winter Edition


This eye-catching bottle of Beluga Noble Russian Winter Edition vodka is exclusive to Amazon. Created specially to celebrate the Christmas holiday season, the striking design is inspired by snowy ski seasons on Russian slopes. Crafted at the Mariinsky Distillery in Siberia, using only the purest water from Siberian wells, the carefully selected components create this refined and rich vodka. Try it stirred into a Collins or Cosmopolitan cocktail or keep it classic with a martini.

Beluga Noble Russian London Winter Edition Vodka – 70cl ABV 40% – RRP £36.27 – Exclusive to Amazon

Available to purchase here

Beluga Noble Vodka and Highball Glass Pack


This luxurious and bold gift set contains the tools required to create an elevated cocktail experience and impress friends and cocktail connoisseurs alike this festive season. This gift set contains a bottle of Beluga Noble Vodka, a classic Russian vodka that is clean and crisp offering a light grain flavour. Perfect for drinking on the rocks, in a long drink or a classic Bloody Mary on Christmas or Boxing Day morning.

Beluga Noble Vodka Highball Gift Pack – 70cl ABV 40% – RRP £34.95 – The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and other independent retailers

Black Friday & Christmas Offers from Global Recovery & Wellness Brand, Hyperice

Hypervolt 2.0 – Link to imagery
19th Nov – 29th Nov = from £299 to £269
The Hypervolt 2 offers noticeable updates from the original, including an improved ergonomic design and reduced weight. Three speeds of powerful percussion help give muscles the relief they’ve been asking for, every day.

Hypervolt 2.0 Pro – Link to imagery
19th Nov – 29th Nov = from £379 to £359
With the Hypervolt 2 Pro, users will get the same powerful percussion massage therapy that the world’s best athletes have, right in the palm of their hand. Five speeds, set by a new adjustable dial, provide relief to stiff muscles, so users can train and recover like a pro.

NormaTec 2.0 – Link to imagery
19th Nov – 29th Nov = from £899 to £799
30th Nov – 18th Dec = from £899 to £839
No matter what you love to do, do it more with Normatec 2.0. Warm up quickly, recover faster and feel full revived with Normatec’s compression therapy

NormaTech Pro 2.0 – Link to imagery
19th Nov – 29th Nov = from £1,199 to £1,049
30th Nov – 18th Dec = from £1,199 to £1,124
Taking the restorative massage experience further, the Normatec 2.0 Pro Legs is a system created with the greatest performance and customisation yet. It is the system chosen by the world’s greatest professional athletes to raise their game to new heights, and now you can too.

For the Traveller – Bose QuietComfort 45

The QC45 are the latest noise-cancelling headphones in the iconic Bose line.

Known by travellers around the world, they are incredibly comfortable, sound amazing and feature some of the most spectacular noise-cancelling you can get.

Colours: Black or Soapstone
RRP: £319.95

Charge Up Their Fitness – Fitbit Charge 5

The new Fitbit Charge 5 combines some of the best features of the Fitbit lineup in a sleek fitness tracker design.

With on-board GPS, an EDA sensor for stress management, excellent heart rate and sleep monitoring, and all the daily tracking features Fitbit users know and love – it’s the perfect workout buddy for casual fitness fanatics.

Colours: Black, Lunar White or Steel Blue
RRP: £169.99

Give the gift of comfort -Lands End

In collaboration with Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon, Lands’ End are proud to share the perfect holiday gift for those who’d rather stay in bed!

Made from high-quality materials inspired by Reese’s southern roots, the Draper James range is sure to make those chilly winter nights a thing of the past.

RRP: Draper James X Lands’ End Short Sleeve Poplin Sleep Top – £40

RRP: Draper James X Lands’ End Poplin Crop Pants – £40


For a Good Night’s Rest – Bose Sleepbuds II

Anyone who knows the frustration of not being
able to fall asleep easily – or staying asleep
due to a snoring partner – should consider
Bose Sleepbuds II as a gift for someone in need.

Sleepbuds II feature remarkable noise-masking
capabilities and are equipped with technology
now clinically proven to help people fall asleep

RRP: £229.95

Fashion-forward Fitness – Fitbit Luxe

Boost their mind, body and health with Fitbit Luxe. A discreet, stylish fitness tracker with 24/7 heart rate monitoring, a stress management score and more – it’s a mini powerhouse.

Oh, and there’s even more to love with a 6-month membership to Fitbit Premium.

Colours: Lunar White/Soft Gold, Black, Orchid/Platinum Stainless steel or Special Edition gorjana Soft Gold Stainless Steel
RRP: £129.99

VO5 Hair Products – Available at Superdrug

Whether you’re taking part in festive carolling or attending your family Christmas dinner, VO5 has a product to keep your hair looking fabulous for any and every occasion.

No matter your concern, the below products will help you tackle any hair mishaps this Christmas:

Women’s top picks for festive styling:
• VO5 Heat Protect Spray
• VO5 Tame & Shine Spray
• VO5 Instant Volume Powder

(RRP: £3.59 – £4.39)


VO5 Hair Products – Available at Superdrug

Do you find yourself in a styling rut more often than not? Have no fear, VO5 has a number of products that are simple to use and will transform your look in a matter of minutes!

Whether you’re maintaining your current look or planning to branch out this festive period with your style, VO5 has a product suitable for all your styling needs.

Men’s top picks for festive styling:
• VO5 Matt Clay
• VO5 Thickening Paste

(RRP: £3.59 – £4.39)

For the Multitasker – Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

For the person constantly on-the-go, the Bose
QuietComfort Earbuds are perfect for listening
to music, catching up on podcasts, taking calls,
or simply tuning out the world for a minute of
peace and quiet.

The QuietComfort Earbuds deliver all the
“quiet” of Bose around-ear noise cancelling
headphones with a sleek in-ear design and 11
levels of noise control.

Colours: Triple Black, Soapstone, Sone Blue or Sandstone
RRP: £249.95

The Health Powerhouse – Fitbit Sense

Meet Fitbit’s most advanced health smartwatch ever. With an EDA Sensor for Stress management, an on-wrist ECG app, in-built GPS, SpO2, breathing rate and more.

You can also access voice assistants, take Bluetooth calls, and with a 6+ day battery life it’ll go the distance.

Colours: Sage Grey, Carbon or Lunar White
RRP: £279.99

Dough-licious Christmas Treats – Say It With Krispy Kreme

The ‘Say It With Krispy Kreme’ Half Dozen lets you say you send a dough-licious message of choice this Christmas with their delicately handpiped personalised doughnuts. Say anything from Merry Christmas or Ho! Ho! Ho!, with the additional option of adding a short message onto a card included within the box.

RRP: £12.95
Inspiring a Clean Air Revolution – Instant Air Purifier

Made with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, the Instant Air Purifier can capture 99.97 percent of dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens. It is also proven to remove 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses, and mould in treated air.

The Instant Air Purifier also features intelligent sensors that monitor the air quality 24/7, a night mode option which automatically dims the display and reduces noise, and an eco-mode which operates at 50% energy reduction automatically when air quality is detected as good. The product comes in two colours, pearl white and charcoal, as well as three sizes for all your design needs.

RRP: £99.99 – £199.99

For modern and multi-functional cooking – Duo Crisp Air Fryer

The Instant Pot Duo Crisp + Air Fryer is the best of all possible worlds. With 11-in-1 functionality it does everything a state of the art pressure cooker does, but swap out the pressure cooker lid for the innovative air fryer lid, and you’ve got a whole new set of cooking techniques available — all fast, easy and at the touch of a button!

Available in 2 sizes: 5.7L for cooking up to 6 portions, and 8L for cooking up to 8.

RRP: £179.99 – £199.99

For a Moment of Wellbeing – Glade® Aromatherapy Candles & Reed Diffusers.

Looking to fill your home with blissful scents this festive season? Glade Aromatherapy Candles and Reed Diffusers are masterfully designed to evoke energy and delight the senses. Each unique scent has been crafted with a dual blend of premium essential oils including:

Moment of Zen® crafted with notes of Lavender & Sandalwood
• Calm Mind® created with Bergamot & Lemongrass
• Pure Happiness® blended with Orange & Neroli

RRP: £12.00


Have a ‘Wine-derful’ Christmas with New Curated Wine Specialist ‘Collectivino’ – Sustainable and Climate Positive Christmas Gifts

Say a sustainable Merry Christmas with an exquisite, ethical wine gift from Collectivino, home delivered with net-zero carbon emissions. Depending on budget and taste, there is a gift for every palate and all with net positive carbon impact on the planet. Choose from two-bottle gift sets of luxurious, ethical white and red wines, or a Celebration six-bottle case including a bottle of sparkling white wine from Oxney Organic Estate, the UK’s largest producer of organic wines, as well as a range of non-alcoholic gifts.

Collectivino climate positive gift options include:

Wine Gift Sets from £32 – £100 (excl VAT)
• Bronze Gift Set including two bottles of wines such as Plantation 1905 red wine and Tantaka white wine – £32
• Silver Gift Set including two bottles of premium wines such as Oxney Estate NV and Dame de Onze Heures – £65
• Gold Gift Set including six bottles in a Celebration Case of premium wines – £100

Wine Tasting Events from £55 – £65 (excl VAT)
Treat family and friends to a group wine-cheese tasting experience priced at £65 per person for an Intimate Tasting Event from 6 – 12 people and £55 per person for a Large Tasting Event from 12 – 25 people.

Wine Gift Cards from £10 (excl VAT)
Collectivino Wine Gift Cards allow you to choose the amount and the user to choose the wine across the entire selection of curated sustainable wines, mixed cases and subscriptions.

Non-alcoholic Gift Sets from £22.50 – £33 (excl VAT)
For non-alcoholic drinkers, choose from a range of no-alcohol options such as Seedlip Premium No-Alco Spirits at £22.50 per bottle and £33 for a double gift pack.

Collectivino Reforestation Programme – Carbon Off-Set Purchases from £13.65 – £163.80 (excl VAT)
Support Collectivino’s reforestation programme and increase the carbon sequestered through Verified Carbon Standard schemes, with a climate positive Carbon Off-Set gift. Choose from a one-off payment of £13.65 off-setting one month of an individual’s carbon emissions or a Go Net Zero monthly subscription of £13.65 each month (£163.80 per year), which will off-set 12.7 tonnes of CO2e across the year.

For further details on Collectivino, visit and

HugMyDog is launching their special edition Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings for our dogs to enjoy on Christmas day this year.
A delicious mixture of free-range turkey with all the trimmings including red cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, and cranberries – ingredients carefully selected to provide the healthiest and most delicious meal full of goodness.
All HugMyDog meals, including the Christmas Dinner, are delivered frozen and should be stored in the freezer before defrosting for serving. Meals can be served straight from the pack or gently cooked on the stove/in the microwave. (Full instructions are included in your delivery).
PRICE: £33.53 for a pack of 6 Christmas Dinners, excl. delivery Sheds the Light on True Gender Gap
in Sports Pay
Date: Wednesday, November 29th, 2021 outlines the True Sports Pay Gap and the reasons behind it in the recent, well-researched article “Gender Pay Gap: Understanding the Gender Gap in Sports Pay” written by Haley Shapley, journalist and published author of “Strong Like Her”. The article contains visual infographics, revealing a shocking Pay Gap between male and female athletes.

The U.S. women’s soccer team has made international headlines with their campaign to bring their salaries and benefits on par with the U.S. men’s team. But the pay difference between female and male professional athletes is not limited to the country’s top soccer stars. In fact, the gap is even larger in many sports, and staggering across the board.

The article references a report stating that National Basketball Association’s (NBA) highest player for the fifth year in a row is Stephen Curry, with a salary of $45,780,966. Curry earns over $550,000 per regular-season game. By comparison, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) legend Sue Bird earns the league’s maximum salary of $221,450 per year, or $6,900 per regular-season game. Bird’s salary is matched by just six other top performers in the WNBA league including Brittney Griner and Diana Taurasi. To reach parity, the women would need a 20573.27% raise.

The research also reveals that the smallest pay gap between males and females is found in tennis and its 34% with players such as Serena Williams, net worth $41.5M and Naomi Osaka, $60M.

“I spoke to some of the male players about that who were unhappy because the prize money was equal,” British tennis player Andy Murray said in his interview with CNN. “And I said, ‘Well, would you rather there was no increase at all?’ You know, they said to me, ‘Yeah, actually.’ That’s some of the sort of mentalities that you’re working with in these discussions where someone would actually rather make less money just so they’re not on an equal footing with some of the female players.” looks at arguments like the theory that women’s leagues and high-performance competition are relatively new and still maturing as commercial entities. The WNBA was established in 1996, whereas the NBA began in 1946. But this argument for “organic” growth does not account for non-market-driven resistance. considers these attitudes and how they may affect the future of the pay gap, proposing that as the women’s teams become better established, their stars will have more bargaining power. Another possible influencer could be the newer niche sports like CrossFit, which have inherently more gender parity. Not incidentally, CrossFit Games has always offered an identical prize purse for male and female competitors.
The article also includes an interview in the form of a podcast, where hosts, Daryl Fein and Sean Miller ask the author of the article some challenging questions regarding the topic.
For the full article, please visit:

About offers the world’s most comprehensive betting wikipedia that can be accessed via a user-friendly web app. Its mission is to help make online betting safe, fun and as easy as performing a search on the web.

There are already more than 400+ how-to guides freely available, all written by seasoned betting professionals. More guides are being added on a weekly basis in a continued effort to educate anyone interested in what is now a $199 billion betting industry. For more details, visit:



Following the acquisition of a majority equity stake by Primosole Holdings, SAMURAI are pushing forward with an all-encompassing rebrand, whilst retaining the unique product quality and expertise developed in 25-years of authentic UK sportswear history.

The UK based company are taking a fresh approach to branding, marketing, and technology, updating its traditional teamwear business with a modern branding proposition, whilst also adding a direct-to-consumer e-commerce strategy offering lifestyle streetwear collections.

Founded by Terry Sands in 1996, SAMURAI holds a rich rugby heritage, having taken inspiration from a generation of Japanese rugby players at the 1995 World Cup in South Africa. Japan were defeated in every single game, but the team evoked integrity, dedication, courage and purity.

Inspired by this mentality to push forward no matter what, the SAMURAI brand was born and will continue to celebrate athletes and teams that embody this spirit of rugby culture. SAMURAI continue to work with some of the top teams in rugby providing kits for Premiership Rugby clubs, Exeter Chiefs and Leicester Tigers.

Speaking about the rebrand, Stefano Schivo, SAMURAI CEO said: “Rugby is our origin and where our audience currently is – we want to strengthen and further build our relationship with the community that has supported us for the last 25 years by telling our story, the values we share with the rugby world and by offering new premium product lines.

Starting from rugby, our vision is to build a trend-setting, tech-savvy and forward-thinking global brand inspiring people to embrace their lives both on and off the sports field by pushing forward our core values of courage, dedication, integrity and purity.”

Following its new brand positioning SAMURAI will also be launching its first ever direct to consumer collection on its newly developed commerce website. Whilst also partnering with a small selection of boutique fashion and sports stores.

Jack Dyson, Head of Brand Marketing added, “SAMURAI is synonymous with premium product quality, design and reliability in the teamwear industry – our goal is to take this same approach as we move into the direct to consumer space, creating quality products that are both fashionable and functional. Products that can be worn in any environment.”

To find out more on the SAMURAI story please visit:

Book and Online Course Teach Veterans How to Market Their Value and Secure Their Futures

San Francisco, CA, Dec. 1, 2021 — After nearly a decade as an Air Force aviator, Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is now a marketing professional and entrepreneur who knows first-hand the military-to-civilian transition chaos that all service members must navigate as they become veterans. Her groundbreaking new book, B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé, and companion online course deliver a solution that is described by Tiscareño-Sato as “counterculture to the institutionalized, ineffective, outdated way the DoD and DoL ‘prepare’ people to exit the service via the Transition Assistance Program.”

B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé readers will complete the “extracting product attributes” exercise, see nearly 30 examples of great branding created by veterans Tiscareño-Sato has personally coached, and learn how to write their own AUTHENTIC personal branding to influence their intended target audience. Tiscareño-Sato teaches readers a repeatable marketing messaging process that will be useful for years to come.

Asked about the book’s title, Tiscareño-Sato said, “I created the B.R.A.N.D. acronym to emphasize that military veterans must first Become Relevant, Authentic, Noticeable and Differentiated, instead of writing resumés that nobody will read. We are professionals with diverse, transferable skills earned during our military service. We must, however, first intrigue potential employers and networking partners with our distinctive value.”

The book has already reached No. 1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases in the Military Family category, and the Military Writers Society of America recognized B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé with a 2021 Silver Medal.

If you’re a veteran or transitioning service member who has difficulty communicating the distinctive leadership experiences and achievements earned on active duty, Tiscareño-Sato’s guidebook and online course can equip you with the skills you need to demonstrate your worth, secure those job interviews, and achieve post-military success.

Author Graciela Tiscareño-Sato is an Air Force veteran, award-winning author and bilingual public speaker who has coached over 5,000 veterans, service members and professionals with live and virtual Authentic Personal Branding workshops. She is a highly decorated USAF aviator and was a 2014 White House Champion of Change honoree, which recognizes individuals, businesses and organizations whose extraordinary accomplishments positively affect communities. She completed her Air Force ROTC Aerospace Studies and her degree in Environmental Design/Architecture from U.C. Berkeley as a scholarship cadet. During Operation Southern Watch, she became the first Latina Air Force aviator to earn an Air Medal for combat air operations.

Tiscareño-Sato has won numerous literary awards for three prior publications, including a bilingual children’s book series inspired by her decade of military aviation service. Good Night Captain Mama/Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá and Captain Mama’s Surprise/La Sorpresa de Capitán Mamá are the first-ever bilingual children’s books about women flying airplanes in our nation’s military. She has been featured by NPR, USA Today, the NBC News website, CNN en Español, Univision and Telemundo.

For more information, please visit, or connect with the author on Instagram (graciela.tiscarenosato) and LinkedIn.

B.R.A.N.D. Before Your Resumé: Your Marketing Guide for Veterans & Military Service Members Entering Civilian Life.
Publisher: Gracefully Global Group
Hardcover Release Date: November 11, 2021
ISBN: 978-0-9973090-7-2
Available now in paperback (ISBN-13: 978-0997309065) and Kindle (ISBN: 978-0997309067) formats from


SEA LIFE Scarborough has named an adorable new penguin chick Buddy, after the iconic Christmas comedy movie Elf, due to his joyous knack of spreading cheer throughout the centre.

Penguins, Rico and Mavis recently became parents to Buddy as he entered the world a few months ago on 12th July 2021 and he’s been sleighing life ever since.

The adorable baby penguin has been high on elf-esteem since coming into the world and his happy-go-lucky attitude is putting everyone at SEA LIFE in the Christmas spirit ahead of the festive season.

Buddy is showing just as much enthusiasm as his elf namesake, however, there are still some differences between the pair. For example, whilst Buddy the elf dines on a breakfast of spaghetti topped with chocolate, sweets, marshmallows and raspberry sauce, Buddy the penguin prefers fishes to keep his spirits up.

Andy Turner, General Manager at SEA LIFE Scarborough, said: “Buddy has become quite a character around the centre recently. His parents have been so happy since he was born, and he is bringing so much joy and festive spirit to our team and our visitors.

“Our team love the movie Elf and in keeping with all of our penguins, which are named after children’s tv and film characters, we thought Buddy would be the perfect moniker for our newest penguin chick!”

With Buddy the penguin’s newfound Christmas joy, could we see the flippered chick follow in Will Ferrell’s footprints and star in his own Christmas film one day? If so, staff will be hoping Buddy doesn’t turn into a true movie star diva and become a difficulty to manage, like Ringo the penguin from SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth, who earlier in the year refused to eat his food unless social distancing was applied.

If any Elf fans are unable to catch the movie this year, they need not worry, as they can now visit Buddy the penguin at SEA LIFE Scarborough.

Silentnight launches new Affinity Collection – Exclusively at Dreams

Silentnight, the UK’s most trusted bed brand, has launched a new collection of mattresses. The Affinity Collection, exclusive to bed retailer Dreams, consists of four different high performance, pocket-sprung models at four different price points, meaning there’s a solution for every sleeper.

Each mattress has been designed using exclusive Airstream Memory comfort layers, as well as new and improved Memory Foam layers and the mirapocket® support system, which offers weight distribution to assist easy movement and improve spinal alignment for an undisturbed night’s sleep. Each mattress gently hugs you to sleep, moulding with the contours of your body for soothing pressure relief, so you can enjoy a rejuvenating and refreshing night’s sleep.

HEATON 800, RRP from £599

The Heaton 800 combines Silentnight’s new Airstream Memory™ technology comfort layer with zoned Mirapocket® support of 800 pocket springs, for indulgent comfort. Best suited to those who prefer the firmest of firm.

ABBEYDALE 1500, RRP from £699

The Abbeydale 1500 combines Silentnight’s new Airstream Memory™ technology comfort layer with zoned Mirapocket® support and ActiFlex technology for superior support throughout the night. Best suited to those who prefer a medium firmness.

RUDDINGTON 1800, RRP from £899

The Ruddington 1800 introduces Silentnight’s new and improved Memory Foam comfort layer with zoned Mirapocket® support and ActiFlex technology for superior support and cocooning comfort every night. Best suited to those who prefer a medium-soft firmness.

THORNBURY 2900, RRP from £999

The Thornbury 2900 introduces the revolutionary NanoFlex technology, combining Silentnight’s superior Mirapocket® support with Nanospring technology and the cocooning comfort of Memory Foam, for your most satisfying night’s sleep yet. Best suited to those who prefer a medium firmness.

The new collection comes with a 5 year Silentnight Guarantee for your peace of mind and has been Allergy UK approved.

Explore the new collection online here:

ByRuby – A full christmas meal hamper, for those craving a hassle free Christmas day away from the kitchen

Christmas is fast approaching and diaries are filling up with plans to ensure we savour every precious moment of the festive season amongst friends and family this year, but with that comes the anxieties of providing a Christmas meal for one and all. Cue ByRuby’s wholesome, home cooked Christmas bundle – the perfect ingredient for keeping your cool this Christmas!

Simply eliminate the stress of grappling for that last turkey only to then forget the brussel sprouts, followed by that frazzled feeling over hours of preparation and cooking, all while you could be spending such a special time catching up on missed moments with your loved ones and and making up for last years lost Christmas, or celebrations barely acknowledged due to the pandemic.

PRICING: Feast for 4: £100 / Feast for 8: £175

Petrossian – For those who enjoy the finer things in life

French luxury food retailer Petrossian has the answer for those who love the finer things in life, with a wide range of tantalising treats perfect for a traditional gourmet Christmas feast or Christmas morning canapés – whatever tantalises your tastebuds. From Caviar & Truffle, sliced and tsar cut smoked salmon, king crab, creative taramasalata dips, truffles, condiments, salmon and pike roe, bottarga, pata negra, plain and flavoured vodkas, to brand new sweet and savoury macarons, confectionary and all the accompaniments that you might need.

Why not make this festive season one to remember with a selection of Petrossian’s finest gifts and goodies.

James Alexander Fine Foods – An organic three bird roast, for those who want to wow their loved ones

Fresh from Cumbria, direct to your dining table this Christmas Day. The James Alexander three bird roasts are sure to surprise and delight friends, family and loved ones this festive period. The multi award winning three bird roasts from James Alexander Fine Foods are boneless, easy to carve, full of flavour and guaranteed to impress! These organic, hand prepared 3 bird roasts are made to order from Turkey, Chicken and Duck, expertly combined together so that each bird cooks the next one inside and the juices combine exquisitely.

Outdoor bred and reared, gluten free, pork sausage stuffing is then added to ensure an exquisite melt-in-the-mouth texture. The birds are then dressed in the best quality Cumbrian pancetta, and a couple of sprigs of thyme to maintain the succulent flavours inside and to add visual “wow” effect.

PRICING: From £65 for 1.5kg (3-4 people) to £143 for 4.5kg (14-15 people)

Snap Happy With the myFirst Camera 3
Children can snap away and take close-up pictures with myFirst Camera 3. The 16MP camera assures high-quality, high-pixel images from a child’s perspective. The easy-to-use camera is ready to go. Simply choose a lens selector, take selfies with ease. Allowing children to ignite their passion for photography, art, and creative skills.

The myFirst Camera 3 breaks the mold, it isn’t a toy and works like any standard digital camera and more. Through photography, you can see what children can see. Producing amazing photos and memories. The 16MP camera allows fantastic HD photos and videos.
Macro Lens – Allows close-up pictures that are perfect for investigating bugs and nature.
Selfie Lens – The lens is above the screen, allowing quick selfies.

Durable and Powerful with a shockproof pouch. The pouch is made of high tensile strength polymers which resist drops, knocks, and bumps. With a 1000mAh battery and supporting up to 32GB microSD card, you can be sure you and your child take plenty of photos and videos, anytime and anywhere.
Preloaded Frames the camera 3 comes with preloaded frames to give children insta-like photos
• 2” IPS Color Screen
• Photo Resolution: 5M/12M/16M
• Video Resolution: 1920*1080
• Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
• Storage: Memory Card Up to 32GB
• Camera Weight: 2.82oz / 80g
What’s Included
• Adjustable Neck Lanyard
• Shockproof Case
• Designated Pouch (Detachable)
• Decorative Stickers – 2 Stickers
• Micro USB Charging Cable
• Mobile Phone Adapter (Type B & Type C)
• 1GB MicroSD Card (Included)
• User Manual
The myFirst Camera 3 costs £70 from

Stellar line-up for Muscular Dystrophy UK’s Spirit of Christmas concert

• Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK) is inviting everyone to buy tickets for the actual event or through a You Tube live-stream
• The host is Harry McGarrity
• Performances by David Branagh Curry and The Lisburn Ladies Choir
• A candle of hope will be lit by Daniel Donavan, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy
This is the third annual Spirit of Christmas concert. The first was in 2019 at the Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast. About 120 people usually attend. In 2019 they raised over £1000 and last year’s event raised over £2,500.
Ashleigh Venables, MDUK Regional Development Manager Scotland and Northern Ireland said, “We are honoured that Harry McGarrity is donating his time and talents, by hosting the event and also entertaining us with a magical performance.
“He started performing, aged 15, in bars and restaurants in his hometown, Bangor. His talent and persistence landed him headlining spots at award ceremonies throughout Belfast, the biggest being The Irish pharmacy awards at the prestigious Carlton Hotel in Dublin, playing to audiences of up to 1000 people.
During lockdown, for the first time, he started writing his own songs and has now has released two, one of which he will perform during the concert.”
She continued, “David Branagh Curry’s career spans 20 years. He has performed some of musical theatre and light opera’s most coveted roles in venues from The Grand Opera House in Belfast to those further afield in Canada and USA. This is the third MDUK Night of Hope event David has supported. He generously funded last year’s virtual event, which was greatly appreciated. “
The Lisburn Harmony Ladies Choir is a 75 strong group of women. It is a cross community, all-inclusive choir, and has been in existence for 10 years. It is a non-auditioned choir and they pride themselves on their eclectic mix of music, with an emphasis on fun. The choir is directed by Kirsty Orr, with Joan Houston as Deputy Director and Charlotte King as accompanist. The choir has sung in many places in Northern Ireland, from the deck of the Nomadic to the steps of St. Anne’s cathedral.
A candle of hope will be lit by eight- year-old Daniel Donovan, from Lisburn, who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy four years ago.
Daniel attends Pond Park Primary School, Lisburn, where he recently helped raise over £6000 for Muscular Dystrophy UK by organising a fitness work out fundraiser.
In his spare time, Daniel enjoys gaming on his Xbox and going to his local youth club.
Daniel and his family are determined to help raise as much money as possible to help support vital research to help everyone living with a muscle-wasting condition across the UK and Northern Ireland.
The line-up for the performances also include Mairead Healy (Soprano), Zöe Curry, and Stellar Voices (David and Mairead duo).
You can read more about the event here
Ashleigh said, “We hope you can join us on the night. For the in-person event, you can buy tickets here.
Adult tickets: £10 per person
Family tickets: £25 [families of up to 5]
Children under three: free
If you wish to purchase more than 10 tickets please get in touch with


Stokke® Xplory® X Winter Kit is this season’s must-have fashion accessory for stylish mums
The Stokke® Xplory® X Winter Kit will keep mums and babies warm this winter, without compromising on style

Stylishly practical, the new Stokke® Xplory® X Winter Kit has been designed to keep mums and babies warm when temperatures start to drop, whilst simultaneously being the perfect fashion accessory to help elevate mums’ looks throughout the winter season. It is the latest design classic from the award-winning team who developed the luxury ride, Stokke® Xplory® X for newborns, bringing parents and babies closer together.
Now available to purchase, the contemporary kit incorporates the best of Scandinavian design with quality, style and functionality at its heart and includes insulated fabrics, a detachable storm cover and mittens, a reflective zipper and water-repellent textiles.
The sleek, timeless design is available in black and includes the finest of details, natural sheep skin and PFC-free textiles. The soft, fleece-lined mittens keep hands warm and, because they attach to the stroller, will never go missing.
The comfort and safety of their child is every parent’s priority, especially in the colder months. Designed exclusively for the Stokke® Xplory® X stroller seat and carry cot, the Stokke® Xplory® X Winter Kit provides a comfortable and insulated environment for babies to be protected from the elements.
Stokke CEO, Jacob Kragh said: “Stokke products are designed with style and purpose at its core. When we launched the Xplory stroller in 2003, the new shape of the stroller and its unique seat height quickly established it as the stroller choice because it allowed parents to be closer to their babies than ever before.
“The new design, Stokke Xplory X, which launched earlier this year, is the most design focused yet and so it’s only naturally fitting that we wanted to create a Winter Kit to complement that. We wanted the kit to be the perfect accessory for style-conscious parents this winter who don’t want to compromise on safety or substance.”
Since 2003, Stokke has focused exclusively on designing quality items for children including its now iconic Tripp Trapp® highchair, whilst its Stokke® Xplory® X stroller was awarded the prestigious “Red Dot: Best of the Best” design award 2021.


StoneX Releases 2 oz Saracens Commemorative Silver Coin
The limited-edition silver coin commemorates the firm’s relationship with Saracens rugby club and contains two ounces of 999.9/1000 silver
New York, Dec. 6, 2021 – StoneX Group Inc. (NASDAQ: SNEX) today announced that its Frankfurt-based subsidiary, coininvest GmbH, has released the limited-edition Saracens Rugby club 2 oz. silver bullion coin. The coin celebrates StoneX’s partnership with the Saracens Rugby club and is available for purchase on, a leading online provider of precious metals.
After becoming a lead partner of the team over a year ago, StoneX has worked hand in hand with the club to promote its continued success and grow both the Saracens Rugby and StoneX brand in a new marketplace. With imagery voted on by the fans of Saracens Rugby club, the coin is an homage to StoneX’s commitment to the team and features an image of the StoneX stadium on one side and the Queen of England on the other. The rugby ball shaped coin contains 999.9/1000 silver and has a face value of 4 Dollars. The coin will be minted in a limited production run and will only be available through coininvest.
Philip Smith, CEO, EMEA at StoneX, commented on today’s news, “We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Saracens Rugby club to provide the club’s fans with a unique collector’s item that holds real-world value. This coin demonstrates our continued support of the Saracens team and the value that each entity brings to the partnership. We are looking forward to working with the Saracens team to put this distinctive product in the hands of devoted fans.”
StoneX Group Inc.’s Precious Metals division provides clients with full-service trading capabilities and global access to metals markets through offices in London, Singapore, Shanghai and Dubai. Coininvest specializes in serving bullion wholesalers and traders, refiners and smelters, government agencies, banks and financial institutions, jewelry manufacturers and other industrial users of precious metals.
If you are interested in learning more or would like to purchase the limited-edition Saracens Rugby club silver coin, please visit:


Roosters announce new NRL and NRLW partnership
with City Index
The Sydney Roosters have today unveiled City Index as a new Platinum Partner for both the Club’s NRL and NRLW programs.
One of the world leaders in CFD and Forex trading, City Index has signed a three-year partnership and will feature on the lower back of the Roosters NRL jersey and on the sternum of the NRLW jersey.
With almost forty years industry experience, City Index’s parent company is StoneX Group Inc., which is one of the largest retail and institutional trading providers in the world and has a strong track record in providing retail and institutional customers with trading services to more than half a million traders worldwide.
Welcoming the partnership, Roosters COO Jarrod Johnstone said: “Our Platinum Partners are all industry leaders in their own right and we are delighted to welcome City Index to our portfolio for both the Roosters’ NRL and NRLW programs for the next three years.
“In forming this partnership with City Index, this completes the opportunity to appear on the Roosters NRL jersey in 2022, with the corporate value of the jersey at its highest in the Club’s 114-year history.
“City Index have also identified the rapid growth of the NRLW competition, and as a founding team in the competition, we are excited to welcome them to our program. The City Index logo will prominently feature on the sternum of the Sydney Roosters NRLW jersey for the next three years, commencing at the start of the 2022 season.”
In launching the new partnership, City Index Head of Australia, Tom Brown said: “We are excited to be partnering with one of the oldest and most successful clubs in Australia.
“The Roosters consistently demonstrate leadership, professionalism, innovation and a passion for success, many of the beliefs and values that drive us, City Index, as a company.
“It’s a great time to be a part of the club and an exciting time for our business as we continue to grow.
“We would also like to wish the Sydney Roosters all the best for the forthcoming season.”
City Index will feature on the NRL training apparel and playing jerseys with immediate effect, and will first feature on the NRLW training apparel and playing jerseys for the 2022 NRLW season.

The TCL 10 TAB MAX stands out as it is a tablet that offers a best-in-class viewing experience via its 10-inch display and NXTVISION technology producing truer-to-life images and richer details.

(The tablet also pays attention when it comes to eye care, with the implementation of intelligent eye protection reducing harmful blue light.)

This feature-packed tablet won’t break the bank either for only £269.99 at Very UK.

Health and Fitness Travel Announces the 12 Hottest Wellness Destinations to Travel to in 2022

Health and Fitness Travel, the wellness holiday specialists, have announced the 12 hottest wellness destinations to visit in 2022 to improve health, wellness, and happiness. From boosting your immune system on the attractive southern coastline of Portugal to working on your relationship with yourself on a mindful long-haul trip in Bali, each tailored wellness holiday offers eager travellers the chance to improve their health and mental wellbeing that will enable them to live happier, healthier, and longer lives in 2022 and beyond. Discover Health and Fitness Travel’s best recommended wellness holiday destinations for each month of 2022:

January: The Spa Retreat at Carlisle Bay, Antigua

January is the best time to stock up on vitamin D and where better to get your intake than under the Caribbean sun? Sitting on Antigua’s most southernly point, Carlisle Bay makes the most of the island’s spectacular coastline, allowing you to relax and restore your energy in the new year. The award-winning Spa provides various treatments from Reiki to reflexology, using locally sourced ingredients. With its focus on health and wellness plus the chic design and award-winning facilities, it offers the highest standard of comfort in the Caribbean.

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 offers 7 nights at Carlisle Bay from £3,635 pp. Price includes daily breakfast, return private transfers and a wellness programme.

February: Celebrate February Half-Term in Style at TIA Wellness Resort, Vietnam

Recharge the whole family’s internal battery and celebrate February half-term in style with a wellness holiday in Vietnam. Indulge in treatments at the well-equipped spa in this stunning resort situated in one of the world’s best beaches. Educate your little ones on the importance of wellness and let them try the variety of activities and wellness therapies on offer. Providing authentic fun for everyone, this active break is guaranteed to keep kids entertained for days. The needs of even the most demanding families will be fulfilled, against the backdrop of rolling countryside, hill-tribe villages and unforgettable experiences.

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 offers 7 nights at TIA Wellness Resort from £3,025 pp. Price includes full board, return transfers and a wellness programme.

March: Spring into Strength at EPIC SANA Algarve, Portugal

This Immune system boosting retreat in Portugal’s stunning Algarve region is a must for those looking to strengthen and awaken their bodies following the winter period. Relax and recuperate with personalized training, health-boosting massage, and reflexology. Raise your mental and physical energy levels with yoga, meditation and cycling all whilst being surrounded by nature on this short but sweet break that will leave you feeling stronger and healthier from the inside out.

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 offers 2 nights at Epic Sana from £570pp. Price includes half board, return private transfers and a wellness programme.

April: Tone up for Summer at Preidlhof, Italy

With warmer weather and longer days, April is the perfect month of the year to focus your attention on re-balancing your body and spirit with a healthy weight loss holiday. Achieve the results you’re looking for with the help of Preidlhof’s specialists who will guide you through the best traditional and modern approaches that will slim and detoxify your body. From acupuncture to personalized nutrition consultations whilst you’re there to a tailored plan to follow on your return home, you’ll leave feeling lighter, brighter, and fully equipped to live a long-term healthy lifestyle!

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 offers 6 nights at Preidlhof from £3,035 pp. Price includes half board, return private transfers and a wellness programme.

May: Get that Fitness Feeling at COMO Uma Canggu, Bali

Curate your ideal fitness retreat at the luxury beachfront resort that is COMO Uma Canggu, choosing from a comprehensive list of strengthening fitness activities and spa treatments that will balance both body and mind. With unlimited access to the spa and outdoor pools as well as delicious nutritionally balanced food on offer, COMO Uma Canggu is the perfect place to recharge and recalibrate your fitness regime, you’ll leave feeling renewed and ready to continue building on all you have achieved during your stay.

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 ) offers 7 nights at COMO Uma Canggu from £770 pp. Price includes full board, return private transfers and a wellness programme.

June: Detox and Relax at Pine Cliffs, Portugal

Lean into the lightness of being at the luxurious Pine Cliffs resort in Portugal with a detoxifying yoga retreat over a long weekend in June. From sound healing to breathing and meditation classes to nutritional workshops and lymphatic drainage massage, you’ll leave feeling cleansed in both body and mind. Enjoy unlimited use of the fully equipped gym, sauna, and Jacuzzis as well as mouthwatering food at one of the resorts nine restaurants. Return home haven’t learnt more about yourself, stronger and fully recharged for whatever modern life throws at you!

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 offers 3 nights at Pine Cliffs from £1,035 pp Price includes full board, return private transfers and a wellness programme.

July: Destress at Park Iglis, Austria

Improving your gut health is the key to promoting weight loss and overall health, on this de-stress retreat you’ll learn how to combat stress and prevent burnout using the popular and effective Mayr principles. Take part in craniosacral therapy and coaching sessions complimented by metabolic detox baths and massages that will release tensions and restore wellbeing to all areas of the body. Leave this leading Medi-spa resort feeling primed to reach your full potential through increased productivity and a revived positive mental attitude.

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 offers 7 nights at Park Iglis starting from £2,955pp. Price includes full board, transfers and a wellness programme.

August: Make the Most of the Cornish Sun at Workout Away, UK

With summer in the UK at its peak, August is the best time to embark on an active fitness retreat on the Cornish coastline. Situated at the stunning St Michael’s Resort in Falmouth, you’ll enjoy a stimulating mix of fitness activities from surfing to HIIT and yoga. After a productive day of training, indulge in the hydrothermal spa or with a relaxing massage and Cornish salt steam room session. Not only are you guaranteed to boost your health, but you’ll also make new like-minded friends on this group retreat, supporting each other from day one!

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 offers 4 nights at Workout Away Cornwall starting from £1,365 pp. Price includes half board, return private transfers and a wellness programme.

September: Take a Hike at Palacio Estoril, Portugal

Immerse yourself in nature, healing, and hiking at the five star Palacio Estoril Golf and Spa Hotel, located just 20 minutes away from Lisbon. Discover a more holistic way of living as you hike stunning trails complete with endless views, wild beaches and historical sites of significance along the way, accompanied by an energy healer and an experienced local guide. Soothe the senses and release muscle tension after a long day of hiking through mystical forests at the Banyan Tree Spa with a deep tissue full body massage and complimentary access to the gym and dynamic pools.

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 offers 2 nights at Palacio Estoril starting from £697pp. Price includes breakfast, transfers and a wellness programme.

October: Get Gut-Healthy at SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

Learn new healthy eating habits and restore the balance and proper function to your digestive system on this tailored retreat at the premier medical wellness resort that is SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante. Natural therapies, medical treatments and a personalized exercise & nutrition plan all come together to help your cleanse and purify your body leaving you feeling reinvigorated from the inside out. This comprehensive retreat leaves no stone unturned, and you’ll leave knowing exactly what you need to do in order to maintain a healthy gut going forward.

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 ) offers 7 nights at SHA Wellness Clinic from £6,280 pp. Price includes full board, return private transfers and a wellness programme.

November: Enjoy Luxury Caribbean Life at Melia Punta Cana Beach, Dominican Republic

Whether it’s paddle boarding, getting out on your bike, perfect your yoga form or just enjoying a wild swim, Melia Punta Cana Beach is the perfect place to enjoy a slice of luxury island life! Situated on the idyllic Bavaro beachfront, you’ll connect mind, body and soul through fitness activities, holistic spa treatments and leisure activities such as golfing and kayaking on this adults-only, all-inclusive wellness retreat in the Dominican Republic. You won’t regret swapping the biting cold for this tropical island retreat that caters for every wellness need!

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 ) offers 7 nights at Melia Punta Cana Beach from £715 pp. Price includes all inclusive board and a wellness programme.

December: Hit the Slopes at Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti, Italy

Renowned for skiing in the winter months, a visit to Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti, lying in the eastern section of the northern Italian Alps, is a must during the festive period. When you’re not making the most of the slopes at this stunning World Heritage Site, relax with Ayurveda treatments to maintain health, reduce stress, and improve flexibility, strength, and stamina. Escape to this luxurious winter paradise complete with fine dining and return feeling utterly refreshed for all that 2023 will bring!

Health and Fitness Travel (0203 397 8891 ) offers 6 nights at Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti from £1,731pp, price includes breakfast and return transfers as well as a wellness programme.


The UK Heart Failure Event of the Year:
British Society for Heart Failure 24th Annual Meeting, 1st – 3rd December 2021
Entitled ‘Freedom from Failure’ WILL GO AHEAD AS PLANNED
Release date: 1 December 2021
Contact: Janine Hogan, BSH Press Office
Tel: 07990696970

• ‘Freedom from Failure’ – helping those living with heart failure to gain freedom from the symptoms of heart failure by optimising its care and management
With CoViD on the rise again, the decision to hold the UK’s heart failure event of the year – the British Society for Heart Failure’s (BSH) Annual Meeting – has been a tough one for the society. Designed as a hybrid meeting with in-person attendance at a London venue as well as virtual attendance, it has been deemed of vital importance to go ahead as plannedas heart failure is becoming a growing societal issue exacerbated directly and indirectly by the waves of the CoVid pandemic.

Measures at the venue are in place to safeguard those who wish to attend in person and the virtual technology supporting the meeting (together with the BSH Event App specially designed for BSH members and delegates), will facilitate the hybrid interaction with speakers and colleagues, networking and scheduling over the 2.5 days of the meeting. The programme will cover the latest scientific research, data, guidelines and best clinical practice in heart failure care.

Professor Simon Williams, Chair of the BSH said: “Heart failure is a complex long-term condition the management of which requires specialist advice and guidance. The risk of death from heart failure is higher than for some of the most common cancers[i] and CoViD. It should be recognised, detected and treated with the same urgency as a disease as malignant as cancer[ii].

Williams continued: “For half of those with the condition, heart failure is terminal with death occurring within 2-5 years of diagnosis, yet for many in the UK, the delays in diagnosis can be over 12 months. We need to address this by being more informed and aware. To contribute to eliminating heart failure as a leading cause of death we collectively need to educate the public to recognise the symptoms, whether their own, a family member or that elderly neighbour to seek help, early diagnosis, specialist referral and get onto treatment to live better and longer.

We have made extraordinary progress over the last 2 decades so much so that heart failure is arguably the biggest success story of modern day medicine. We need to come together in discussion as experts in the field because, whilst it remains a burdensome, debilitating and potentially life-threatening condition, we have new treatment options which can help people to live well with heart failure. This is an important aim of the care we provide as heart failure specialists and an important objective of the BSH Annual Meeting.” He concluded.

The BSH Annual Meeting, using cutting edge technology to bring multimedia content to a UK and global clinical audience, will entertain lectures from a cardiology ‘A list’ faculty including:

Professor Carolyn Lam:
Professor and Senior Consultant of the National Heart Centre, Singapore and Professor of Duke-NUS Cardiovascular Academic Clinical Program who will be discussing ‘the approach to heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) and heart failure with midrange ejection fraction (HFmrEF)’ in her keynote address

Milton Packer MD:
Milton Packer, MD, Texas, is an internationally recognised clinical investigator who has made many seminal contributions to the field of heart failure, both in understanding its mechanisms and defining its rational management. He is a founder of the Heart Failure Society of America, is one of the most successful and recognised experts in the field of cardiology and has authored over 400 medical research publications. He will be giving the Philip Poole-Wilson Memorial Lecture

Further attractions in the BSH Annual Meeting 2021 programme include:

Introduction to BSH Patient Advisory Panel: a group of volunteers from around the UK and Wales with lived experience of heart failure who advise and guide BSH activities in the best interests of the patient

The Philip Poole-Wilson Memorial Lecture: to be delivered by Milton Packer MD

• Three BSH Research Fellows Awards – 2 medical and 1 non-medical; open to nurses, healthcare professionals or scientists. Intended to support and inspire new talented researchers, dedicated to improving the lives of people with heart failure and further underpin our vision, to make heart failure a national priority.
• The Early Investigator Award for BSH members (physicians in registrar/training posts, nurses and other healthcare professionals); three abstracts judged on originality, methodology and clinical significance will be chosen for oral presentation during the Annual meeting.
• BSH Investigators Research Network: to raise awareness of UK multi-centre heart failure related studies
• Heart Failure Service/Best Practice: showcasing and sharing of heart failure services

An interactive exhibition area including exhibits from:
• British Heart Foundation, British Journal of Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology Heart Failure (JACC HF), Cardiac Failure Review (CFR) Radcliffe Cardiology Publishing



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! KidZania London and Hard Rock Cafe have events taking place this season to make the first Christmas out of lockdown even more special.
The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, as recently seen on This Morning have plenty of products to get the creative juices flowing at home over the holidays. The sale of these perfect stocking fillers benefits the disabled artists who create them.
Enjoy a Festive Feast and Santa’s Grotto at the Hard Rock Cafe
Visit the Hard Rock this Christmas to enjoy the “Kiss Me Under The Mistletoe” menu for food all the family will love, including the tempting Surf & Turf burger and the delicious Holiday Brownie.
Guests are encouraged to bring presents that will be donated to Hard Rock Cafe’s charity partner, the Evelina Children’s Hospital – to help bring a smile to the children who need it most this Christmas.
Pop across with Hard Rock Cafe London just a stone’s throw away from Winter Wonderland fun.
Meanwhile at Hard Rock Cafe Piccadilly Circus, little ones can meet Father Christmas and enter the magical world of Santa’s Grotto in the lead up to Christmas on weekends in December. Visit Santa from 12pm – 3pm on 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 & 19 December.
Full Christmas press release here
Unlock a Secret Christmas Wonderland at KidZania London
KidZania London is throwing open its doors for children and adults over the festive season, from 1 December 2021 to 9 January 2022. Families are tasked with uncovering the password to unlock a Secret Christmas wonderland hidden within KidZania, which reveals a world of six new festive activities including an exclusive, pre-recorded pantomime performance of Cinderella, and a hot drink and sweet treat. Other activities include Elf School, decorating cookies, and a Christmas Nutcracker Parade.
For parents looking for some grown up fun without the kids this Christmas, adults can embrace their inner child and take over the mini city – complete with a complimentary mulled wine! From 7-11pm on 2 December, enjoy all the immersive role-play activities from being a pilot, DJ, firefighter, along with live entertainment from the West End stars.
Full press release on Secret Christmas here
Full press release on Adults Night here
Get crafty at home with The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists
The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) have created fun products to keep the kids entertained this Christmas, and they also make the perfect stocking fillers. The MFPA is a partnership of over 800 artists with disabilities who create stunning artistic designs using just their mouths and feet. The designs feature on products sold through the MFPA, affording the artists financial independence whilst giving representation to the disabled community. Great stocking fillers include:
Jigsaw puzzles – Keep the kids entertained with the MFPA’s Animal Themed Jigsaw Puzzle Pack. Work your way through four animal designs, which include a deer, ducks, a cow, and a very cute piggy!
Art Painting Palette – The painting palette is perfect for you, children or loved ones to paint the hours away in relaxation, or even paint your own Christmas cards!


Nick Wardle, founder of Body Transformation Centre ( ,

1 Morning is often best: It’s common that busy business people get to the end of the working day, which is usually way beyond 5pm, and they are just too tired to train. Energy levels are low in the evening, and there’s plenty of research that suggest individuals should switch their exercise regime to the morning.On an empty stomach, it’s the best way to burn stored fat, making it a good way to lose weight. Morning exercisers may have less of an appetite through the day. And getting a sweat on before work can also lead to better mental health and productivity during the day, since exercise is a great stress reliever.
2 Maintain a good sleep hygiene: sleep and exercise go hand in hand. Busy people find it difficult to switch off, they go to bed late and then just don’t have the energy in the morning to get up a little earlier and exercise. This is very common. Sleep hygiene is an important part of our wellbeing and it’s key to keeping fit.
3 Prepare the sport kit in advance: getting the sport gear together the night before removes another excuse to avoid it, as individuals would be tempted to give up if for instane they don’t find their trainers or sports bra.
4 Plan the workout regime: planning workout ahead helps to be consistent. Nick and his team are always helping their clients to plan their workout sessions, giving them one less thing for their busy minds to think about.
5 Remove all distractions: especially in the morning, it’s easy to get dragged into the working day. Try to avoid checking your phone before, unless it’s just to choose the Spotify tracks. For many busy people, getting active and fit is about removing barriers that simply make it too difficult. The key is to make it easy, build it into a routine, and don’t look back.


The Spa at Turnberry has been named as ESPA’s Worldwide Spa of the Month for December 2021, being selected out of over 300 spas, spanning across 55 countries. This honour recognises spas across the world who provide guests with an unforgettable, high-end experience.

ESPA launched their newest treatment range exclusively to The Spa at Turnberry, using their products to provide guests with a holistic experience designed to relax and rejuvenate the mind and body.

The Spa at Turnberry also uses the innovative ishga range of products, which use locally sourced Scottish seaweed to harness their natural anti-ageing properties. This distinctive range of products available at Turnberry’s spa sets the team apart and provides a revitalising ritual for guests of the spa.

All treatments at The Spa at Turnberry have been designed by the dedicated team of therapists working tirelessly to provide the best possible experience for their guests. Enjoy relaxing massages, body scrubs, facials, reflexology and even a specialised massage for golfers. Famous for its golf offerings, this unique spa treatment adds to the list of why Turnberry has received the ESPA accolade.

Michelle Kerr, spa manager at Turnberry said: “We are delighted to be ESPA’s Spa of the Month. Our team of therapists are so dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our guests, it’s nice to be recognised for all of the dedication we put into our work.”

Guests of The Spa at Turnberry can enjoy picturesque views across the Ailsa Craig and the Isle of Arran. Soak in the spa’s 65-foot heated infinity pool or whirlpool as you watch the sun set over the golf course and iconic lighthouse.

Set within 800 acres of Scottish countryside, along the Ayrshire coastline, the backdrop of The Spa at Turnberry provides an oasis of calm for its guests. Focused on relaxation, Turnberry’s spa team work hard to provide a peaceful atmosphere.

Facilities at The Spa include a sensory shower, relaxation rooms, sauna, steam room, ice fountain and pool-side bio-sauna.

For information on all of Turnberry’s Spa, please click here: Spa at Turnberry
To book, please email or call 01655 334 060.


Heights Revealed as UK’s Biggest Fear just as I’m A Celeb Opens with Terrifying Trial

If the bugs, beasts, and the gravity-defying challenges being endured on this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, have you cowering behind the sofa, you’re not alone.

A new survey this week released by hand dryer manufacturing firm Airdri ( revealed that heights is the UK’s number one fear – with nearly a third (27%) of the population suffering from acrophobia.

No wonder then this year’s I’m a Celebrity ‘walk the plank’ challenge, which saw the celebs shimmy along on narrow platforms raised 200ft above a disused quarry in Wales, was described as the ‘toughest trial yet’ leaving viewers and celebs alike quaking in their boots.

Fans took to Twitter to share their horror at the terrifying challenge:

Where heights leave most people weak at the knees, spiders are the nation’s second worst nightmare, cited by nearly a quarter (24%) as their biggest fear. Arachnophobes were closely followed by those with a fear of death, public speaking and snakes (all 21%). Rats and mice (18%) and confined spaces (16%) also featured in the top ten, illustrating how the show’s producers tap into common fears to keep us gripped to our TV screens.

The survey also revealed that females were more likely to be scared of spiders, where males were more likely to be scared of heights and falling, even though self-confessed arachnophobe Frankie Bridge managed to get through her first creepy-crawly trial of the series seemingly with ease.

And when analysed by age group, the research found that around one in ten 55 – 65-year-olds have ‘no fears at all’, the highest percentage of any age group, meaning that journalist Richard Madeley (65) should fare well in the trials, statistically speaking.

The more unusual fears cited by respondents included butterflies, deep water, cows/cattle, meat, shaving foam and even Boris Johnson.

Regional variations were also uncovered by the study:

People in the Midlands were most scared of heights 33% (west) and 32% (east) and those in the Northwest fear death the most (27%). Those hailing from Northern Ireland said their biggest fear was rats, much higher than anywhere else at 27%. The Southwest has the highest number of claustrophobes (24%) where the Welsh are more likely to be agoraphobic (14%).

The survey, which was commissioned by hand-dryer manufacturer Airdri ( just as it launches its new Kiddi Quad hand-dryer, designed specifically for children who suffer with a fear of hand-dyers (manussiccusphobia). It has very low sound output and can be customised with fun designs to get kids used to the sights and sounds of the washroom.

Steve Whittall, Chief Operating Officer at Airdri said: “Every year I’m A Celebrity has us glued to our screens as we watch other people confront fears that many of us have in common. During the research phase of our new Kiddi Quad product, we’ve studied the nation’s fears intensively and found there are some that lots of people suffer from, as well as the more unusual. In young children, we’ve found that a fear of hand-dryers is fairly commonplace. That’s why companies like ours, at the forefront of manufacturing technology, are continually developing products that take into account people’s fears and do what we can to alleviate them.”


Club Soda’s pop-up shop offers over 60 alcohol-free brands
Monday 13 December 2021 – Sunday 30 January 2022
Launching just in time for the most indulgent month of the year and running throughout Dry January, Mindful Drinking Festival creator, Club Soda, is opening the UK’s first alcohol-free off-licence just off Regent Street in London’s West End.
The pop-up store, which launches on 13 December, will give customers the chance to discover the wide range of alcohol-free drinks available in the UK and pick up a new favourite tipple to try throughout December, January and beyond. To celebrate the opening day, the off-licence is hosting a Bottle Swap, where the first 50 people who visit the pop-up with an unopened bottle or can of alcoholic drink will be able to swap for a non-alcoholic equivalent, whether that’s a spirit, fizz or even a beer!
Perfect if you’re planning a hangover-free festive season, to challenge yourself to a Dry January or to give a loved one an alcohol-free Christmas present, the alcohol-free off-licence is for you. The many brands that customers can try in-store include Everleaf, Lyre’s, Thomson and Scott, Big Drop, Lucky Saint, and Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5%. Among the 60+ brands, there’ll be old favourites, new launches, UK and International brands, and several beers on draught.
The shop will also be hosting cocktail making and wine and beer masterclasses with experts such as Camille Vidal from La Maison Wellness, beer sommelier Emma Inch and wine expert Christine Parkinson.
The boom in low and no alcohol drinks are fuelled by the 25 million people cutting down their drinking [2]. Not happy to put up with a compromise when at home or going out, mindful drinkers of all kinds are reaching for the new wave of alcohol-free beers, spirits, wines and craft sodas. Last year the sale of low and no beer, wine and spirits grew by £22.4m[2].
Laura Willoughby MBE, Club Soda Founder, said: “We believe changing drinking habits starts with making better choices. Connecting everyone with the world of low and no alcohol drinks is essential to helping us all create and sustain lasting change. If you have not dipped into alcohol-free drinks for a while, you will be amazed at what has changed. So we invite everyone to pop along and find a new favourite tipple.”
Club Soda is the UK’s Mindful Drinking Movement. Club Soda support’s individuals to drink more mindfully and live well, empowering people to change their drinking, choose better alcohol-free drinks and connect with other mindful drinkers.

Cost: 11.95

Our carefully formulated and comprehensive Multivitamin and Mineral For Women is designed for core aspects of your mental and physical health.
32 of the most absorbable, pure and effective ingredients. 14 vitamins, 10 minerals, phytonutrients, synergists, a botanical and 4 herbal extracts designed to plug any nutrient gaps.

· Plug any nutrient gaps
· Energy
· Skin, hair and nails
· Metabolism support
· Hormone function
· Immune system

About Evity:

All the ingredients, none of the nonsense
Some multivitamins market themselves as a magical health solution that will propel you to an ultra-fulfilling lifestyle. If only healthiness came that easily …
Good health is actually something you need to work at. And supplements have never been a shortcut. They won’t keep you healthy if you’re constantly burning the candle at both ends.
But what supplements can do – and this is what our multivitamins do rather well – is plug any nutritional gaps so that your body gets what it needs each day.
There’s never any substitute for a balanced diet. But our supplements can support you when you’re either too busy, or just too human, to plan every meal meticulously.

WHOOP 4.0 is a leading wearable in evaluating sleep and daily performance, providing personalised insights to enable users to improve their habits and reach their body’s full potential. Its unique technology allows users to optimise their sleep, recovery, and workouts, with personalized daily feedback.

WHOOP 4.0 is the newest launch which gathers and reports on an incredible amount of data in three categories: Strain, Recovery, and Sleep.

In addition, WHOOP now also offers WHOOP Body featuring Any-Wear Technology, a revolutionary line of technical and everyday garments that enable members to wear their WHOOP 4.0 for continuous data collection across multiple locations on the body. The Training Collection features performance-focused apparel whilst the Intimates Collection includes comfortable undergarments crafted for everyday wear, including bras and boxer shorts.

WHOOP comes in a variety of colourways perfect for any style, from exciting colours like Ivy with rose gold, and Lava Pink, to more traditional colourways like Onyx, making WHOOP not only an industry leading technology device, but a fashionable lifestyle accessory.
WHOOP 4.0 is available for free with subscription to the app for as low as £18 per month. WHOOP Body garments are available in prices ranging from £54 to £94.




Designed with entertaining in mind, Wild Honey’s Family Hamper is perfect for those preparing for the most extravagant get-together.

Includes: A bottle of Wild Honey’s signature Negroni, a bottle of Naciente Morande Carignan Chile wine, a bottle of Andre Jacquart Champagne, a bottle of Cave de Ribeauville Riesling, Anthony Demetre’s cookbook, balsamic vinegar (Pedro Ximenez), foie gras en bocal, saucisson, goose rilette, sous-vide duck confit, Galician octopus in olive oil and garlic, wood roasted pequillo pepper spread, white houmous with Espelette pepper, black pudding tin, onion marmalade tin, a Membrillo tin, a Mont d’or with crackers from La Fromagerie, a Christmas biscuit tin, Christmas Pudding, two canelés, Wild Honey summer berry jam, a box of artisanal chocolate and classic Wild Honey nougat and homemade honey jar and a honey ganache chocolate truffle.
Price: £449
Order for collection or nationwide delivery on 21st, 22nd & 23rd December. Vegetarian option also available.
Order: here


Guaranteed to ease any festive fatigue, Wild Honey’s Premium Hamper is laden with culinary delights that will make entertaining friends and family a cinch.

Includes: A bottle of Wild Honey’s signature Negroni, a bottle of Naciente Morande Carignan Chile wine, a bottle of Andre Jacquart Champagne, Anthony Demetre’s cookbook, balsamic vinegar (Pedro Ximenez), foie gras en bocal, saucisson, goose rilette, sous-vide duck confit, black pudding tin, onion marmalade tin, a Membrillo tin, a Mont d’or with crackers from La Fromagerie, a Christmas biscuit tin, Christmas Pudding, two canelés, homemade honey jar and a honey ganache chocolate truffle.
Price: £349
Order for collection or nationwide delivery on 21st, 22nd & 23rd December. Vegetarian option also available.
Order: here


Wild Honey’s St James Hamper features a dazzling array of goodies that’s sure to please the most discerning foodie.

Includes: A bottle of Wild Honey’s signature Negroni, a bottle of Naciente Morande Carignan Chile wine, Anthony Demetre’s cookbook, saucisson, goose rilette, sous-vide duck confit, black pudding tin, onion marmalade tin, a Membrillo tin, a Mont d’or with crackers from La Fromagerie, a Christmas biscuit tin, Christmas Pudding, two canelés, homemade honey jar and a honey ganache chocolate truffle.
Price: £199
Order for collection or nationwide delivery on 21st, 22nd & 23rd December. Vegetarian option also available.
Order: here



Foodhub, one of the UK’s leading food ordering apps, is offering customers the chance to win an abundance of prizes this Black Friday – including a trip to Paris for two for one lucky customer!

Launching on Friday 19th November, one week before Black Friday, Foodhub’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ will see a whopping 10 £25 Foodhub gift vouchers won every day for two weeks in the lead up to the festive period – what a treat!

If that wasn’t enough to tantalise those taste buds, there will also be a trip for two to the French capital on offer, including first class travel on the Eurostar, hotel for two nights with breakfast and a huge £1,000 spending money, so the lucky recipient can have all their Christmas shopping paid for, courtesy of Foodhub*.

All customers need to do to enter the competition is order a takeaway via Foodhub between Friday 19th November – Friday 3rd December. Once their tasty treat has been ordered, they will be entered into a nationwide prize draw with the chance to receive the all-expense paid trip for two or a £25 takeaway voucher.

Ardian Mula, Foodhub spokesperson, said: “As Black Friday is on the horizon, we wanted to give our customers something to get excited about. Our countdown to Christmas will see 10 customers receive a £25 Foodhub voucher every day for the next two weeks, with one lucky user winning a trip of a lifetime to the city of love (and food). The perfect gift for Christmas.”

The competition will close on Friday 3rd December at 8pm, with the winner announced on Foodhub’s social channels the following week. There is no limit on how many times foodie fans can enter.

To be in with a chance of winning this mouth-watering prize, order your Foodhub takeaway online or via the app now. For more information head to:

Foodhub currently has over 20,000 restaurant and takeaway partners in the UK and is the only major takeaway app not to charge commission on each order. To find out how takeaways ordered via Foodhub are on average 15% cheaper than other providers, visit

Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions (Terms) will apply to Black Friday draws run by Food Hub Ltd. of 55 Duke Street, Fenton, Stoke on Trent ST4 3NR.

• To enter the prize draw, simply place your takeaway order via the Foodhub network (Foodhub, Bigfoodie or any Foodhub powered website)
• Winners will be picked at random
• Order between Friday 19th November – Friday 3rd December at 8pm
• Daily draws of 10 x £25 vouchers to be held between Friday 19th November – Friday 3rd December at 8pm
• £25 vouchers to be received via SMS/email and the winners may be announced via Foodhub’s social media channels
• The prize – Winners will get a “Christmas Shopping trip to Paris” – Including return train travel to London, return Eurostar travel from London to Paris for two people, 2 nights in a Central Paris hotel with breakfast and spending money
• Trip can be booked up to 31st March 2022. Additional restrictions may apply and will be confirmed with our travel agent upon booking the trip
• If the winner cannot travel to Paris (Visa, Covid, Passport restrictions etc) then an alternative trip to London, Bath or Liverpool will be arranged
• Travel insurance is not included and required to be purchased by the winner themselves
• Prize draws are open to all UK residents aged 18 or over, except employees of Foodhub, its associated, holding, or subsidiary companies, and their direct families, agents, or any third party directly associated with the prize draws
• The selected winners will be given their vouchers via SMS / Email and may be named on our social channels
• Promotion period – For every order made online (app or website) across the Foodhub network –, or Partners, between Friday 19th November and Friday 3rd December 2021, one entry will be made into the Prize Draw. The order will also be eligible to be entered into the daily prize draw
• For a free entry, send a postcard to Foodhub, 55 Duke Street, Stoke on Trent, ST4 3DR by Friday 3rd December 2021 to be entered into the prize draw. The date the postcard is received, will also be added to the daily prize draw to win one of ten £25 Foodhub vouchers
• A maximum of one entry per day per person is permitted
• Multiple entries are admissible across the promotion period – if a customer orders 5 times (on separate days), they will have 5 entries into the prize draw.
• A random draw will be made no more than 7 days after each draw date with the winners notified by email, telephone, or post
• The prize draw closes on 23:59, Friday 3rd December 2021 the jackpot prize draw will be made live on Friday 10th December. The winner contacted to claim their prize
• Winners of the competition may be requested to participate in promotional media as part of winning the competition. All entries (regardless of winners) may be used for Foodhub promotions
• Entrants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by these Terms and any Specific Terms upon entry. Foodhub reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse entry to this and future prize draws, or refuse to award the prize to anyone in breach of these Terms and/or any Specific Terms
• For full terms please click here:


Sleek home ‘Bar 152’ built during lockdown takes top prize in the Battle of the Man Caves to Win Games Room of the Year 2021
Question: What do a Porsche 911 bonnet, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shirt and a retro arcade game have in common?
Answer: They’re all featured in the winning design for Home Leisure Direct’s Games Room of the Year Competition 2021
Forget about going into town for a pint, a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a game of pool, Dean Mirfin from Barnsley just needs to head into his garden for a pint and a nine-ball in his uber-chic games room, which has taken top honours in the ultimate showdown between man caves, the Home Leisure Direct Games Room of the Year.
Built during lockdown, Dean’s “Bar 152” is sleekly decorated in a sophisticated mix of blues, tans and greys, which accentuate his unique wall features including Moretti neon lights, a beautifully restored Porsche 911 bonnet and artwork of popular culture icons including Mohammed Ali, Sean Connery and Freddie Mercury.
Stylishly furnished with a Signature Warwick Pool Dining Table, tasteful leather and wood seating and on-trend pendant lighting, Dean’s Games Room also boasts a fully-stocked bar complete with Birra Moretti on tap and a bar-top retro arcade game. The whole room is framed with a dark paint finish, professional panelling and wood flooring, as well as a quality sound system to create the perfect ambiance for friends and family to come together to shoot some pool.
Images and quotes from legends Freddie Mercury, Mohammed Ali, and Sean Connery adorn the walls, alongside a Gronkowski “Gronk” American Football shirt from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end player and a unique custom-made Porsche 911 Bonnet, finished in Gulf livery, and hand-made in vinyl.
Despite the delays in getting materials over lockdown, Dean was able to enjoy his first pint in May this year. But he’s not ready to throw in his bar towel yet. He says: “I am still adding bits now. I see ideas on other people’s projects and I think, ‘that looks cool, I wonder how I could make that work’, and I find a way to add and improve my own room. Next year I am hoping to create a terrace area outside the bar for the warmer days along with another seating and firepit area.”
Andy Beresford, Managing Director – Home Leisure Direct says: “From the extravagant to the minimalistic, the arcade heaven to the pub sports hero, we have been overwhelmed by the exceptional standards of the entries in 2021. Selecting ten out of an amazing bunch was a tricky task, and the public made the hardest decision of all to crown Dean Mirfin winner of Games Room of the Year 2021.
“We are delighted to present Dean with a winning cheque for £1000 and can’t wait for the battle of the games rooms to commence again in 2022!”
To view Dean’s games room, read about how he built it and listen to his winner’s interview go to:
As a retailer of all things games rooms – including pool tables, arcade machines, table tennis tables, football tables, jukeboxes, and more – the team at Home Leisure Direct love seeing how people transform parts of their homes into inspiring spaces. From fun family games rooms to super-stocked home bars, the competition is dedicated to seeking out the most creative games rooms in the UK!


YouTube superstars The Sidemen launch debut fried chicken concept Sides

LONDON – YouTube’s famed content creators, The Sidemen, announce the launch of their most exciting project to date in collaboration with Virtual Hero. Sides, the collective’s new, virtual fried chicken concept, will launch in the UK and UAE on the 28th November in exclusive partnership with REEF – the world’s largest operator of virtual restaurants and delivery kitchens.
Lauded as pop-culture phenomena, The Sidemen are a collective of 7 content creators who have dominated the internet since 2013. Firmly establishing themselves as tastemakers in food, football, gaming and music, with a global following of 84.5 million dedicated YouTube subscribers and a combined Instagram following of 36.4 million.
Virtual Hero is owned by Hero Brands, the company behind the exploding fast casual chain German Doner Kebab, plus Choppaluna and Island Poké. Working in partnership with the creator collective to develop the brand, Sides is the latest cloud kitchen-based food mega brand to launch in multiple locations simultaneously, via REEF’s community hubs.
Bringing each of the 7 outrageous personalities to the new, at-home dining concept, Sides will be available for delivery only and sold exclusively online via all major food delivery platforms including UberEats and Deliveroo, facilitated by REEF.
Customers can expect a side of jokes with their mouth-watering chicken, with dishes developed personally by the culture-led crew. With the option to mix and match, diners get a choice of a protein – either chicken or plant-based vegan option – paired with either a tasty ‘sando’ slider or salad. Customers then get to load up their choice with one of seven delectable flavorings, including Chipotle, Classic Buffalo, BBQ, Korean BBQ, Teriyaki, Garlic Mayo, and Louisiana. The Sidemen couldn’t – and wouldn’t – forget the all-important side dishes, with a choice of Waffle Fries, decadent Mac n Cheese, Side Slaw, Onion Rings, and delicious Cheese Poppers.
Sides is available to order across London and the UAE now, with 200 sites set to open globally by the end of 2022.
Vik (Vikkstar123) from The Sidemen said: “As huge fans of fried chicken, we can’t wait to get our new food brand Sides out to our fans across the world. We’re delighted to partner with the team at Virtual Hero on this exciting project, and look forward to seeing the reception!”
Virtual Hero, CEO Robin Mehta said: “At Virtual Hero we are responding to emerging consumer trends in this fast-growing market and building the virtual brands of the future. We’re excited to finally reveal the new Sides concept and it’s great to work with The Sidemen and REEF to bring this new virtual brand to life.
Covid escalated the rise of delivery only brands and dark kitchens are exploding everywhere across the globe, with the help of innovative brands like REEF. It’s an exciting time to launch Sides and give consumers a new and delicious food experience to try.”
“The Sidemen are representative of exciting and relevant British talent being at the forefront of new trends – we’re thrilled to be able to help launch their first venture in to food” said Leo Feldman, REEF’s Head of Brand Partnerships. “We’re looking forward to delivering Sides to the U.K. and the rest of the world. With The Sidemen’s wide-reaching fanbase and REEF’s network of kitchens, this new delivery concept will shake up the virtual restaurant market, showing how brands – and creators – can use our platform to scale with unprecedented speed and no capital investment.”
Instagram: @eatsides
Twitter: @eatsides
TikTok: @eatsides

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